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14 March 2020 @ 11:14 pm

friends only

01 May 2012 @ 02:08 pm
why am i so horridly useless when it comes to handling stress.

ok vanessa come on stop being a crybaby. the fuck is wrong with you damnit.
06 November 2011 @ 02:06 am
or hey, pointless update.

i don't know what i am going to do if i don't get the job i want? i say i'll quit but that's quite far from reality. suck it up and take what comes, i guess. totally sounds totally wrong

also i got my infinite albums today, no sign of my sunggyu card anywhere but i have hojong. queen of the luckless. SOMEBODY GIVE ME THAT HAMSTAR CARD ;-;

oh, and i made fruit tarts (with a whole lot of custard) and panna cotta (KAHLUA MY LOVE) during some desserts class at work. surprisingly the kitchen is still standing, nothing burnt and everything turned out better tasting than expected. :3 prickme says so (hi friend this isn't an a/n but it's still a mention!) and she is a future baking queen so i am entitled to believe this truth. also, she gifted me with the sungjong card, that lucky woman.

birthday celebrations tomorrow - i'm getting too old for this crap. especially when it's not my birthday, tbh. time to suck it up!
11 October 2010 @ 10:34 am
Brother wakes up with one side of his hair flat and the other sticking up and out.

Brother: I just did a Key to my hair.

Oh how I love how much kpop has changed the boy. :D I can't even be angry at my insenstive and horrible groupmates.
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21 July 2010 @ 03:40 am
just had to post because this sums up all I wanted to say about the Spain/Germany semis but couldn't find the words to because everyone was a German fanjust unhappy about the loss.

"It occurred to me during the Spain-Germany semifinal, amidst disappointment at Germany's timidity, that the style Spain plays almost forces that kind of low-scoring, slow-paced game. You can't ever get the ball off Spain. So what do you do? Play your midfield and attacking players further upfield? Of course not, then you'd open the space for Spain to score. So you try to catch them on the break – except, oh wait, they never surrender possession, and even in the 2/10000000 times they do, their defensive screens are too good. You're never going to score. So you stay stuck in your own half, defending your goal. Then they hardly score either. So at the end of the day it's 1-0 to Spain, and everyone is frustrated."

koped from conspiire. go read her latest post it's genius and talks about everything i feel but am too useless to put in words sometimes. actually the whole lj is genius.

impulse want for TAEMIN!HAIR.Collapse )

I should sleep. And season needs to start. That is all.
Lucifer. SHINee. (Or as me and the brother put it, Mirotic-esque video with hints of Suju and Bonamana choreo)


Guyliner works 10x better on Onew than Key, the only part I like about Jjong is his back muscles, Minho's hair isn't as bad as I thought, and I would really love to get Taemin's hairstyle muchly, and KimKey I would look at you from the left and think "gorgeous" but from the right it's pretty much another story. BUT ONEW OHMY THAT MAN IS TOTALLY GORGEOUS and 2:38 just - it's the old dubu feel but just back in gorgeous form.

That said, I can't wait for their comeback performance. And I can't believe it took SHINee to make me post a post. 8D

Short update on life: Internship's over, camp prep and camp's in! And I just caught Inception and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the bomb - especially if he's defying gravity and being a smartass and all sexy and shit.

God I need Lucifer icons.

AND MINHO GETS A LINE. LIKE A WHOLE fricken LINE. AND THE entire RAP. The sky is going to fall next. ♥
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22 June 2010 @ 04:35 pm
Extremely tired of work, getting sick soon, I don't know if I'm actually hoping to get sick so that I'll get off work. Ha!

Much much much much things to update on, which I will when I get my pictures out of my phone. Like senior camp, polar bears (!), zoo trips and chasing korean boys younger than me. ♥

You still make me happy in little ways, and I think I'm beginning to let you go, but it doesn't mean I'm over it yet. At least I'm getting to a point where I don't miss you as much - so it's all good, yes.

Anyway the jongkey to my minho are leaving for Korea (lucky shits) - have a safe trip and buy much much much back for me. Not even getting a chance to see them off before they leave - damn you 2am flights.

Speaking of 2AM, they're coming! :D
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May's been a month a rollercoaster shit emotions for me, and June hasn't started perfectly but ohwell time to just forget it, keep calm and carry on.

I love Kris Allen's new (is it even new, I'm totally clueless) song, "The Truth".

Trying to be perfect
Trying not to let you down
Honesty is honestly
The hardest thing for me right now
While the floors underneath our feet
Are crumbling, the walls we built together tumbling
I still stand here holding up the roof
Cause it's easier than telling the truth

And it was so cute cause when the song played we were trying to guess and he said it was Snow Patrol and I'm like no it's more Fray or OneRepublic sounding and turns out it's Mr American Idol.

Praying my dad caved and got the WC package, I didn't really ask him so I'm praying now! Spanish boys! 8D

Weekend - SENIOR'S CAMP haha I hope no screwups and everything will be good! :)

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17 May 2010 @ 02:09 am
JENNY says:
js and taec. it's hard.
vanxin: BONAMANA says:
taec is def the bottom.

We were really talking about ranking the 2PM boys but I realise how wrong it sounded.
03 May 2010 @ 05:26 pm
Two more papers but I really don't have the mood. And after today's consultation where my tutor practically and unsubtly told us what was going to come out I'm even lazier. Scared but lazy.

And my body clock has been tuned to sleeping at 4 and waking at 930 for breakfast (fail macbreakfast fail). By the time we eat it's around like. 11. Which means we skip lunch and go straight to dinner. My breakfast/lunch/dinner buddies are cool.


Oh and I got a new phone nokia touchscreen and the screen is so nice and big and my wallpapers always look gorgeous. ♥♥

Going to nap now til dinner. Lorry ride to JP I love sitting at the back of the lorry haha. Every day every meal we get driven around by lorry. Huat.

OH AND I ACTUALLY WATCHED THE LIVERPOOL CHELSEA MATCH we were pretty awesome in the first half til the goal ruined everything. D8
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