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matthew: "the most beautiful, talented, and severely great boy ever hatched!" [entries|friends|calendar]

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last entry... [15 Dec 2004|01:48am]
[ mood | done ]

this journal is now inactive.
i'm growing up
add the new one if you care
1 - DOOR

update from Carmel... [12 Dec 2004|01:13pm]
[ mood | pretty gosh darn door ]

ahh, Christmas shopping = done! :D i went out and got Karyn's presents and a few more lose ends. i was very excited because everything turned out wonderful! :D i can't wait until Christmas :x

i've been in a rather chipper mood the past 24 hours. getting the presents and work have made me pretty happy. work consisted of sitting around and watching everyone else work. haha. it was nice. Dilly was really nice to let me be most of the night. the crew was fun too so we had good times all around.

i'm wearing my daddy's size 40 pants to work now :x maybe khaki pants are smaller? i hate khaki pants. whoever likes them are dumb.

oh, and i bought the N*Sync Christmas CD! hehehe.

andrea501 and grey_zimmy, i'll be sending out your Christmas CDs this week! hopefully, they will arrive before Christmas!

me rocking out on the headphones...old school!Collapse )

P.S. - i had a dream where i was on an island what was shaped like the eagle on the $1 bill.my job was to speed around the island on my waterjet thing and find the Jews. i had to find all the Jewish people so i could account for them. after they were all accounted for, we shipped them to the concentration camps. Hollocast 2 in my dreams, i was part of it. :x

7 - DOOR

just another entry... [09 Dec 2004|02:45pm]
[ mood | mix of sleepy and happiness ]

radio show last night:

Cow Christmas - Hallemoojah Chorus
Goldfinger - White Christmas
La Tigre - I'm So Excited
Starlite Desperation - The Thing
Vines - Winning Days
Smashing Pumpkins - Christmastime
Owen - Playing Possum For A Peek
Leonard Cohen - Dear Heather
Linkin Park - My December
Bright Eyes - Silent Night
Tori Amos - Little Drummer Boy
Save Ferris - Christmas Wrapping
Boyskout - New Black
Dolour - Track 10
Blink 182 - I Won't Be Home For Christmas
Arcade - Ode To A Fallen Idol
Everything Now! - Double Bath
Vandals - Hang Myself From The Tree

note the no singing! first time in a long time since i did not sing on my show. didn't have time to prepare anything. the show was pretty good though. EVERYONE NEEDS TO TUNE IN NEXT WEEK! it'll be my semi-annual Sing-A-Long-A-Thon where i will sing probably around 9 songs in a hour. i'm slated to record it and send it off to a CD. that'll mean i'll have nearly a CD's worth of MC Mumper songs! wow! my very own CD! :D

this is completely random: okay, ladies out there. i am a curious boy. i was wondering how you girls broke up with your ex's. how did you bring it up? why? what was his reaction? i was thinking about it walking from class to class and was just curious. anything is appreciated.

this weekend will see me heading home to Carmel to rock the Carmel DQ! i also plan on finishing my Christmas shopping Saturday. i shall return Monday night and probably pop on the internet either during the morning or the late evening. until then, ta ta!


10 - DOOR

i will punch every bee in the face... [08 Dec 2004|02:37pm]
[ mood | taking my sweetass time ]

www.santamosh.com. need i say more?

i'm seriously thinking of switching e-mails. it might be too big of a hassle though. lots of updating. + i've had my old account for 7 years now. what the hell though. hotmail sucks anymore. MSN sucks. i shall quit that realm. i'm attempting to get gmail. either that or yahoo. preferences, anyone?

anyone else a Drawn Together fan? i can't seem to get enough of that show.

the more i research it, the more i like Axe Deodorant Bodyspray. i'm actually going to give a sales speech on it tomorrow.

i busted out the old school Linkin Park CD. oh, the memories that come with that music. i could give a fuck about what anyone else says, its a great album.

oh, procrastination...how you rule my world....

7 - DOOR

go... [08 Dec 2004|09:39am]
[ mood | i need to sleep more ]

my MSN messenger doesn't work properly anymore. it won't tell me if i have any new e-mails. on top of that, it always says i have the same amount of new e-mails in my inbox when i sign in. the number never changes. anyone else have that problem or is my computer just lame?

speaking of lame: RADIO SHOW TONIGHT! CLICK HERE to listen! 12am Eastern (and Indiana time), 11am Central, 10pm Mountain, 9pm Pacific (5am Greenwich [i think])! call in 765 285 2473! it'll be a Christmas-y one. i'll play a good number of traditional Christmas songs as well as my awesome nontraditional songs. :D no karaoke tonight. i have nothing Christmas-y + i'm resting my voice for next week's show. :x

oh, i never posted last week's play list:

MC Mumper - Jingle Bells (bad a cappella version where i forgot lyrics :/)
Sex Pistols - Punk Rock Christmas
Features - Blow It Out
Bob Rivers - I Am Santa Claus
Casket Lottery - Come Sweet Revenge
Luna - Speedbumps
Eisley - Tree Top
Smashing Pumpkins - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Unjust - Notes From A Sunday Morning
Cursive - Driftwood: A Fairy Tale
Vandals - I Don't Believe In Santa Claus
Zebrahead - Deck The Halls (I Hate Christmas)
Say Hi To Your Mom - Super
Morrissey - All Of The Dykes
Bright Eyes - Little Drummer Boy
Zero 7 - Speed Dial No. 2
Another Blue Door - Christmas '98
Rocket Summer - TV Family

i had to present my DVD yesterday! everyone giggled at how awesome Karyn and i are! :D they were all asking about the inside jokes mentioned and laughing at the sillyness of it all. great times. one kid even came up to me out of class to tell me my project was really good. :D i can't wait to send it out to the lucky few of you out there who are getting invited to the reception!

today sees me working on a music mixing project, working my WCRD office hours, and writing a sales speech on Axe Deodorant Bodyspray. its rough, but someone's got to do it.

oh, and that's a Santa hat on my icon.

8 - DOOR

my toenails need trimming, but my fingernails don't... [07 Dec 2004|12:37am]
[ mood | longing for her bed ]

i had a wonderful weekend with my woman. we went all over the place, causing havoc. we ran to random Wal-Marts late at night, we got drunk at an employee Christmas party by sneaking our own booze in, we watched the judge shows we watch all the time, we worked hard at the nursing home, we went out Christmas shopping...we did tons of things! wonderful weekend!

i got the final copy of the DVD project about our wedding in my hand now! i just watched it and its amazing! i'm so proud of myself! i'll have to tweak some stuff before i send it out with the invitations coming up here in a few months. its fun and exciting! go me!

i can't wait for 13 days to pass. i will be done with this semester of college! more importantly, i'll be living up with Karyn for winter break! :D i'm really enjoying spending my life with her. i can't wait until May, when i officially move in with her! :D!

getting really tired, so i'll cut this one off. goodnite, my fellow ell-jayers!

12 - DOOR

oh yeah, i got a hair cut a few days ago too... [01 Dec 2004|08:35pm]
[ mood | DOOR! ]

i'm almost done making my wedding DVD! :D its so awesome, i wish i could show everyone! unfortunately, it will only be seen by those who get wedding invitations. i just have to finish up some parts later on tonight.

RADIO SHOW TONIGHT! CLICK HERE to listen! 12am Eastern (and Indiana time), 11am Central, 10pm Mountain, 9pm Pacific (5am Greenwich [i think])! call in 765 285 2473! i have no idea what i'm playing besides a few random Christmas songs off my wonderful, Matthew-made anti-Christmas CD. not sure what i'm going to sing yet. i think i went through my repertoire of songs. i'll sing something, i can guarantee that!

did you know DOOR is almost a year old? its one of my longest running insides jokes EVER!

only two and a half weeks left of school! :D

4 - DOOR

no... [29 Nov 2004|11:13pm]
[ mood | overworked/undersexed ]

haha, i almost forgot about updating my journal! i've been back from Karyn's for 24 hours and i never posted about it! i must be getting old because i NEVER forget to update on the days i'm at Ball State!

anyways, i had a wonderful Thanksgiving. my babe cooked a whole meal by herself for the first time. i was so proud of her. she's gonna be the bestest wife i could have ever asked for.

speaking of which, my wedding has changed! the new date is August 8th 2005. the new location is city hall in Whiting. the wedding will now be private, consisting of just our intermediate families. the reception, which is open to everyone, will be on the 8th (exact location still pending confirmation). wow! so many changes! any questions? ask!

i just wrote a paper about premarital sex. he he.

i'm kicking ass in the DVD project. i got all my materials ready to assemble into the DVD today. the actual assembly of it will be Wednesday! i rule! one semester in 3 days! :D

*insert clever ending to the post*

6 - DOOR

quick entry... [23 Nov 2004|03:05pm]
[ mood | Happy Thanksgiving! ]

i basically have no hard drive anymore. its a lost cause. i won't be able to recover anything from it. lame. and it was all from one drop. motherfuckers. anyways, i pleased with my DVD teacher (my DVD project was the main concern of the hard drive breaking) and he actually let me borrow his for the remainder of the semester and gave me an extension on the deadline! :D i'm pretty sure with some hard work, i could throw together the project that took me all semester to do in one week. :x its very cool though. go nice teachers!

hey, if you want a fun, new icon check this out:
or if you want it emo:

i don't know what else to say but have a Happy Thanksgiving! i'll see you all bright and early Monday morning!

5 - DOOR

randomness with a rant thrown in... [22 Nov 2004|09:03am]
[ mood | actually pretty door ]

hahaha, oh me and my sleeping schedule. i didn't go to bed last nite. this isn't too horrible, considering i woke up at 7pm yesterday! hahahaha. regardless, i'll be nice and tired for sleep tonight. i blame Goregasm and Ogrish for helping me not sleep! i can watch footage of an actual beheading but i freak out during SAW for a guy fake cutting off his foot. oh, me

speaking of schedules, i've got my new BSU schedule for Spring 2005!
COMM 322 - COMM POP CULTURE - 1830 - 2110 [W]
TCOM 433 - ADV AUDIO - 1300 - 1545 [W]
ENG 301 - WRTING DISCIPLINE - 1230 - 1345 [TR]
FCSFC 475 - MARRIAGE- 1830 - 2110 [T]
PSYSC 213 - ADJUSTMENT- 1100 - 1215 [TR]
i got all my classes i requested (a first)! good taffy!

my hair is long enough to cover my eyes! yay! i'm much more attractive when you can't see me.

i think we need to ditch this modern idea of a thinner-is-better. i'm sick of watching TV and seeing ultra tiny tummies poking out of low rise jeans. i've been watching music videos all morning and everyone looks so malnourished. i need to get these people a cheeseburger! are people that obsessed with their body weight? its a shallow thing to care about. you only live once. does it matter if i live a few more years if i eat less/healthier? YES! I WANT TO EXTEND MY LIFE SO I CAN BE STUCK IN A NURSING HOME FOR EVEN LONGER WHERE NO ONE GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ME! fuck that. i was looking at pictures from the first half of the century and people were so much more beautiful. at the Goregasm website, someone posted pictures to a "fat chick" site. this girl was about the same size as my wife-to-be. the other people comment with "god, she's gross!" i wanted to stab them in the throat. nowadays, we just look like the plastic dolls we find on the shelves of the toy section. fuck that. fuck worrying about being thin. fuck people who judge people's attractiveness by their weight. and most of all, fuck the media for saying we all need to be thin.
(this is not meant as an insult to people who are just thin, this is an insult to people who obsessively worry about themselves and others who feel the need to tell people how much they should weigh)

5 - DOOR

my late night works... [22 Nov 2004|01:52am]
[ mood | <9 ]

Karyn is my love.
6 - DOOR

since everyone has had excellent weekends, i'll share mine... [21 Nov 2004|10:49pm]
[ mood | what a weekend ]

first off, thank you to the nice people who left me a nice message or two. i feel much better, thank you. :)

my band recording session lasted for a total of 23 hours. 8am - 7am. our wonderful band had some stupid, lame problems. such as: not actually having a band, writing songs at the last minute, adding a member during the recording, snare drum breaking, members showing up late, general laziness....so that's why it lasted more hours than it should have. we actually aren't even finished. we still have to lay down the vocals on 3 tracks! ugh! we broke the record for the longest recording session too by over a hour. craziness!

so i went home at 7am, just as the sun was rising. i call Karyn to let her know i'm still alive. i then go to bed, in hopes of sleeping for the first time in 72 hours. i sleep from 7am to 7pm today. it was insane. during that time, i dreamed of Karyn and i going to bars. in these bars, i guess it was okay to start a war. people would turn over tables and shoot at each other. Karyn ate this up and was shooting at the people too as i freaked out. we did this several times. at the end of my dream, she got an award for killing people and helping squash these wars. then i awoke. go Karyn!

oh yeah, my external hard drive decided to stop working. this has a project for one of my classes i've been working on all semester. in fact, its the only thing we've been doing this semester in that class. if i lose this, i'm fucked. i'd have one week to get it all remade. that would include all niters for that week. i hope that the trained professionals here at BSU can revive my drive.

its the weirdest thing to sleep from sunrise to sunset. my head feels 50 lbs.

4 - DOOR

wish me well... [20 Nov 2004|07:27am]
[ mood | sickly/vomit taste in my mouth ]

this is going to be the most awful day today. my team in audio class is going to record a band today. i have to be in the studio AT LEAST from 8am - 12am. it all depends on how fast we crank out the songs. people have done this and been there until 4am before. this wouldn't bother me so much if i would have gotten some sleep. i guess i ate a bag of Doritos last nite that didn't agree with my tummy. i was tossing and turning all night. around 5:30am, i rolled over and puked up my stomach contents into a trash can. i thought i was going to be all right. i tried going back to sleep but no luck. at 7am, when i decided to get up, i puked up another around of stomach acid. not so door. i have to be in the studio in 30 minutes. this is going to suck.

leave me nice comments. i'm gonna need them by the time i get home today (tomorrow morning). kthxbye.

9 - DOOR

do you like waterfalls?... [19 Nov 2004|03:13pm]
[ mood | more door than yesterday! :D ]

ohhh, sleeping in, how i love thee! using the 11am weather testing alarm thingie as your alarm clock is quite nice :)

i feel much better than the past two days. i think i just needed some Karyn time. she urged me to talk to her and i just opened up and felt 80x better. thanks to my babe!

Karyn had a very naughty dream about me. :) it makes me want to have one too. that'd be convenient. it would be one of those dreams where you wake up and the sheets are sticky. :D too bad cleaning that up is no fun.

you know that area right above your buttcrack that's indented, but not quite your butt crack? yeah? mine hurts. whenever i sit down for extended periods of time, it just hurts when i stand up. why is this so? anyone know?

why is it the best thing in the world to re-discover how good bands/CDs are? Fiona Apple and Save Ferris have really rocked my socks lately!

okay, i need a walk to clear my mind before i write a speech on H.R. 4077. ta ta!

6 - DOOR

my wire is on fire... [18 Nov 2004|05:12pm]
[ mood | not too door ]

why has everything been so blah lately? i haven't been particularly excited or happy about things in the past two days. shall i blame it on the weather? it was rainy most of yesterday and muggy all day today. its been nice enough not to wear a coat. maybe i just miss Karyn. life is much better with her around. maybe its the blahs of actually being at Ball State for a weekend and the project work that accompanying it. either way, i just need a hug or something.

is that why i just want to eat all the time now?

Corey Holcomb and Todd Glass from "Last Comic Standing" are coming to BSU tomorrow nite. perhaps some laughs will prepare me for a Saturday that will see be busy from 8am - 2am (at least).

people tell me to get on the ball. i find this nearly impossible. lets look at a ball. it's round. no place for you to stand on. i've tried to get on a ball before. it just doesn't work. i keep slipping off and falling on my face or ass. it sucks. i just can't get on the ball.

2 - DOOR

sdnkgfetigwe'fmergmer... [18 Nov 2004|01:42am]
[ mood | yup ]

radio show:

Save Ferris - Turn It Up
MC Mumper - I Want It That Way
Party Fun Action Committee - Be My Lady
Planet Smashers - Super Orgy Porno Party
Mates of States - Starman
Badly Drawn Boy - 40 Days, 40 Fights
Snow Patrol - Wow
Joydrop - Spiders
Unicorns - Emasculate The Masculine
Joseph Arthur - You Could Be In Jail
You're Pretty - Beautiful Accident
Tora Tora Torrance - Another Drink To Your Health
My Chemical Romance - Headfirst For Halos
Waterdown - Bulletproof
World Bang - Chop Movies
Jet - Radio Song

it was a pretty good radio show.everything sounded good and the music kicked ass. i just wish a few kids out there could have heard it. :(

i went home for a few hours today to celebrate daddy's birthday. i got to eat a very sexy steak/home made onion rings/crab cake dinner and had some cake with half of the family. Pants wrote him a letter that made him almost cry, which is the closest i've seen him come in years. it was a Kodak moment to the max.

i've been feeling not myself lately. i'm feeling okay and not sad, but i just don't feel like Matthew.

all of the sudden, i really want to go to bed. goodnite, my fellow Americans..and Canadians...and Englanders....and New Zealanders....

7 - DOOR

door... [17 Nov 2004|12:09pm]
[ mood | i want to be productive ]


i'm going home to celebrate the birthday with the fatherly-type figure from 5-9 tonite. it should be fun times. i got him a Simon & Garfunkel box set to replace the one that magically disappeared some years ago. :) good news, abroad!

CLICK HERE to listen! 12am Eastern (and Indiana time), 11am Central, 10pm Mountain, 9pm Pacific (5am Greenwich [i think])! call in 765 285 2473! call in and request songs (but maybe you should talk to me before hand to see if i can muster up the request before i go on air.

i'm really coming close to making a new MC Mumper song. i'm thinking more of an indie rock edge. CLICK HERE to listen to some of the older ones!

i want to rearrange my room....but how?

*sigh*... [16 Nov 2004|06:33pm]
[ mood | dead tired/alone ]

what a weekend! ....and its still going! here's the deal: i have Fridays and Mondays off regardless because i have no classes scheduled. today, i decided to pull an early relationship stunt and stay another night. i skipped my 8am - 2pm classes driving home. i got ready for my audio class 3:30pm - 6pm and find out it gets cancelled! ahhh! i don't have class on Wednesday anymore because it was a class that ended after 10 weeks. so now i don't have class until Thursday 8am! the last class i went to was my 12:30pm class last Thursday! eep! nearly a week off!

went to a bar for the first time this weekend. the places aren't bad. they seem like they could be real fun. too bad i'm still trying to develop a taste for beer. i tried Killians and it tastes like all the other beers i've tasted (MGD and Michelob). tried some REAL wine too. it burned my throat. so far, i like the wimpy drinks, vodka, and the cheap wine. haha! i'm such a girl when it comes to drinks :x

why are days i leave Karyn the worst? everything seems like poop and i'm so tired.

10 - DOOR

and the winner is... [11 Nov 2004|02:01am]
[ mood | up again at 2am ]


radio show:

Paris Texas - Your Death
At The Drive-In - Arcarsenal
Music - Breakin'
Action Action - Photograph
MC Mumper - Karyn Pooey
William Shatner - I Can't Get Behind That
Chronic Phutonic - I Want A Pony Ride
Muse - Space Dementia
Wilco - I'm A Wheel
Rilo Kiley - Love And War (11/11/46)
Tori Amos - Bliss
Matthew Good Band - Load Me Up
Hot Water Music - All Heads Down
Joseph Arthur - Buy A Bag
A Perfect Circle - Thinking Of You
Thursday - War All The Time
Vendetta Red - Accident Sex
MC Mumper - Happy Birthday Karyn
Postal Service - Against All Odds

it kicked ass! everything was so tight! i actually did some talking over the song intros and made it sound actually professional. everything timed out so right. i smiled the whole show! :D i'm proud! thanks to my listeners out there and the callers too! lets see if we can beat the 206 listeners i had last week! tune in next week too! we'll rock out!

wow, have in whole day off is nice, but sucks too. i had all my work for the day done by 5pm. i had from 5-12am to do NOTHING! things get boring after 7 hours of nothing. :/

this weekend will find me up in Whiting, celebrating Karyn's 21st birthday. we'll go out to dinner and to the bars tomorrow nite (Thursday), hang out with mommy tomorrow evening, go see MITCH HEDBERG on Saturday, and take it easy Sunday and Monday! my weekend is shaped out to kick some serious ass! i hope yours will be as good!

on that note, Godspeed and good taffy to all!
9 - DOOR

little girls pointing and laughing... [10 Nov 2004|12:01pm]
[ mood | emerged in music ]

wow, who knew a bunch of lies could generate so many comments? it was a fun little project. i'm glad everyone enjoyed it. i suggest other people try it on their friends list. much fun!

i've become such a night owl lately. for the past two weeks, i haven't had the urge to go to bed on time anymore. i'm up to 2am every night up here at BSU and up pretty late at Karyn's. i didn't get to sleep until 4am last night. craziness! where did this random staying up come from?

CLICK HERE to listen! 12am Eastern (and Indiana time), 11am Central, 10pm Mountain, 9pm Pacific (5am Greenwich [i think])! call in 765 285 2473 i have no idea what i'm rocking tonight. send in requests by commenting here or calling in during the show! i like it when people call in!

my babe, Karyn, is under the weather. send her love! tomorrow's her birthday and i hope she's still not sickly by then!

*insert other interesting, useful banter here*

5 - DOOR

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