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new journal [24 Mar 2005|12:29am]
your__goodbyes friends only, as well. comment to be added. this ones gettin shut down. peace.
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[04 Jan 2005|08:01pm]
Join __hot_or_not__
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Friends Only [30 Dec 2003|01:25pm]
yeah... ever since LJ lifted the codes ANYONE can find my journal now... and joanna doesn't want that, because everything in here is SUPERSECRET. that means DONT TELL!

comment to be added.
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[02 Dec 2003|03:33pm]
[ mood | sad ]

a little thing stolen from an old e-mail in my box. word. im bored.Collapse )

hmm.. yeah. leave me comments.

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[23 Jul 2003|01:47pm]
look at the sexines.. omg yes... [thats me dickweed]
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