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i'm a wheel

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amélie, art, as time goes by, b&w photos, baking, beeswax yellow, being healthy, ben folds, ben kweller, bob dylan, boy meets world, bridget jones, brndn, burts bees, canon powershot sd600, chai, cold mountain, colors, comics, crayons, creating, cute things, damien rice, dave matthews band, death cab for cutie, debating, dim lighting, doodling, driving stick shift, dusty my dog, e.e. cummings, early mornings, eisley, ellen, elliott smith, eternal sunshine, euchre, fiddling, frappuccinos, friends, gerber daisies, green tea, herbert the hyundai, hot chocolate, iron & wine, john steinbeck, jones soda, kissing, late nights, long skirts, long walks, macs, mark twain, mirah, music, mysteries, napoleon d., national public radio, new york city, nick drake, nyc, over the rhine, paper journals, pbs brit coms, pete the poring, philosophy, poetry, polaroids, politics, post secret, prairie home companion, protesting, radiohead, random blakeslee, reading, recycling, rilo kiley, road trips, rubber bands, sandals, saving money, scrabble, seattle!, sewing, sex & the city, sharpies, sherbert, sleeping, slurpees, stapling things, starry skies, sufjan stevens, sugarfree gum, sunshine, swimming, taco bell, taking pictures, talking on the phone, tattoos, tegan & sara, tevas, the banjo, the beatles, the environment, the mini, the postal service, the shins, the strokes, the unicorns, the velvet underground, the wall, the white stripes, thrift shops, violin, watercoloring, wilco, wishing for curlyhair, writing letters, zombies