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[14 Nov 2011|03:43am]
for jacque's wedding she will be wearing Goose Warrior by Rodarte

i will be wearing a gown from Vivienne Westwood's Gold Collection

in sonia rykiel sunglasses

with cire trudon candles along the aisle
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[12 Nov 2011|10:57pm]
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[14 Jun 2010|02:46pm]
Comment Anonymously. IPs aren't logged.
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365 Breakfasts-312: Eggs Benedict & Salmon [14 May 2010|11:35am]

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[07 Oct 2009|09:43pm]
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Phone Conversations from the Grocery Store [02 Jun 2009|04:49pm]
*Chandler calling from Fresh and Easy*
Chandler: Hey, they have like a bunch of salads, which ones do you want?
Me: All of them.
Chandler: Okay, well there's a lot. Like this cranberry one, and this Italian one and a bunch of other ones...
Me: All of them.
Chandler: Okay, I'll just get two of each.
Me: Good, that's what I want.
Chandler: They also have sandwiches.
Me: Good, I like sandwiches.
Chandler: Okay, also is the...mumble mumble b...ed ...ok..?
Me: The bed's broken?!
Chandler: Is it?
Me: No.
Chandler: Okay, well do we need bread?
Me: No, we have a lot of it.
Chandler: ...Yea, but is it good?
Me: It's GREAT.
Chandler: You are the funniest person alive. I love you and would never let you go. And your butt is like a pair of wonderful honeyed hams.** Okay, bye.
Me: Bye.

**Added for dramatic effect.
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iPod [27 May 2009|08:31pm]

I'm thinking about buying a 3rd Generation iPod. Am I crazy?
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[26 May 2009|12:08am]
[00:06] tiffersome: I have know all the asia markets now
[00:06] chr0mius: I have know?
[00:07] tiffersome: i have know
[00:07] chr0mius: And how is it you haved this know?
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The Best Cigarettes [25 May 2009|01:44pm]
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JARATE! [22 May 2009|10:39pm]

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[20 May 2009|01:27pm]
"Even now, in the early twenty-first century, the historiography of Augusta reflects a city that for much of its past has encompassed two separate worlds. For example, a collection of nostalgic, sepia-toned photographs documenting 'old Augusta' was issued several years ago by Arcadia Publishing (Greene, Loehr, and Montgomery 2000). To a scholar of African-American history, the book is more notable for its omissions than for its content, as it contains almost no photographs of the African-American citizens, residences, businesses, parks, schools, churches, and cemeteries that existed mere blocks away from the elegant mansions and civic edifices pictured on the book's pages. Only a reader informed by other historical sources would know that the book documents only half of 'old Augusta.' In an ironic reflection of the reality of the black experience in Augusta, photographs documenting African-American life in the southern city appeared several years later in a separate 'Black America Series,' also published by Arcadia (Joiner and Smith 2004). The separate-but-equal photograph collections are merely emblematic of the approach demonstrated by much of the existing historiography of Augusta."

Allen, Carrie A: "When We Send Up the Praises": Race, Identity, and Gospel Music In Augusta, Georgia
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[20 May 2009|02:38am]
You can have ~sparkly text~ too.
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Scary Stories [19 May 2009|10:43pm]

Jennifer, friends and family of Mark,

As promised, here are copies of the correspondence I received from Mark over the course of the last month. For the most part, I have merely copied and pasted them from my email application.

As you’ll read, he requested this, in hopes that you’ll better understand why he did what he did.

I made this site because it’s the most efficient way to share Mark’s emails with all of you. I’m not advertising this to anyone. But I do think it would be wise to pass this URL along to anyone who may help with the investigation. As I collect more information, from various sources, I'll update this site to keep it an accurate record. I'll have that link at the end of the series as well.

If you need to speak with me, Jen has my number. Thank you for your patience, and again, I am profoundly sorry.

- Eric
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Still Good [18 May 2009|11:58pm]
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Killer of Sheep (1977), Charles Burnett [18 May 2009|04:40pm]

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Blueberry Yum Yum [17 May 2009|04:54pm]

Cannot stop eating this.
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California Adventure [17 May 2009|09:44am]

Some pictures Chandler and I took a few weeks ago with my Action Sampler and Holga because Travis had some free tickets.

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True Life: I'm Going to Fat Camp [14 May 2009|03:06pm]

Oh, Dianne. You were the best Fat Camper of 2002.
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What I'm Wearing [13 May 2009|02:25pm]

Bought that $10 pseudo aa pocket skirt at Target.
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Lenin Cat [12 May 2009|01:24pm]

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