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i make collect calls to home to tell them that i realize..

... that everyone who lives will someday die and die alone.

17 June
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im whitney, i want to change my name to taylor. im 18 years old and im currently in school for reasons unknown. im a bitch. but im nice. I like guys with pretty eyes. Drugs/Alcohol: are bad, and if you have nothing else about your personality except for how trashed and waisted you get then IM me and tell me stories HA no but seriously... come on now. don't add me if you get a new journal name every two weeks. don't add me if you don't have a cute layout. don't add me if you userinfo is full of color bars. i have a dieting journal ___slender. i would love to have friends that are somewhat like me. i love to make layouts, but on my own time. if you would like me to make you one you can IM me on aim-cardiac arressst or email: wifill@gmail.com

zach braff

yes i knew him/garden state way before you did therefore im the only one who can crush on him<3 back off bitches
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