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02 June 2008 @ 09:37 pm
I've been thinking about upgrading to a paid LJ account. Mostly because I want to be able to have a bajillion icons. Mostly because I just learned myself how to make them fancy movin' type gifs. And The phone posting gimmick is kind of cool. I'm such a sucker for gimmick.

Today is my boy's birthday! Tomorrow night we're going out for dinner with some people, so that ought to be fun.

As far as Wiscon:
I'm feeling too lazy to go hunt down my notes from the Buffy panel (I still need to do Robyn's write up for that) and the little book that would remind me exactly what panels I went to, so instead you get the Creepy-Ass Dude from Saturday night story.

Saturday night was the Capes and Consoles party, jointly hosted by Cerise and Girl Wonder, which was a blast and a half. Costumes weren't required, but definitely encouraged. Karen was Poison Ivy (extra funny because she was out bartender), Robyn was a generic RPG sorceress, Olivia was Claire Redfield from Resident Evil and Regina was a zombie (with freaky awesome bruised/bloody makeup) and I was Wonder Woman from this comic. You can check out pics of some of our super awesome costumes (among other things)here. I'm pretty sure I'm leaving some people out, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head. The whole party went really well from my end, at least until we were trying to do clean-up.
Some guy came up to me and made a comment about how I was the only person there dressed as a superheroine. He had clearly ignored the whole concept of the non-comic side of the party as well as the non-hero side of comics. He then went on to "compliment" my body- I mean costume. Specifically the little ruffly bustle-esque bit. And then the legs that went in it. I'm pretty much to the fed-up-with-the-world's-bullshit eyeroll, sarcasm and disgust. At the time however I was just in shock. I half expect shit like that al the time out in the "real world", but I was at Wiscon. I wasn't walking down the street in this get-up, I was at a party specifically themed for it at a FEMINIST primarily academic sci-fi convention. WTF? How does an ass like that decide that he's ok to go to a gathering of that nature and say shit like that?
Because of where I was I had let down most of those guards that you usually keep up in a public area. Wiscon is supposed to be a safe place. A place where I can be Wonder Woman, or Black Canary or Big Barda and we're fucking SUPERHEROS. Not bodies on display your enjoyment.

I didn't find out till a little later that after I just walked away from him in utter shock he approached Karen spouting some crap about how good my "costume" looked. When her reply was an "Excuse me?!" of "This is not an acceptable thing to be saying" he clearly misinterpreted. He told her "Oh, I'm sure you'd look great in that costume too!".

Missing the point much?

I plan to make a post over in the Wiscon LJ community with his description. He was weraing a badge, but we were all to discombobulated to think to get his name. I'm hoping someone knows who he is and we can keep him out of future cons.

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