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meh, long dayyyyyy. babysitting after school.   
01:21pm 01/12/2004
mood: contemplative
I wote Arden a letter today.. thats not syaing much though.. i have about 11 unmailed letters to her in a box in my closet! haha im actually sending this one though, hopefully today. Im getting her Christmas card today too..... Im gonna get Sams address from Arden and send her a card too! .. even though i dont know her.. But everyone loves getting Christmas cards! Im going to send the cards on Saturday i think... I found a couple awesome ones though!!! I figured out what im getting Mallory because were getting each other the same thing =p im getting Mom a apple clock and perfume im pretty sure... im getting Nan some glass thing, getting Papa some golf thing, No clue what im getting for Dad, Matthew, Zoe, Jayde and Britt............. I have to go look tomorrow after i babysit. AH! Where am i going to come up with all this money?!? holy crap it sucks hard not having a steady job. Ah well.... I have to start saving for a ball dress too (Im gonna end up going to the ball alone this year i bet, reh, i dont care) and my trip to Ont. this summer!... OMG im not going to be able t go to the ball OR go to Ont. unless i get a job!!!!! AHHHH! okay okay okay. I will. I HAVE to. like i said before. Happy First Day of December. I love you <333333333333333333333
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Just Friends..   
01:24pm 19/10/2004
mood: okay
This journal is now a "friends only" type thing.. it's just because i have nosey parents and there's some people out there i dont want reading it... Just ask and i'll add yah :)
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