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Get Freaky with Johnny

Hello Chief! Let's Talk, why not?

Alexander James "AJ" McLean
9 January
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I used to like to drink, party, hang out, and sleep. Rehab changed that. Now I play A LOT of golf. Ain't nothing wrong with that, right?

I <3 KD

The. end.

- The Fellas -

Nicky: nick__carter_
Rok: bri_littrell
D: howie__d
Kev: k_richardson

- The Rest of the Family -

Kris: k_richardson_
Leigh: _leighanne_
AC: airboyac
Buttmunch (BJ): b_j_carter
Angel: an_gel_carter
Leslie: lesliecarterxx

The Ex (Amanda): xaxlatonax

The Wife (KD): kd_aubert

[[I am Not AJ McLean. This Journal is for entertainment/game purposes only! Check the DISCLAIMER. One more time for the idiots, I AM NOT AJ MCLEAN! Thanx!]]

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