Dana (dana___) wrote,

ABC Outfoxed: a Boston Legal illegality

According to JimGilliam.com, ABC ordered David E. Kelley to remove all references to Fox News from the script for Boston Legal's "Let Sales Ring" episode airing March 13. Gilliam says this "...included the clip from "Outfoxed" where Bill O'Reilly threatens war protesters in the same sentence he promises not to demonize anyone." Gilliam co-produced "Outfoxed".

I own the "Outfoxed" dvd and knew the clip Jim Gilliam referenced that was edited out, so... yes, I did it. I put it up at my site Boston-Legal.org. Go there and watch it. It's just two mintues long.

I'm making no political or cable news statements. Simply letting the 13.6 million viewers (per recent ratings) that would have seen it a chance to watch it. Full access, you know? (But I've also asked permission of Gilliam... albeit, after the fact.)
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