What happens when you find your bandmates spooning? 27 Jun 2006|02:20pm
mood: bored


Yeah, that's right. A whole freaking year later, and I still need Erin to font my header for me. Why? Because I play to my strengths, people, and in this situation my strength is finding a fine picture of Kiedis for me to look at and the rest of you to vicariously appreciate. I'd say it worked out quite nicely. I'm still working on some of the sub headers and whatnot so it's 100% anal-retentively Stadium Arcadium-esque, and I'll probably re-do the friends header too, eventually (though I'd miss my Jables like whoa)

So in honor of dancebymyself winning at Photoshop so I don't have to, I'm declaring this ¡El Dia de Erin! I plan to watch Signs and Mean Girls, tape Meerkat Manor for future mockery, browse high-larious bandfic, listen to any awesome music that she sends me, read Daniel Vosovic's blog, and resolve any argument I get into with "OH YEAH?? WELL I'M GOING TO COMIC-CON AND YOU'RE NOT! SUCK ON THAT!" And they will suck on it.

Ugh, slowest day ever. Base titrations are slightly bigger douchebags than my lab partner. Must.resist.urge.to.play.with.HCl.

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I HAVE IT!!! 01 May 2006|03:16am
mood: happeh

So all of the below is old news, since the CD is out and I've been listening to it like it's my job. Anyway, scratch all the negativity. I flippin' LOVE this CD. It's incredible. I think I was unreasonably harsh at first because I've been hyping it up to everyone and their grandma for like, ever, so I didn't want to sound like I was just liking it for the sake of liking it, ya know?

So anyways, Wet Sand is pretty much my favorite song of all time, second only to Soul to Squeeze which still reigns supreme. Desecration Smile is up in the top 3, and at this point I don't think there are any songs that I don't like. There were a few that I was a little thrown by on first listen, but after going through the whole thing a few times, everything fits. Oh yeah, and HALLOWEEN BIATCHES!!!! THIRD ROW!!! You may begin seething....now.

And I'm not saying how I got it. No, it wasn't by legal means, though I've already preordered my copy, so I feel no guilt. Especially since I'm buying the i-Tunes version AND an actual CD copy for my car.

So...first impressions:

♥ Desecration Smile pwns

♥ Jupiter and Mars do have very distinctive styles. Not in a distracting, in-your-face way, but purposefully, in a way that makes them each unique.

♥ Slow Cheetah is soulful and beautiful. I hope to hell that it gets released.

♥ It's definitely something that can and should be listened to from end to end, at least the separate albums, if not the whole deuce. There is a definite cohesiveness about it, and as far as my vacay and road-trip plans are concerned, it serves my purposes be-a-utifully (ironically, there's a track called "Especially in Michigan". Interestante indeed)

Overall, it is incredibly stripped down, even moreso than I was expecting. Not sure how I feel about that. It's also a bit old-school in places. It's BSSM without the sex and Freaky Styley without the drugs. Unfortunately, it's also BSSM without the major single potential. It feels more like B-sides than the cream of a crop that was originally intended to fill 3 albums. One thing that it absolutely does NOT feel like is some continuation of Californication or By the Way or anything in between. And maybe that's the point, I really can't say for sure. Is it a good thing? No se.

I want desperately to love this CD. I want it to be amazing. I want it to be better than anything I've ever heard, and I want to have to keep buying new copies because I'm wearing mine out like I did with Californication (numero cinco). Whether I do, it is, and I have to remains to be seen. I'm reserving final judgement for a while. I want to listen to it from end to end, I want to listen to Mars and Jupiter seperately, I want to light candles and smoke up and listen to it in my basement. I want to listen to it in someone else's basement. Mostly, I just really REALLY want it to live up to my expectations. Do I like it? Yes. Do I love it? Time will tell.

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mood: AAARRRRGH!!!!

That is all.

Well, not really...

So, I randomly decided that, after an excruciating 5.5 years of Psych classes, research, independent studies, and all the associated nonsense, I'm going back to school and getting a doctorate in Pharmacology.

Oh yeah, did I mention Chemistry is my WORST SUBJECT EVER? If Dr. Kriley read this right now, he'd be like "Get the fuck out of here" or die laughing or have a massive coronary.

Anyway, yeah...not sure how this is all going to go down, but I'm actually really excited about it.

Also, Erin is my hero. She's like some cool uber combo of Spiderwoman and Batgirl with Wonder Woman's lasso and some random X-men powers. And if Teddy Geiger ever met her, they'd have the sex like, 8 times/day. Why do I think of these scenarios? Hell if I know. ILU Erin! Reality show runners-up for LIFE!!

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My name is Santino Rice, and I'd like to present my new collection.... 23 Feb 2006|05:11pm
mood: TV geek


LMFAO! Erin, ILU forever!

Project Ruway wins life. The Andrae montage last night was outstanding. I fell in love with that show last season, and Season two is like, 4323535 times better! Santino's Tim Gunn impression is fricking hilarious, though it's pretty much his only redeeming quality. That, and the part of the "musical" during the Daniel Franco song where he yelled "See ya in Season Three!" Best show ever.

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03 Feb 2006|08:18pm
mood: deprimido

Light that smoke, yeah, one for giving up on me
And one just cause they’ll kill you sooner than my expectations
To my favorite liar, to my favorite scar (to my favorite scar):
“I could have died with you”
I hope you choke on those words, that kiss, that bottle
confess (So bury me in memory)
Now ash yourself, yeah, out on the insides,
said I loved you but I lied

Let’s play this game called
when you catch fire
I wouldn’t piss to put you out
Stop burning bridges and drive off of them
So I can forget about you

So bury me in memory
His smile’s your rope
So wrap it tight around your throat

Class, can anyone tell me the definition of "irony"?

At last we meet, Oroko Saki 07 Jan 2006|11:15pm
mood: high on life & Sharpie™

So last night I was aimlessly flipping through the channels as I am wont to do, looking for mid-morning movies to tape and watch at my leisure, and I came upon a virtual goldmine. Not only is this movie one of the most fantastically awful horror movies of the past 5 years, but it also stars a prominent former castmember of the greatest early 90's family sitcom ever to feature the Stamos:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ok, probably none of the ones you're thinking of and, on second thought, maybe "prominent" was a poor choice of words, but work with me here.

I'm thrilled to testify that this movie (which I would neither have heard about, nor even identified as a horror movie by title recognition alone, were it not for a fantastic review on the best.site.evah.) delivered all the mind-blowingly awesome awfulness I was hoping for. The opening sequence features a stunning razor-wire de-capi-tay-SHAUN, setting the viewer up for a bevy of death scenes, each one more delightfully low-budget than the last. At this point, I'm sure you're at the edge of your seat, so I'll delay any further torment and reveal that the movie in question is none other than:


and the Full House star in question is none other than the voice of Aladdin: SCOTT WEINGER!!! (Seriously, where would you people be without my wisdom?)

Anyway, chiggity-check it. I guarantee shitty writing, full-frontal, small-boobed nudity, contrived teeny-bopper love scenes, and lots and lots of BLOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!! At the very least, who could pass up a chance to see DJ's boyfriend Steve in romantic situations, sans the omnipresent Gibbler. Obviously not me, since I'm a proud, card-carrying member of the DJ's boyfriend Steve Fan ClubCollapse )

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Dude, I am so getting a Nuge figurine!.....Well, for sexual purposes, of course! 28 Dec 2005|12:30pm
mood: burnt the fuck out

I have officially dropped the ball on the RHCP SOTW thing, but since Erin has me Panic! obsessive, I'm just going to give ya some some some of this Cinnabun. These are dedicated to TEH UNICORN!! and to honor Petrick's happy new arrival.

Collapse )

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I'm as cuddly as a cactus, I'm as charming as an eel 19 Dec 2005|12:52am
mood: grinchy

Before this evening, I didn't think I actively disliked Christmas. I just knew that I preferred Halloween for some strange reason that I chalked up to a stronger-than-normal affinity for candy corn. I actually thought Christmas was my #2, coming in slightly above St. Pat's. However, tonight in the craft section of my friendly neighborhood all-purpose store, I came to an unsettling realization:

I completely, unquestioningly, unabashedly LOATHE Christmas (and scrapbooking).

How does one hate a holiday so festive and full of cheer, you might ask, if you're the kind of tool who would use such a lame expression as "full of cheer". And I would answer...um...I dunno. I just do. I hate it. I hate putting up some huge ass tree, a shitload of ornaments, and other assorted porcelain crap, making a giant mess of styrofoam and crumpled newspaper, and displacing all my normal non-festive house things, just to have to pack them all up in a few weeks (a ritual made necessary by the fact that I don't live in West Virginia or even the more ghetto parts of my hometown, where discriminating Trader Horn shoppers scour the Christmas aisles for "The good'uns, so's we can leave 'em up all year!")

Apart from the hassles of decorating, I hate the pressure of giving gifts, wrapping gifts, sending cards, calling family, and all the utterly inconsequential decisions that just HAVE to be made, and my mother just HAS to call me 15 times a day to ask.

"Who's having Christmas this year? Are you bringing dessert or making something else? Who's making the turkey? Does everyone like turkey? Should we have ham instead, or maybe meatloaf? If we serve salad and green bean casserole and broccoli and cheese, would that be too many vegetables, or not enough? Should we have dinner in the dining room, the family room, the living room, the foyer, the guest bathroom, the screened in porch, the sunroom, the fucking garage and serve punch in the carport? Should we serve egg nog? Does anyone even like egg nog? Should we put alcohol in it, or will the kids get into it? Should we give the kids the alcoholic egg nog in hopes that they'll actually pass out before 3 AM for a change? Do I put out the burgundy and gold hand towels and the old fashioned Santa, or the contemporary Santa with the red and green ones? Do we have enough room at the table? Do we need a kids table? Are we doing a Secret Santa exchange, just buying cards, buying gifts for everyone, making donations to the Human Fund? What are you buying? What do the kids want? Should we just give them money? Maybe giftcards instead of money? Where do they like to shop? When should we open gifts? Should we do it Christmas Eve, Chrismas morning, Christmas afternoon, before church, after church? When are you going to church? Are you going to Midnight mass? You are going this year, aren't you? Last year everyone asked where you were. No, I don't know if your ex boyfriends still go to our church, I never go to that church except on Christmas. No, we can't go to a different church, because then the people at our church who know that we go there every year might think we didn't go and then they'll talk. Who did you send cards to? Did you send them to *insert everyone I've ever known, rattled off at a mile a minute* so that no one feels left out? When did you send them? Do you need any addresses? Why didn't you send one to *insert obscure fourth cousin who I haven't seen since birth*?

If you read that all in under 20 seconds while punching yourself repeatedly in the face, you might get some small measure of the general annoyingness of that endless seasonal tirade. Add to it the fact that Christmas happens at the absolute shittiest time of the year, which means that all of the traveling, visiting, church-going, and present-lugging usually falls smack in the middle of a cold snap with -20 wind chill.

Also, no matter how PC the world gets at making the holidays as generic and all-inclusive as possible, you can count on some random dickweed to protest your local nativity scene which, due to its convenient location a solid 30 blocks from his home, somehow manages to infringe upon his ability to sit on his ass. Captain Douchebag's sole purpose is to make his life-changing appearance on the Channel 7 news, pissing and moaning about the offensiveness of a plastic baby, while waving around a bloody, headless reindeer in front of a pack of terrified Kindergartners who just want to go to their non-celebratory, non-discriminating "Holiday festival". Apparently the decapitated Rudolph is a symbol of his inner torment and represents the anneurysm he had while driving past thousands of yards full of inflated Santas. Thank you, first amendment. Your intended purpose has surely been fulfilled.

Trust me, I could go on, but right now I'm content to leave it at this: I hate Christmas with the fiery passion of a thousand burning Yule logs. The only good thing about Christmas is NKOTB's "Merry Merry Christmas", which is out of print. And if the spirit of the most capitalist holiday ever can't be bought on Amazon.com, I'll have no part of it. If anyone needs me, I'll be counting down to Arbor Day.

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Walker says I have AIDS 15 Dec 2005|10:03pm
mood: silly-ass

I decided to trim down some of these, but I saved them if anyone ever wants a copy.

You died of a roundhouse kick to the face. Game Over.Collapse )

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Your grandma can't get enough Vitamin M. She pays me in meatballs and hard candy. 14 Dec 2005|09:45am
mood: a bit nutty

I miss Lost, man. It's only been two weeks and I'm going through withdrawal. *twitches* TV shows are so evil like that. No new Lost, no new Veronica. How are they allowed to do these things during the holiday season? It just might make me believe all that "no Santa" nonsense....Nah.

Gotta say though, the Nip/Tuck season finale looks INSANE! So glad I started watching that show this season. The Carver storyline is disturbing and wicked, and I love it! (OMGWTFKIMBER!!!) I have to remember to visit his myspace...AAAhahahahaha. Yes, the Carver from Nip/Tuck has a myspace. This confirms my suspicion that myspace is full of rapists and serial killers. (Sorry, Erin. I'd have made an exception of you, if it wasn't for that huge killin' spree we went on in the summer of 2000, or as we like to refer to it: Huge Killin' Spree '00)

I hate to say it, but it's nice to be done with firefly50 for a bit. The vast majority of the icons were really fun to come up with and make, but it was definitely a lot of work. I think part of it is because I'm still learning PSPX, so it takes me a few tries to get things looking the way I want them. Overall, I'm quite happy with the way everything turned out, and the comments have been exceptionally nice, so those definitely bump it up a few notches in the good column. I'm going to keep working on random ones, and may do a decent-sized multi-fandom post once the holidays are over.

Last thing: I was flipping through the channels last night and ended up on the original AMC version of "The Haunting" which, as anyone who knows my taste in movies can probably guess, I enjoyed immensely. It prompted me to Ti-faux a bunch of old b&w movies, including Psycho and West Side Story, both classic, both loved by me. It made me think of pulling random movie marathons with random theater people, just because we were randomly in the mood. Best and randomest (/most random/) by far was the night of "Waiting for Guffman", "Clue", "The Shining" (Kubric version, natch) and "Soylent Green". No clue what spurred that on or why we were all completely on board, but I'm sure it can be attributed to Captain Morgan and marijuana a permeating love of cinema. It would be nice to reassemble that old crew, but I fear that, to paraphrase the immortal words of one Steve Perry, we've gone our separate ways.

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This must be what going mad feels like... 11 Dec 2005|07:11pm
mood: accomplished

[50] Jaynestown icons, made for firefly50.

[x] Comments are appreciated!
[x] No hotlinking.
[x] Do not modify or claim these as your own
[x] Please credit if used

Just keep walkin' preacher-manCollapse )

X-posted at firefly50, fireflyfans, ff_icons, & jossverseicons

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I don't think actual bohemian people say things like "I'm so bohemian" 26 Nov 2005|03:33pm
mood: sassy

Finally going to see RENT tonight! Squee, squee, squee. Review and such will follow, but I've already decided that I will love it more than life, thus I'm sure I will because I'm stubborn like that.

Reasons I will love this movie:
1. Tony Rapp
2. Idina/Taye=OTP 4-evah
3. God, how effing adorable is Rosario Dawson? And she does Smith Jerrod, the whore.
4. *insert entire OBCR soundtrack here*
5. Jesse L. Martin
6. Angel Dumott Schunard
7. Homeless Squeegee Man
8. ♥the late Jonathan Larson♥
9. Idina again, for she is not only the hottest bitch on the planet, but she is fiercely rocking this awesome movie while certain former costars and Tony co-contenders are doing Old Navy commercials (boo, KC. You lose 1000 diva points)
10. new Roger hair > old Roger hair

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Tonight I was wicked productive. Thanks, insomnia! 21 Nov 2005|07:21am
mood: mellow

The above statement is subjective, as it is dependent upon your definition of productivity being broad enough to include icon-making and livejournal community-planning. (And honestly, whose doesn't?)

Erin and I have decided to broaden our horizons and create another new community. As soon as we get die_analucia up and running, we will begin work on pop_elitists, a place to celebrate all of our television and movie-related fandoms, not just those starring hobbits and Party of Five castoffs.

In between all of this planning and scheming, I made a buttload of icons. (also subjective, as I have no way of knowing exactly how many 100x100 icons you can fit up your respective bums) I'm currently halfway done with my icons for firefly50 and I'm hoping to get the rest finished this week, in between making new graphics for Die AL, and Pope Litists (Don't let the underscore or above description fool you. That community is all about Pope Benedict himself, or as we lovingly refer to him, P. Benz). As soon as they're finished I'll post them here, and I expect you all to lavish praises upon me and send me many expensive tokens of your affection.

Another fun thing about being up all night is that you get to do all of those supah-cool things that the rest of the world does when they're awake at this ungodly hour (by choice, no less!) Having noticed that the milk had gone chunky and there were no other comparable dairy products available, I decided to be a good human and make Paul pancakes. Unfortunately I don't quite have the skill it takes to maneuver two pancakes side-by-side in the same skillet. They ended up running together, so I added more batter and made:



Yes, that's right. My pancaking prowess is comparable to that of your average eight year old. I managed to make several more normal-sized pancakes, so he had those instead, and Giant Pancake and I waited for him to leave and then plotted to take over the world. [Please commence appropriate fear response.] Unfortunately, soon after that he was eaten. Sorry, Giant Pancake. You would have made a great evil overlord.
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...and I also need to put on pants, just to be polite 19 Nov 2005|12:28am
mood: ghost porn makes me feel dirty

So, Harry Potter rocked my socks, naturally. I may edit in more thoughts later, but if you desperately need something to read, check out this post by dancebymyself because she hated and loved all of the same things I did, and she is far more eloquent than I. For those of you who still can't get enough me, I suppose I can oblige to a brief synopsis:

[P.S. I'm not cutting or secret-fonting for spoilers. If you've read the book, you know what happens. If you've seen the movie, you know what happens. If you haven't done either of those things, you have no business on my f-list, nor I on yours, so doubtful that you'll have occasion to read this. Kidding (sorta) I'm really just lazy.]

I had the pleasure of taking in the midnight showing at Great Oaks Cinema, a theater so ghetto that my "ticket" consisted of a 3x5 card with a list of all movies and showtimes typed out and my chosen movie identified with pink highlighter (the elusive midnight showing did not appear within this list and had to be written in with pen. Truly a collector's item for the ages.)

The audience was pretty solid and they laughed at all the right parts, which is important. They were mostly 16 year-olds, which pretty good for viewing the movie, but regressed to terrifying when it came time to get behind the wheel at 3 AM amidst a throng of student drivers blaring Kanye West at top volume in their parents' Toyota Camrys.

Oh, the movie...Yes, I did see a movie last night. (Now you see why I directed you elsewhere for the whole review thing.)

Generally I enjoyed everything, especially the writing. I wish they had shown more of the Quidditch Cup and Tri-Wizard Tournament, but the scenes they showed were brilliant and incredibly well-executed. I loved Rita Skeeter and (faux) Mad-Eye Moody, loved all of the new characters, and really enjoyed the progression of the original cast. The lone exception - Michael Gambon, who is as faithful to JK Rowling and Richard Harris's Dumbledore as the Britney Spears cover of "Satisfaction" is to the original, and nearly as enjoyable. Such things can be overlooked, however, thanks to the magic of Weasley. (A bit sad we didn't see any of Charlie. Also, I was so looking forward to hearing Krum say "Hermi-own-ninny", which went unfulfilled. VK got a good deal of face-time, but I really wish they had given him more to do. Apparently all potential HP teen idols who lack red hair or glasses are given the Biggerstaff treatment. Tragic, really.)

Ralph Fiennes was brilliant, as expected. The graveyard/tournament ending was fantastic. The post-graveyard, uber gay actual ending lived up to the low standards of all of the previous movies and their awkward-ass, child-audience-centric, Rudy-clap-involving, someone-walking-slowly-down-the-great-hall-for-little- to-no-justifiable-reason-but-boy-I-sure-enjoy-hyphens, endings. And wow, look at me, I've said an awful lot for someone with so little to say. That's all for now. Go and see this movie or remove yourself from my life immediately.

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Mandatory life assessment 13 Nov 2005|06:53am
mood: contemplative

Things I win at:

1. song parody

2. being generally hilarious

3. animating and screencapping

4. late night stupidity

Things I lose at:

1. fonts


Conclusion: I rule. I can learn fonts and HTML.

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OMGWTFJOSS!!!!!!111 09 Nov 2005|10:59pm
mood: fandom overload!!


Joss on Veronica Mars makes my night happy!

[psychotic fangirling]

JOSS, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[/psychotic fangirling]


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OMGWTFLOST!!!!111 09 Nov 2005|10:02pm
mood: shocked

Question: How is it possible to know every single aspect of a major spoiler, know exactly when it's coming, and still *FREAK OUT* when it actually happens?? (Ana Lucia, hate u hate u hate u diebitchdie!)

Lost, you are teh best fandom evar!!!

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MEME MAAAAADNESS!!! 08 Nov 2005|06:38pm
mood: spaz

Fresh picked from the meme treeCollapse )

And a meme of my very own. Take it, bitches!
(and I mean that literally)

Shag your f-list by dani_thegirl_
likes it rough:edens_demise21
wants to cuddle afterwards:piratejess
doesn't call the next day:peonybrandybuck
likes to be spanked:star2954
has no skill:heatherjean81
has mad skills:bleucielsoleil
is saving it for someone on myspace:limechels
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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This is not the entry where I wax philosophical about Daniel LaRusso 07 Nov 2005|11:51pm
mood: not too shabby

Shamelessly jacked from edens_demise21:

Your Birthdate: October 3

You are more than a big ball of energy - you are a big ball of hyper.
You are always on the go, but you don't have a type-A personality.
Instead of channeling your energy into work, you prefer to go for fun and adventure.
Witty and verbal, you can have an interesting conversation with anyone.

Your strength: Your larger-than-life imagination

Your weakness: You tend to be pretty scattered

Your power color: Lime

Your power symbol: Lightening bolt

Your power month: March

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It's been broken, I told Big Mac to get it fixed. Just wondered if he had. Just wondered. 04 Nov 2005|09:58pm
mood: bored

Seems to me like all the world gets high when you take a dareCollapse )

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