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13 November 1990
Supernatural fan
Can't pick between Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles^^
I'm apparently crazy

My dads yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/northeastbootsale/
'allo 'allo, aerosmith, alanis morrissette, alcohol, alice cooper, american beauty, angel, autumn, beds, bisexual, black, black lipstick, black sabbath, blackheart, blink 182, blood, blue, bon jovi, bowling for soup, boys, boys in eyeliners, brian molko, broken halo, buffy, busted, charmed, counting crows, cradle of filth, daniel radcliffe, dashboard confessionals, david boreanaz, dean winchester, death, def leppard, diet coke, dirty dancing, disney, dogs, donnie darko, drawing, dvds, elephants, emo, evanescence, eyeliner, faith no more, fawlty towers, four seasons, funeral for a friend, gerard way, ghostrider, good charlotte, goth boys, goths, green day, guns 'n' roses, hair die, harry potter, heavy metal, him, hocus pocus, hoodies, icons, james marsters, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, joey jordison, john cleese, korn, kurt cobain, lestat de lioncourt, lights, linkin park, lipgloss, little shop of horrors, lost boys, love actually, lynard skynard, marilyn manson, mikey way, moons, msn, murderdolls, music films, my chemical romance, my family, new found glory, nicholas brendan, night, nirvana, outside, p!nk, p2, peircings, placebo, polar bears, punk, punk boys, queen of the damned, red, ricky fitts, rocky horror picture show, sam winchester, satan, self harming, sex, simple plan, sir david grady iii, skaters, sleep, soundtracks, spuffy, stars, stefan olsdal, steve hewitt, stripes, stuart townsed, supernatural, tattoos, teens, the darkness, the killers, the noise next door, the ramones, the rasmus, the used, the white stripes, ugly kid joe, vampires, ville vallo, wednesday 13, wes bentley, wicca's, winter, wishes, witchcraft