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23 April 2009 @ 05:00 am

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23 February 2017 @ 02:07 pm
I watched these movies recently and I need to find someone who understands the genius in them! I know they are bad copies of Indiana Jones, but BUT I enjoy them so much!! The first movie also reminded me of Romancing the Stone, a movie I used to LOVE when I was a child. =)

I always liked Noah Wyyle, although I never watched ER (when I was in highschool it was on tv at 2 am in my country) and I like so much that he's a librarian and a good guy that I may enjoy even more these movies than the Indiana Jones trilogy (I'd have to check, though, because it's been many years since I last watched those).

Another thing that was glorious in this first complete watching of the movies was Stana Katic. *sighs*

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15 February 2017 @ 05:44 pm
So I finally watched this award winning series about political corruption in Spain. And I have to agree with everyone: it's brilliant. I loved the opening credits, the truthfulness with which everything was told (no fancy whores, no romanticized villains, no pure evil characters either, things are what they are -no more and no less) and it has so many great performers! Of course, I fell in love with a couple of ladies (I met Juana Acosta and kept loving Alicia Borrachero -one of my first tv loves) but I won't be talking about them today.

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23 January 2017 @ 02:20 pm
I hadn't even watched the first season until this winter. The reason was that I don't like how some things were brought to life on screen and I don't like the kind of show it is (when you're reading a tragic scene you don't see it as clearly as when someone puts bloody and sick images in front of you, so for me it's quite different to read ASOIAF -I enjoy it- and to watch certain parts of GOT -I could not be more frustrated and enraged with whoever decided to shoot that scene like that). But. Martin got on the way. Of course he's not writing faster now that he's working for HBO, so my only way of knowing how the story ends is to watch the show. So that's what I did this winter. And now here I am telling you everything (almost) I've felt for the main characters and storylines so far.

Please, keep in mind the last book I read was "A feast for crows". (I have "A dance of dragons" waiting for me to read it now that I remember better what had happened before that one.)

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16 January 2017 @ 09:21 pm
So I finally watched it.

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14 December 2016 @ 01:36 pm

In the last two weeks to a month I have read quite a lot -considering how the previous year I had read almost nothing. So I just wanted to post a quick update to let you know what I think of the following books in a line (and if anyone's interested I can elaborate on the comments).

· Great expectations: I loved it! But it took me a year to read it (because I had the brilliant idea of bringing it to the beach and I was so not on the mood that I put it aside).
· Harry Potter and the cursed child: Meh. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who's not really REALLY into the Harry Potter series.
· Red Rising: I loved it for the second time. I'm looking forward to January, when I'll start reading the next book of the series (Golden son).
· Heart & Brain: A fun comic book about (adult) life.

So that's my winter so far. How's yours?

Ps. I also am watching GOT now (I hadn't done it yet) and I am quite angry at everything (I kind of hate Martin for not being able to finish the books and make me watch certain things instead).
24 October 2016 @ 08:36 pm

- Can't be Peter Pan forever.
- You can try!
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Hi, you all!

I hope things are becoming shiny again in your LJ's!

Today I come bearing a reading challenge (for myself, but you are obviously allowed to borrow it) found in a Spanish community in Goodreads: the color challenge! You need to read a book of every basic color. People are using the covers, but I feel in liberty to use the idea and take it to the next level: I will pick a book based on either its cover or the feeling it leaves you.

Since I am already reading my third book this year and I can not (will not) choose which book I will feel like reading on August or November, I am leaving here the list of books I read while I do it.

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En mi empeño por volver (en pequeñas dosis, no con la locura de antes) a LJ, hoy me traigo un reto de lectura robado vilmente (no tengo vergüenza y hoy no es un día para empezar) de Goodreads. Voy a ser buena y os voy a enlazar el grupo de lectura en el que lo encontré (y que cada 2-3 meses propone dos retos nuevos): Radio Patio.

El caso es que a lo largo de este año voy a intentar ir haciendo el reto de los colores: leer un libro cuya portada tenga como predominante (y, por extensión en mi cabeza, cuyo tema pueda recordar a) un color -blanco, negro, amarillo, naranja, rojo, azul, verde, rosa, violeta y marrón.

En el cut de aquí encima podéis encontrar la lista de libros que voy leyendo. No los pondré con antelación porque no puedo (no quiero, que diría Brian) planearlos con antelación, que luego llega el día y lo último que me apetece es leerme el libro que me toca.
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29 December 2014 @ 11:43 pm
Hi, there!

I miss you so much, guys, that I can't even... I miss the 'light-hearted fun' of BSG, the icons, the memes, communities, all of you being a geeky little friendly web around me. :)

So I'm still watching some TV stuff. These last days I've been enjoying CW's 'The Flash', and I must say he's becoming one of my favourite superheroes. =) Sure I love Batman (who doesn't?) but characters like Flash, Aquaman and Wonderwoman make life more fun -maybe that's why I never was a fan of comics: because most of the superheroes take themselves too seriously. Did you know Ninja Turtles were born like a joke? Well, that's my kind of game!

About The Flash AND Arrow (spoilers ahead)Collapse )

When I started watching Arrow I thought he was my kind of superheroe, but now that I know Flash I am convinced that he is more of my style. I hope this new trend of the CW and Marvel will keep its path so that I know more of them (I never was an avid comic reader, although it's never too late to start).

Oh, and I forgot to say how I am absolutely in love with Starlord! (From 'Guardians of the Galaxy', the best film of the year. LOL)

Love you, guys

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08 October 2014 @ 08:29 am
This summer I finally watched Gilmore Girls as every decent TV show should be watched (in order and with passion). And I discovered it was way better than I had thought: for the first seasons I was totally caught on its web, and by the end of it I was suffering (as every other fan must have suffered with those wicked twists). And it is not perfect, and I do not like every character or even think most of them are mentally healthy, but this series has something. I will come back to it.

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New luv’s?

Last point: the main name that made me surf the web looking for other productions in which he starred is Matt Czuchry (sadly, it seems there is not much worth it with him so far), but some others might end up clicking something inside me with time (Edward Herrmann, for example, is another actor that makes me feel cozy, although he’s not really my type for a crush, but I will love finding him again).

In the end...

I am glad I started this show (because once you start, there's no turning back). It was pure luck, I had no intention of doing it but it was my best TV choice of the year, probably. :)
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