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Cleo & Shon came over last night & we did a Booch Vision shoot that was on. Sometimes booch vision models don't sit with the glasses & the camera knows. there was a way Cleo wore them that I'm excited about & I'm a fan of their phrases:
a. i feel like I'm in an egg
b. initially clogged but them immersed in the texture
Booch aside, there were amazing Missoula, Damascus, Syria, Taipei, Joshua Tree & Lebanon stories while sitting around on the wood floor sipping at the tonic I got in Taipei. Shon  talked about a Lebanese border: armed-barbed wired-gray, on one side with a Starbucks, full restaurant serving westerners on the patio on the other side. Cleo talked about water analysis techniques in Missoula while stomaching physics classes with 18yr olds who find 911 more worthy of writing about than Katrina. I talked about Taipei police tactics & how internet crashes can prevent jail-time.

.....there are bizarre factors in the housing market. Read more...Collapse )

I'm already feeling some sadness that my Shock the Shop; Ice Cream Letters writer workshop has finished, as it was compelling me to work through some stories, & I was really enjoying listening to the other people's WRITing. Especially the people that came to the group that were "not writers," & the "didn't write," as incredible deadpan & imagery came out of their pieces.

Some folx come to all of my trainings, no matter what they are, but I can't say that I know them very well. so the evolution of their pieces or voices over six weeks was an honor to witness. I'm most often the one talking or leading at St. James, and to have some people take the stage, in our humble community room was really exciting. My ongoing visions & desires to amplify voices of my friends or acquaintances were manifested.

The writing of tenderness parallel to sexual practicalities always sews me into the narratives of alot of writing I hear by sex workers or queers who have alot of casual sex. So into it.

I think I found another writer group I can bounce to, but it won't be work-shopping, so I'm still in the red there. Both ways: don't have extra funds for paying for a writer workshop series & have not been work-shopping pieces. If y'all know of any financially accessible workshops please let me know.

I've found myself in a labyrinth of relationships, this year. It is a year to hold hands with the proximity & criss crosses of scenes, people, & places. I've literally been wearing a labyrinth of sorts, around my neck, intuiting that I would be walking through familiar landscapes again. The biggest challenges I face are with people that have come into my life in the last four or five years, approximately, compared to a general intrigue & longing for knowing people that I have longer histories with. Unless people newly in my life are over 30. I hate being ageist, but I am sensing/appreciated the unique things with people over 30 these days. It seems that I get exhausted with some social dynamics of youth culture, which I HATE, & I'm sure it will change when I am actually older, but the thirties are f'n weird, it's true. It's clear I'm an idiot, yet there are clearly things I have learned & know. It's clear, the isms of globalization & neoliberalism, for example, will take broad steps in the Obama administration, yet I have certainly felt amazed at my interest in him, & that it still is a historical moment. of marketing! well, & audience participation.

k, neurophysiology is calling..........

..if we run up this hill we can see the herd of sheep. H.K. & I run up, they're the fall sheep we can tell by the way they move & their markings as well as the costumes that the sheep dogs wear. they're going low now down the bleachers so we do too, round steps of rubber in back of a grandma who is also bobbing down the steps, everyone does here, in this other country.

backtrack  back to the house. or bleachers. my ex is sitting on the other side of L. he says hi to me but calls me his own name so i call him mine & he throws a tantrum. and just when i was starting to enjoy myself with L.F..      H.K. is with his ex & I feel sad for their end.

i'm in the woods at a complex. me and a couple of other people arrive there late at night & we can see that a girl we don't get along with is sleeping in some main bed, but she's sleeping so we can sneak in. the ladders are off, we build two more shaped like a DNA chain, that will lead up to the main room.

there is a wooden bridge covered with shrubbery & vine. Samara, who just arrived-will  be terrified to go through this. Henry has come with her, which i'm relieved & excited about.

Okay, David repeats himself word for word, through this book.

My psychic Psalms encounter of the day:

 "For He has broken the gates of bronze, and cut the bars of iron in two." (Psalms 107: 16)  Which, I know, what a beefcake.

but, what's also notable is that some passages, say Psalms 8 & 15 are identical, which makes me think of Gertie &  Tender Buttons. The repeated words aren't interesting themselves, I know Gertie would hate me to link her with the biblical David, but she needs to take one for the team. The team of queers raised with religion.

Basically the beefcake has the tantrum to show 'mankind' why they should 'kiss god's feet in worship(stated twice).'

"Fools, because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, were afflicted." (Psalms 107:17). Queen!

So, sometime in 2007, I got a craigslist ride to Los Angeles with a homeland security engineer who enlightened me to the legal vernacular of "acts of god." That "acts of god" is the phrase used for natural disasters in many legal documents. We spent our entire twelve hours (round-trip) playing yes or no riddles, when questioning me would use "acts of god" to deduct the riddles mysteries. I mean, instead of saying, "did the person die from a hailstorm?, he would ask: "did the person die from an act of god."
He was an atheist, broke down the vernacular to me.
I didn't do any research to support or dispel this reality.
I was just thinking.

David was a queen, & god was his house mother.

Today, my mom (who walked from baker & mcallister to the ocean yesterday with a fractured foot) and i will go to parks  rainbow grocery. ooh-also, thrift shopping for uniforms to document my week with my mother.

#1) PROTECT the SANCITY OF MARRIAGE FOR REALZ! Queers let's stop playing defense and play hard-core offense. We MUST Protect Marriage from the Hets, i.e. we need to launch a campaign that allows marriage to take place between a man and a woman—ONLY ONCE!! This way we help hets preserve the sanctity of marriage! They can't do it without us. Look at their 50% divorce rate that increases exponentially as they marry for the 2nd or 3rd time. This is a historical opportunity for gays to build a true coalition with the Christian Wrong. And when they have used up their one-time only marriage license, they can, of course, have future domestic partnerships or civil unions.

#2) MARRY AN IMMIGRANT! Preferably Mexican because we all know that anti-immigrant laws in this country still equate anti-Mexican. This is a spectacular way to build coalitions amongst the disenfranchised in our country. Think about it. We can help hardworking immigrants gain their citizenship and in return they can help build those lovely homes gays like to live in and be the wonderful nannies that keep raising privileged babies.

#3) MARRY EACH OTHER! This is an old strategy that many queers have used before, but we should do this in record numbers. Let's find practical ways to make queer group marriage work. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, and I DO want mine raised by beautiful YMCA village people. This strategy should also quell criticism from within the queer community that those of us who aspire to marriage are seeking a normative livelihood (Hey, I hear your radical arguments, but I think it's more than okay for the rest of us to seek ways to protect our families and be so normal as to not get killed in the streets for whom we love or sex in bed.)

#4) GO to CHURCH! If Jesus was brave enough to wear a dress and roam the streets with 12 other lonely men, fight for the rights of the poor, fight for the protection of prostitutes, and fight for the separation of State and Church (Remember: Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's) we can be brave enough to start a queer spiritual movement. Get in there and reclaim Jesus as the radical queer figure that he was for his time and not the religious bigotry he's been used for over and over again. Amen. Or Awomyn.

#5) DON'T GO to CHURCH! For those of us who understand that the Catholic and Christian global business industries were/are the tools of colonization for people of color, especially Latinos and Blacks, let's reclaim our TRADITIONAL two-spirited and matriarchal ways of living and making familia. Trust me, I've been to the Vatican, that Pope ain't po!

#6) CALL IT WHAT IT IS. And if you are making a life with someone ina committed relationship. Don't be afraid to name that person your wife or husband. Trust me, I had a domestic partnership and there's nothing sexy about introducing your other half as your domesticated panocha. Language is power. Name it. Live it. Make progressive art.

Yes We Can… it's just gonna take more work. And let's leave single-issue movement models behind. Follow the L.A. Bus Rider Union's model and build coalitions. Queers we gotta keep coming out in other movement work. If we fight for our communities we need them to fight for us.

Bottom line: This country's Religious Wrong will continue to make Gays and Abortions and Immigrants hot button issues because they want to have absolute control on how to make family and nation and profit. We need to keep the change coming…

today's lovely psalm:
"Remember His marvelous works which He has done, His wonders, and the judgements of His mouth."
For some reason I didn't know that marvel went back so far, & this could definitely be my new brilliant or amazing. The oral authority is simply regal. I made a hairy mouth-hole, a whole mouth mustache, with my pubes earlier this year, for a friend's novena, that it makes me think of. It symbolized fear, anger, jealousy, & judgement. The red hot cannot be reached until through the hair.

And last month, I was given a mask also with a whole mouthed mustache, so the theme is really coming together for me. There are hairy sidewalks to traverse before meeting the mouth. the mouth knows, can clarify the scales of right and wrong.

Mouths know when the hole they're frenching is sick. How much red meat has been eaten, if it's rotting, or thirsty. Mouths know desire & fear, circulation & caution.

the lord is a gay amuzement park architect.

Provoked by the failure of Proposition K & my mother visiting me, I am dedicating one week to fire & brimstone. The pearly gates, purgatory, hell & Psalms!!

Considering my mom's a holy roller & I am a transsexual pervert that believes in potions, motions,
spells & physics, I believe it is a perfect week to read a passage from the great christian holy book
itself, the bible.

let's start with Psalms, because word on the street (I can't remember a damn thing I read in parochial school) is that Psalms is poetic & the catalyst for a many common hymns! Halellujah!

"Then He Shall speak to them in His wrath, and distress them in His deep pleasure:
Yet I have set My King on My holy hill of Zion."

Well god damned, psychic bible is rolling for me. So much to work with, where should I start? Skipping great analysis on proper nouns & authority, let's go right to pleasure & wrath.

This passage is referring to "people plot a vain thing." In reference to kings & rulers breaking bonds in pieces against the lord. I'm assuming this could be anti-semitic. The lord is resentful of the Jews because the lord gave the Jews Jesus, but they weren't into him?

It goes on to instruct about rejoicing with trembling while kissing jesus or fear also jesus's wrath.

whew. okay, so much for hymns in today's passage, but I will be back before the week is over with updates on how to love a heathen.


Prop K and the Media:

The polls have been good. CNN said there was a poll that said 73% support us, as you can see from this broadcast.


We also have some other great news:


An AP Story that has been everywhere:

San Francisco weighs decriminalizing prostitution

Barbara Walters even argued for decrim:
(We have a transcript but you have to click the image and forward 3 minutes into it to watch it)


A Binder poll from SWOP's Measure Q campaign in 2004 in San Francisco asks directly about decrim and does have us at 54%.

We feel that we are neck in neck, and we are so close! Fundraising is hard but we are so committed. Our team has been really solid and we work hard and well.

We have great literature that you can see here: http://www.yesonpropk.org/PropKLit.html and we actually send our volunteers out every day to pound the pavement and deliver it to San Francisco (because we can't afford mailings)

Thanks so much for your interest concern, and support!

Of course, you can always hit this little button and we will be so happy!


he's an older guy, balding. Large. He comes to my room to talk & we talk about the soul i think. I understand him to be my new sugar daddy, & this meeting is the first with no sex or big exchanges. It does not last long.

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