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bye [25 Nov 2004|01:40pm]
im leaving this journal and i made a new one, so add me.
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god, i havent done a survey in a long time. stolen from hannah [24 Nov 2004|03:42pm]
survey loveCollapse )
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drop it like its hot [24 Nov 2004|03:34pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

its the day before thanksgiving and im excited.

look what im mother fucking making for tomorrowCollapse )

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but legends never die [23 Nov 2004|04:35pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

the show was okay. p.e. was the best band there out of all of them. do not ever see steel train or an angle. they sound like a carnival band gone bad. when they were on stage i just wanted to kill myself. socratic was pretty good too. their bass player looked like he was high the entire time. he makes very funny faces with his eyes closed. so thats all for now from my exciting life.
good-bye love,

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[19 Nov 2004|07:11pm]
i need money...............
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I need you now more like yesterday [12 Nov 2004|07:14pm]
[ mood | amused ]

last night i went to the movies with my cousins, then went out and got sushi. then i ate way too much chinese food and almost threw up, but i didnt. today i saw block boy with his sunglasses on and he made me laugh.

so hows that for random?

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there was no point to this, ever. [07 Nov 2004|11:48am]
[ mood | restless ]

yesterday i had apple pie ice cream from the cold stone place. mmmm..it was so good. and while the workers make it they sing too.

i know your jealous, my life is so exciting.

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[04 Nov 2004|07:45pm]
i want my pictures from tuesday............
i wish i lived in ohio so i could go to sonic, dairy queen, and denny's all the time.

lyke omgah today was so boring
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hawthorne heights<3333 [03 Nov 2004|06:53pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

yesterday was fun. me, lindsay, jen, jessie and all her copaigue friends went. we got there really early so we were first online. i got good pictures, a pic, a shirt, and my cd book signed. then after the show they stayed like an hour after because of their flat tire. so we were talking to them. it was niice.

and a special thanks to foz who lent me money for my shirt!! i swear im gonna pay him back.


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im tired bitch [01 Nov 2004|05:50pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

last weekend went so fast. safe halloween was so boring. i had to stand there and guard the stairs for 2 hours. yeah thats about it for now. ill update later.

picturesssssssCollapse )

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tomorrow is halloween [30 Oct 2004|07:34pm]


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[27 Oct 2004|07:15pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

today i found out my shoulders arent exactly even. and when i hold a sword they get even worse. i need to work on that.

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i dont need to explain, you know how you act. [25 Oct 2004|04:08pm]
[ mood | tired ]

montauk was fun. of course it went way too fast. the weather was so depressing though, it was cloudy, windy, and cold almost everyday. i love the hotel's pool. its heated and so nice. i found out that our fist drill comp. is in december. theyre going to have 2 teams so no one is going to get cut. thats good. im def. not going to make commander, im not loud enough for that. plus id be so nervous.
halloween is this weekend! my 2nd. favorite holiday. im going to be a hoe. i found a perfect cheetah hat, a pink boa, and then the big cash necklace. i feel so popular this weekend cuz i have so many things going on. hah i wish i was.
i need to go finish my stupid science homework because mr. moltisanti is gay. hes so sarcastic its horrilbe. sometimes i just want to punch him. if i did, id laugh.

good-bye love

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if you only knew... [12 Oct 2004|07:11pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

oh gosh i need some new music. every cd i have has been listened to a thousand times or more. so many new cds are coming out this month or either came out already. i hear the straylight run cd is "brilliantly melodic". i guess they dont sound like tbs, but thats a good thing because you cant sound like your old band.
how come good bands never tour on long island? they just go to the city.

and yes, im sadly moving soon. prob. before december or around the holidays. i dont want to move. id have no friends and no life plus dont think im staying in lindenhurst. i hate my life a lot. i really dont feel like starting all over again in a new high school. that just sucks. i wish school would just die.

and on another note, we went thrift store shopping again. it was a success for hannah. she found a really pretty blue dancing type dress. it was only $5 bucks. can you believe it?!?

tomorrow is wed. but i wish it was friday.

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[07 Oct 2004|07:41pm]
[ mood | unhopeful ]

its funny how the people you care about the most, half of them don't even realize you're there.

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im obsessed with stars, so buy me something with a star on it and ill love you [05 Oct 2004|08:41pm]
[ mood | awake ]

so thrift store shopping wasn't a success, maybe next time.

it bothers me when people update their journals and are like " im so depressed, sad, lonely," or whatever. like the people that announce that to the world are the ones who usually have nothing to complain about and dont really have many problems. they are the ones looking for the attention. i just wanna go up to them and say grow up, you know, some people are much worse off then you are and youre just being selfish.

school is pathetically boring and i have pool tomorrow which absolutely sucks. i already know how to swim and its funny how most schools on li dont have to take it. i wish i went to copaigue, they dont have a pool.


your eyes are like paradise...

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You're no good at lying and I'm no good at comebacks. [03 Oct 2004|06:41pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i hate sunday's. they are boring and stupid.
tomorrow hannah might take us thrift store shopping to get costumes. im going to be a princess i suppose, but i'll prob. change my costume a 1,000 times before halloween.
im listening to matchbook romance right now which i havent heard in years.
im using michael for my black and white picture in art. he looks amazing in any colors. i have conor as a back-up just in case.
i actually kind of feel bad that im not friends with caroline anymore. i just dont want to make it any worse than it already is.
i hope we can either go on the 29th. or skalloween. princess here i come!

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i walked a lot today [02 Oct 2004|08:32pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

ive been busy lately.

homecoming was fun, i didnt think it was going to be. i have to say i enjoyed myself.

im going to bed soon. im tired.

goodbye love.

every line is plotted and designed

look through your old pictures. [25 Sep 2004|05:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]

the show yesterday was awesome. id have to say that was one of the best shows ive ever been too. oh my gosh, it was so unbelievably hot like 1,000 degrees. i was sweating so much, i must have smelt really bad. i took some pictures and one with josh :) during the show we went outside and were standing around, so vanessa asks jessie something like what band was she here for or something like that. so jessie says shes here for perfect endings, except says perfect endings really really loud. and of course adam and his gf are standing right there. so as soon as she says the name of his band him and his gf look over and go what? they were just starring at us. and she doesnt even know what to say, so finally shes like i was talking to my friend and there just like ok. then we go downstairs and i hear adam talking to his friend saying yeah this girl just said the name and then walked away. it was so funny, i bet if youre reading this it doesnt sound funny, but i guess it was one of things were you had to be there. that was funny. i also got my p-unit sweatshirt which i have been waiting for for months, the dvd, and a race the sun t-shirt. when i was waiting at patent pending's merch table it took them like a half hour to get what i wanted. so joe is just like sorry this is taking so long and he pinches my face and says keep smiling, hah. he seems much nicer than michael. and then i ran out of money for the t-shirt i wanted, all i needed was 3 more dollars, so i started asking people for some cash/quarters and they actually gave it to me. i still cant believe p.e. went first because usually the stupid bands go on at the beg. thank god we got there when they were still playing. and then soon after they were done playing they left. who does that? cluade was looking good, his gf was also there. it was a lot of fun, i want to go back on the 29th. next month. and lindsay you have to go next time.

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i've never done it with the style and grace you have. [16 Sep 2004|06:49pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

hey its a four day weekend. i like those.
so yeah ive been really busy this week. for once i actually have something to do after school. and its not a sport because im not good at those.
im thinking of cutting my hair, shorter. its boring and i hate it. i want bangs too, maybe ill do those myself.
you absolutely have to go to 7-11 and buy an orange and cream slurpe. i love them times 43459.
i cant wait until the 24th. and its probably the hundredth time i've said it. adam is so lovely. <3

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