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Okay, yeah... I've gotta add my 2 cents to the complaints about this.

I, like so many, have loved this show for 14 years. I Tivo'd every episode as it aired on Showtime and then again as reruns on Bravo and Logo. I bought every season on DVD and every season's soundtrack on CD and iTunes. I felt varying levels of love, lust, pain and hatred toward the characters for 5 years, suffered thru Michael's whining and wondered how the hell long that mid-series pregnancy was going to freaking last! (no real spoilers for the uninitiated!) And I cursed Cowlip for nearly all of Season 5 (and still haven't forgiven them to this very day).

Not for a lack of availability for me, obviously, I wanted to see QAF stream on Netflix like all my fellow fans... mostly because it would bring the show to the attention of a whole new generation of viewers. And now THIS!!! I'd read the reviews and the many critiques of the music but, out of some sense of morbid curiosity, I turned on the TV tonight and hit play. There are 2 scenes in Season 1 in which the music really made me feel what I was seeing... Brian and Justin's first kiss and their dance to "Save the Last Dance" in the season finale (again, trying not to spoil). I'll admit that after the kiss I stopped Episode 1x01, skipped to Episode 1x22 and hit fast forward to confirm what I already knew. That pivotal scene had been utterly ruined.

A lot of reviewers are condemning Netflix for the music in the streaming version but I'm pretty sure they're not at fault. I'm fairly certain that it's the production company that has to pay the royalties for the music (Quantum Leap had the same problem for years because of the first 2 episodes). And, let's face it, Cowlip stopped caring about the fans during Season 4 when it was decided that they'd only get 1 more season. Fans have complained since the Series Finale in 2005 that their goal was to push the politics more than to entertain their loyal followers. Of course the politics and social issues were important but, with only 13 episodes in the last season, it felt as if they had decided to cram it down our throats and to hell with the characters we'd come to love! So, no... it doesn't surprise me that they'd prefer to butcher the soundtrack to save a buck while cashing in on more royalties from Netflix for the right to stream the show.

With just over a year until the 10th anniversary of the Finale, I'd hoped this was a sign that next year the cast would come together for the much longed for 6th Season or a Showtime Movie or mini-series to FINALLY give us some closure. But, alas... it seems as if it's all about the Benjamins.

Nov. 28th, 2008

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This only a test

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A bit of LJ help, plz!

I'm hoping that someone reading this would be willing to teach me the ways of LiveJournal.  I am about to start using this LJ as a place to post fics and have no idea how to do the simple things I see on every other LJ I read.  Any help at all would be appreciated!

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