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90s cartoons, adventure, akira kurosawa, anchoresses, antm, art, avengers, babylon 5, bad horror films, battlestar galactica, bob dylan, browncoats, captain picard, captain tightpants, chinggis khan, colin firth, comics, conan o'brien, costumes, crafts, daily show, ewan mcgreggor, fat lee, firefly, gaius baltar, gaius baltar's hair, gargoyles, history, hobbits, hotspur, hrg, james franco, james marsden, japanese, john munch, jon stewart, kanji, knitting, law and order, leonardo dicaprio, loki, makeup, master bra'tac, men in kilts, mongols, movies, mr darcy, noir, nomads, nook, oxford, papadama, peoples court, prince hal, quentin tarantino, quenya, quicksilver, quotes, radek zelenka, reading, remus lupin, robin hood, rodney mckay, rurouni kenshin, sewing, shakespeare, snow days, star trek, star wars, stargate atlantis, stephen colbert, strider, tea time, the animals, thucydides, tim roth, tolkein, violin, volcanoes, wedge antilles, x-files, x-men

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