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biting_bullets_'s Journal

Ballads of Sal Villanueva
13 April
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80's, a static lullaby, acceptance, acoustic, adam brody, adult swim, alkaline trio, allister, as i lay dying, as tall as lions, autopilot off, back to the future, bang bang you're dead, beaker, big collapse, blink182, blueprint car crash, bob dylan, bobby's world, boys don't cry, brand new, brandston, brian lane, bright eyes, catch 22, cheezits, chris carraba, clark gable, coheed and cambria, conor oberst, copeland, count the stars, dashboard confessional, death by stereo, death cab for cutie, denison witmer, drop dead fred, eisley, emo, every time i die, fall out boy, family guy, ferris bueller's day off, finch, finding nemo, foreign films, fraggle rock, from autumn to ashes, full house, funeral for a friend, garret tierney, good charlotte, guys with girl pants, hellogoodbye, hidden in plain view, homegrown, hoobastank, hot hot heat, jamison parker, jason mraz, jenoah, jesse lacey, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, joel madden, john lennon, johnny hates jazz, kevin devine, less than jake, lillix, linkin park, lostprophets, mae, matchbook romance, matthew broderick, matthew lillard, meatwad, mest, micheal bolton, michelle branch, midtown, militia group, morrisey, motion city soundtrack, movies, muppet babies, mxpx, my chemical romance, new found glory, no hollywood ending, no motiv, noise ratchet, northstar, open hand, orange island, pennywise, poison the well, pretty girls make graves, rain, relient k, remembering never, riding bikes, ro, rufio, runaway orange, rx bandits, save ferris, saves the day, senses fail, seth green, shaggy hair on guys, simple plan, ska, sleep station, something corporate, stewie, story of the year, straylight run, sublime, taking back sunday, the all american rejects, the ataris, the beautiful mistake, the doors, the early november, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the lyndsay diaries, the mean reds, the movielife, the muppets, the oc, the postal service, the real world, the rocket summer, the spill canvas, the starting line, the suicide machines, thrice, thursday, tora! tora! torrance, trucker hats, verve pipe, vin accardi, virgin counterpart, vroom, weezer, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard, your enemies friends