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Aug. 18th, 2011


8月28日 @渋谷AX
己龍~鬼祭巡業~千秋楽~単独公演 (KIRYU ONEMAN LIVE)

8月29日@渋谷DUO -Music Exchange-
Rin (Guest) / Shun (ex.Vidoll ) session/ Lycaon / MoNoLith /
SCAPEGOAT / VII-Sense / Downer / Crazy★shampoo / 『A WAKE』 /
Special Guest : Kiyoshi (ex.hide with Spread Beaver), Fi'ance

■D TOUR 2011「鳥籠御殿 ~L'Oiseau bleu~」■ (D ONEMAN LIVE)

お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】 / Called≠Plan / 江戸川パラドクス /
Ap(r)il / 『ダーリン。』 / MoNoLith / REALies

NoGod 神無単独大布教- 全国行脚2011- 【 現実-STAGE-】 (ONEMAN LIVE)


...im looking forward ;)

Jul. 15th, 2011

X Japan live [04.07.2011-Berlin-Columbia Club]

Yeah! Dennis and me went to the first gig of X-Japan in Germany. I never thought I would see them in the near future since I missed the concert @ "Stadium" in Tokyo last year. The ticket was real cheap for a band like X (e.g. Dir en Grey in 2005 was about 55€). Dennis told me the ticket from last year @ "Stadium" was about 100€.

So for me it was a big event because X simply is the legend of J-Rock and Visual Kei (even if they don´t describe themself as a VK band) and I always wanted to see their show live. The ballad collection was one of my first J-Rock CDs and all the songs are so beautiful!

Dennis went to my place one day before the gig...we always handle it like that when there´s a concert on the next day which is not in Munich (he lives more southern than me) and if we have to travel over a big distance like to Cologne or Berlin.

We always talk a lot so we was in bed about 3am or so. When we start talking about gossip-news, gaming, music or just random nerdy stuff we forget time ^^'. Talking about gaming could be like that:"Have you seen the limited edition of Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 3 for PSP on amazon? Its way cheaper on ebay! - Really? - Yeah! - Oh I have to get it before it gets even more rare!!" ...stuff like that xD.

Next morning our Train departed at 10:30am and we arrived in Berlin Ostbahnhof about 06:15pm. The venue was relocated from "Huxleys - Neue Welt" to "Columbiaclub - Halle" where I have seen Dir en Grey for the first time. In front of the hall we met Maria, Haru and Dennis met an old friend of him ^^.

But now to the gig itself:

We were standing on the upper floor so we had a perfect sight to the stage! A dramatic Intro started and after a while Yoshiki went to his drumset and every girl were screaming ^^. It was so cool haha!

I especially liked the live performance of Sugizo when he was playing the Violin. He also had a duett with Yoshiki playing the piano and Yoshiki of course did his "drama-queen-show" :D.

The concert was about 2,5h incl. the encore where they played "The Art of Life"....and yes, they played the full version of "Endless Rain" and a shorter version of "Forever Love". So many fans were crying ... I could hold back the tears but it was hard ^^'.

When the gig was over we bought a shirt at the merchandise shop which looks very cool for a bandshirt I have to say. It haves a white X with a dragon winding around the X on it.

We left the hall and went to Ostbahnhof. We wanted to go to any club first but it was raining and we wanted to catch the last metro line to the trainstation.

We stayed the night @ McCafe since its openend 24/7 and were talking a lot. Maria showed us all of her selfmade jewelery because she came straight from a exhibition in Vienna to Berlin and had it all with her. Later we went to Dunkin Donuts and had some iced coffee with vanilla and
donuts (the one with bavarian cream was so tasty!!!)

The journey home was long and exhausting..but for Maria and Dennis it must have been even harder cuz they had + 3-4h travel-time since we first were passing Ratisbon where I left.

I hope I will see X once again...maybe in another country would be the best case ;). Maybe it will be even more stunning than in Berlin.

Jul. 12th, 2011

Tokyo finally is near!

So it was about march 11 when I wanted to write an entry about how happy I am that I finally can visit Japan.
On the next day...everybody know what happend. The 1st reactor of Fukushima nuclear power station detonated because of the hard earthquakes and the tsunamis from over Honshu. It was so hard to see those pictures and I had so much pity for the locals of fukushima and the region of Sendai which was hit very hard by a tsunami. Of course the dream of visiting Japan also was gone after the situation became even more worse in the next days...

...now things have settle down a bit and I informed myself very detailed if there would be any nuclear danger by traveling to Tokyo. So furtunately there is no big danger for travelers to Tokyo since the radiation haven´t reached Tokyo until now. They found a little bit of contaminated iodine in the drinking water of Tokyo but because of the very short halflife-period there is no threat to the public...

...so now Im so happy that I finally can write this entry afterall ^_^!

Nevertheless Im still a bit nervous about the danger of other earthquakes (but it could happen anytime when you´re in Japan and Tokyo is so big that
the chance of getting into an earthquake is little).

Finally I made up my mind and Dennis and me will go to Tokyo. Finally the big dream of mine comes true *_*! (its almost just a month until our flight) . Im so happy about it and for me its still hard to belive that I go there after I dreamed about it for over 10 years.

I already made all the important preparations of course:

- flight *check*
- hotel *check*
- passport *check*
- playlist of my sweety for the flight (she told me she already made it ^^ ...so *check*)
- card-lost insurance *check*
- chosen band-festivals *check*
- list of stuff I want to search for *check*
- prechosen locations we want to visit *check*
- voltage converter *check*
- business cards *check*
- selected clothing *check*
- camera *check*
- camcorder (have to wait until Tan gives his okay)

...and I really hope Tan gives his okay because we want to shoot my new Industrial-Dance Video in Shibuya and some other places. And I want to do different kind of musicvideos with impressions of Tokyo.

Most of all...I will miss my sweety very much. 2 Weeks...even if I will be entertained and busy all the time, the longing for her will be horrible. I already know that! <3

My next entry will be a very laaarge after Im back home from Tokyo ;).

Jun. 28th, 2011

Tron Legacy recap

When I think of resounding melodies and one of the best movies I have seen recently, I would think about "Tron Legacy" for sure.
Back in the 80s when I was a child I had never seen the original Tron Movie by Disney, so a few years ago I had to fill this "gab of education" and well it´s still a good movie but it didn´t impressed me that much. Its a story who must have been told by somebody sooner or later and the reason why it was hyped so much back then is because it was just a new idea...not really a good story itself.

Back to Legacy. The strengths from the 80s movie were taken....putted into a high voltage dynamo with stylish orchestral/electonic soundtrack by Daft Punk and voila...a really good movie came out...who lives from it´s style of course. The movie is one single visual-audio-sense-climax...and thats why I like it.

Daft Punk did a very good OST...not as I expected with too much "house-ish" elements but with a well-fitting orchestral soundtrack who sounds quite familiar with the OST of "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" mixed up with retro electronic sounds known from movies like "Bladerunner" and some overdriven sound-passages to give you the impression of "binarity". An absolute nostalgic feeling like "far far away in the 80s".

What most people liked about the movie was of course the Light-Bike scene. I like the new style of the vehicle body but now the bikes move like ordinary bikes (expecting the laser-track on the back ^^) by doing curves...in comparison to the original movie where the bikes moved in a 90° rectangular way (like in "Snake" for mobile-phones). When the programs in Tron were fighting each other I always thought about a circuit were they fighting on. The 90° tracks from back then reminded me of the lines of an classic circuit...but by doing curves like in a normal racing movie, in my opinion that effect is gone.

Daft Punk itself have a short cameo-appearance in a club inside the "grid"
which is a cool gimmick since I love their songs.

Sadly I missed the 3D Version in CinmaxX but saw the Blu-Ray a few days ago
...but watch for yourself (and I really recommend the Blu-Ray) ^^.

Mar. 18th, 2011

Segas Masterpiece in my collection

Yesterday I bought a Dreamcast *_*! ...mainly it was
because I saw "Shenmue" in the shelf and I always
wanted to play this game.

I already gave it a try yesterday and I specially like the soundtrack and the good english syncro. At it´s time Shenmue was once the most expensive game production...something about 45 Million Dollars. Anyway it´s a milestone in game history because of the high costs and
the self-described new Genre "F.R.E.E" (for full-reactive-Eyes-Entertainment) and it appears in many "Best game of all times" lists.  ....I guess the Genre includes the term "reactive eyes" because you have to explore almost everything by changing the camera angle or using ego-perspective.

And as far as I know it was the first game who used QTE (Quick-Time-Events)...at least as an exemplum for many titles who include QTE like Resident Evil 4, God of War....

Coverartwork of Shenmue II

You play as Ryo in a little japanese town called Yokosuka (yes, it really exists) and have to find the murderer of your father via collection clues by talk to the locals. There also is a day/night cycle and the weather changes from time to time. I really like it
and next week I will continue playing....haha the Arcade Center in the game is so cool (you can play classic Sega Games like Space Harrier there) *g*.

aww, and I have to say again..the Soundtrack is so good ^___^.

PS: Tomorrow Franzi, Alex and me will go to Leipziger Buchmesse 2011.
     It sure will be funny ^^ since I missed it last year and I will shoot
       my new "Industrial Dance at Convention" Video there.

Feb. 25th, 2011


Awww I´ve got my favorite perfume from my Sweety on Valentine´s Day ^_^.

I was so happy when she gave it to me <3

It smells so good. Im not really sure but I think there is bit juniper inside, because when I use it, the first press always smells like it...and a bit sweet.

I love the flacon and package. Looks very rustic and retro how I like it ^_^.

Feb. 23rd, 2011

showcase exposure ^^

Since I have my showcase I want to exchange my old figure collection
with new high quality pvc statues which are bigger and rich in detail.

Especially the figures from games by vanilla-ware like Odin Sphere or Oboro Muramasa
are really aesthetic
...but also really expensive x_x.

Nevertheless I still need Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere to complete my collection :).
Every Odin Sphere character have their own crystal weapon which have a transparent crystal stone so I bought a wireless LED light for the showcase to let it shine through the crystal.It builds a perfect scenery ^_^.

The only figures I want besides the vanilla-ware characters are the ones from Shunya Yamashita
because his style is also very individual.  

some more ^^Collapse )

Feb. 15th, 2011

Castlevania Reboot the 1st [Castlevania - Lords of Shadow]

Its has taken its time but finally I do a review of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
since I wanted to do that a few weeks ago

When I saw the first trailer I didn´t even realize that this castlevania will be a
retelling of the franchise.
The game was just "wow"...specially the soundtrack gave me the goosebumbs *_*.

I had to laugh when I saw "Gabriel" the new hero for the first time cuz I he really looks like Snake
from Metal Gear and I already knew that this Castlevania will be from Hideo Kojima....haha that is so stereotypical Kojima :D.

I remember my first Castlevania was Super Castlevania IV for the SNES who is declared as the best titel of the series by many (I guess for me it´s Symphony of the Night..even if I haven´t played it yet, but I´ve seen Alucard floating and dashing through the castle so it´s enought to tell :D ).

But back to Lords of Shadow.

When you look at Lords of Shadow and know the previous titles you know this is something completly different
(another proof for that is that they call the game "CASTLEVANIA" even in Japan for the very first time ...instead of "Akumajou Dracula").

Everyone said: "What another 3D Castlevania?"...well, a lot of people say all the 3D titles of the franchise are crap, but I played "Castlevania - Lament of Innocence" and for me it was really good o_o (even if it´s the stereotype "go from dungeon to dungeon and kill bosses one by one and collect all kind of extra stuff" - thing, but I mean that´s what Castlevania is all about since the first hour).

Whaa I go sidetrack again x_x...

So, another thing about "Lords of Shadow" is that because of the retelling the main character isn´t Simon Belmont but Garbiel Belmont (or should I say Solid Belmont, or Gabriel Snake, or David Belmont :D....what´s about calling the whole thing just: "Castlevania - Lords of Crap Battle" :P).

Lords of Shadow takes place in the middleage of south europe. It´s not really clear in which country it is. I guessed Romania but Romania whould be in the south-east of europe and there´re way to many fantasy elements to say so. The graphics are really beautiful and very high of detail. It took me a lot of time to finish the game, because I often was standing around and just exploring every detail of the scenery (and afterall I guess that is what the developers want the player to do...so that the player can see how much work they put in their game ^^).

This is one of my favorite settings...the stone carvings in this level reminded me
a lot of Guillermo del Torros „Pans Labyrinth“.

So the story is about Gabriel Belmont (a member of the so called: Brotherhood of Light) who wants to find the "God Mask"...a holy relict which is able to bring his dead wife "Marie" back to life. I don´t want to tell more of the story ^^ because everyone should play it without any spoilers.

The God Mask...I bought the Collectors Edition just because of this ^_^
The game is splitted in chapters and at the beginning of each level of a chapter you hear the voice of "Zobek", a fellow of Gabriel who´s also a member of the brotherhood of light. He tells the story of Gabriel in a very dramatic and retrospective way, like if somebody would tell you a bedtime story (he has the voice of Patrick Stewart and he did a good job as always). All the voice actors in the game are great. Gabriel has some kind of romanian accent but official it is just said he has a "south european" accent :D.

The gameplay is good too (well its standard hack n slay) and it makes fun to learn all the different combos and unlock new moves and techniques. During the game you will get 2 different types of skills. Light-Magic and Shadow-Magic. When you use Light-Magic your health bar gets refilled and using Shadow-Magic will bring you extra damage to your enemies.

There also is some kind of combo-bar which gets filled (faster) when you hit the enemy with different combos and you don´t get hit by the enemy.

I most like the different types of individual "Fantasy/Mythology -Creatures". To describe what I mean...

In various fantasy stories you have fixed types of creatures like: Drawfs, Elves, Minotaur... and you also find creatures like that in Castlevania(even if not the ones I listed here).

But with individual style I mean the "way" how those creatures appear in this Castlevania. You have Lycans, Mandragoras, Goblins, Trolls...and even a Witch whos called "Baba Jaga". I remember this Witch in my childhood. My mum was telling me a fairytale about those Witch. She was flying through the air by a "boiler" instead of a broom and lived in a house who stands on a "chickenleg". And yes of course in Castlevania this Baba Jaga was living in a house who stands on a tree which is formed like a claw (which is little different as a chickenleg)...so thats what I mean by "individual" ^^.

Castlevania version of Baba Jaga. Poorly Ayamie Kojima didn´t draw the concept art for this title,
but I guess it wouldn´t fit to the new style anyway, because the characters don´t have that anime-style, like the other games ^^.

Apropos individual: The camera view is also very special....I noticed that the camera is always shaking a little and it doesn´t matter if you move or just standing around. It gives every scene a little more realistic touch than without I guess.

To come to an end to my review: The Ending after the credits was very surprising :D...so Im looking forward for the sequel ^^. 


I just love this Track <3. I hope the next OST will be as good as this ^^

Feb. 1st, 2011

Concerts again!

Lately we were in Munich at the first concert of OZs euro-tour.
As always the gig was @ backstage.
It was fun cuz I met friends I haven´t seen for a long time.

My sweety, Alex ("yuuhi"..not my homemate ^^) and me went to munich by train and before the concert we wanted to go to a cafe called "wir machen cup-cakes". They are new in munich and had their seat in Sydney before and they make special handmaded cup-cakes.

We were a little disappointed when we saw that this "cafê" have nothing more than the size of a toilet x_x.

So then we first met Pati and Betty at Marienplatz and decided to just buy some cup-cakes for take-away and go to a cafe called "Mozart".

It was very comfortable and rustic (thats how I love cafes).

Yummy Cup-Cakes ....a taste of citrone

Later I met Dennis at "Sendlinger Tor" to guide him to the cafe and we were talking a lot about fancy stuff like always :).

A little later we went to Backstage Club for the gig and finally we also met Nathalie who we first wanted to met earlier but she wasn´t able to manage it.


alex, pati, my sweety, me @ good old backstage

So we bought the tickets and...wait...did I say tickets? It was just an entrance fee x_x because they had no tickets after all...a little pitty I can´t show the ticket because the ones from me-shop always have the band printed on it and it looks always high quality.

Nevertheless it was a great concert and one of the best gigs where I ever has been.
OZ really know who to move the crowd.

After the gig they gave a sign-session but only alex was going to get one because we hadn´t any official merch with us and I don´t really need autographs so bad...if its not my absolutely favorite band.

I rocked the hell out of me ;)...and the dramatic songs like "Rain Delay" were really beautiful.

I really looking forward for "D" .....they will come to munich this year and its the first time they visit germany.

PS: latley I made a necklace for my sweety.. I made it with "Fimo" and afterall I think it looks a little egyptian because of the gold-powder I used. Next time I will do some bracelet :).


well its meant to be a heartshaped butterfly :)

Dec. 8th, 2010

Heavy Rain Chronicles 1 - Taxidermists can be bad!!!

Last week I  played
"Heavy Rain Chronicles: The Taxidermist"
...together with my sweety since she likes Heavy Rain very much.

Its the Download Content for Heavy Rain who came with the limited edition or you can download it via PS-Network
for about 9 € (to much money for an add-on who you spend about 40 min with...so fortunatly I have the limited ed)
You  play as Madison Page. In this episode
Madison visits a taxidermist who she suspects to be the origami killer.

First you have to get in his house cuz there´s nobody who opens the door. After finding a way through the window you can snoop around a little bit and the more you see the more you think something has to be wrong with that "taxidermist".

Especially when you see how all those stuffed animals are arranged in the house.....
like a wolf who stands directly in front of the stairs looking downwards.

When you look into the bathtube or living room you know what this taxidermist actually does x_x *g*.... 


As ill luck would have it this bad guy is coming home just in that moment and now its up to you to leave the house "alive"   

From this point on you can get on of the 5 multiple endings depending on your actions:

1- leave the house quietly without being seen

2- get seen and escape successfull after crushing the taxidermists ballz *g* (after fighting against him)

2- get seen and kill the taxidermist by using the chainsaw in the garage (yes she slashed his balls with a chainsaw haha...I had to laugh so      much)...you will get the same ending as the previous one. 

3- call the police and get killed by the taxidermist

4- call the police and survive until the police arrives

5- get killed by the taxidermist without have called the police before


The most "psycho" scene is when you are trying to get your motorbike to start but the taxidermist managed to kill you before.


Then he drags you on one leg all over the street and laughes into the camera as if he would know someone´s watching xD. This scene is so abnormal!  

There was an announcement that other "Heavy Rain Chronicles" will be released where you can play other characters like Ethan and Norman. But there is no releasedate until now...as far as I know.

For me it was one of the most thrilling parts of Heavy Rain.

This video shows all of the death animations 

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