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[15 Jan 2006|09:19pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

sup. its sunday nightt and yeah im bored so i figured id update this thingy. um well this weekend was okay i guess, nothing to special happened. i got a hair cut though, and some more highlights. looks okay i guess. oh yes and mandy came with me :]. aw shes so cute, i love her. we went to dinner at IHOP too. haha. and then i took her home and i went to brans game. it ended up going into like, 5 over times but thats ok because i got to sit by my buddies ;]. after we went to Codys, brandens hockey friend. haha that was pretty funny. there were a tonn of people there and everyone was well, FUCKED up. i had to be DD though. yeah thats always fun! not. anyway me and bran went back to my house around 3am. and ate then slept. woke up this morning at like 2p. went to linner? lmao made that up. visited melonie at work. andd got my new years camera developed. lmao some good ones in that bunch. hahaha. and ive just been sitting around. hung with charlie for a few :]. cutie. tomorrow is school. shitty. but yeah 3 half days so whatever.. guess i should start studying soon? finals :[. idk im out. payce

I love you X3

[14 Jan 2006|01:09am]
[ mood | excited ]

hey =]. sorry about that last update, bitchy mood much? haha. anyways! im 16 now!! yeah im sure you already knew that though ;]. my birthday was beautiful & i got lots of great things.. one of them being a 2005 Liberty! from my gma and gpa :]. cutest car everrr. i love it. apparently all of you do to; i havent stopped driving people here and there since i got it. haha, i dont mind. and from my baby bran i got dolce&gabanna perfume (YUM), a beautiful ring.. its a freakin rock guys!, and tickets to the ABT (american ballet theater) performance in NYC on Febuary 24th! I cant tell how excited I was. its going to be great, i cant wait. just me and bran. woohoooo. well anyway school has been whatever-ish. ugh i hate it. i miss summer. oh well, the schools years half way over! after this week of course but 3 half days and everything. should go by fast. tomorrow ive got pointe class at a special invitation only studio out in the valley. 9am-3pm. pretty excited. plus i got jaim jaim coming with :] :]. and then idk about the rest of the weekend. oh wait i have a hair appointment sunday at 3pm and branden has a hockey game later on. idk hit me up for some plans kids! i love you all!

x3 words cant describe..

[08 Jan 2006|04:51pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

hello everyone. let me tell you a funny story;

well it all started off on thursday night. my dearest branden and i made a small set of plans to get together the next night (friday) and go see a movie we both watched to catch. alone. because we dont do that much. well, friday night rolled around and i called this boy of mine. i was completly dissapointed when he told me he couldnt leave the house that night, and we'd have to plan for another day; i understood though and decided to go out with a couple of my girlfriends instead. that night (friday still) i come home and go onto a little thing called aim. well the first away message i check is always this boys so of course i look and what do you know. he claims hes at kyles house. now dont you think thats pretty funny? since he told me he couldnt leave the house? and maybe his parents did give in, but the least he could have done is call me, right? well that made me angry. but i woke up today and you know what? i forgot about it.. and i moved on. i talked to this branden in the afternoon and we both said today was kind of a chill, lay back day for both of us. so we decided to hang tomorrow (monday) or something. i went on with my day and then about.. 5 mins ago? i decided to go back to that sweet sn of his and check that darling away message. well, before i could do that my hottie cousin brittany IMs me. she tells me shes going to the movies. i ask with who. she tells me her best friend, Jackie.. Jackies boyfriend Scott, (who is my bestfriends brother, Melonie), and Scott's cousin BRANDEN. yes that same branden. going to the movies with my hottie cousin.

fucking A.

[05 Jan 2006|07:30pm]
[ mood | good ]

fuck. breaks over =[. but it was a lottt of fun. Jaclyn's party was the shit; but im sure like more than half of you were there. tons of people. that was a good night though, from what i remember.. ;]. &then NEW YEARS. hoemuhgawdddd me and branden went party hopping and that was the best. we got in a little trouble but it ended up working out. thank god. and the ball dropped and we partyed some more. i didnt come home until 11am the next day. but its all good fun. and then sunday we left for colorado! it was a last minute little suprise from my parents. we rented a cabin in the mountains and i brung melonie and whitney along. and then some cousins aunts uncles and all them came too. we just snowboarded around, shopped, you know. it was awesome. and we just got home yesterday. i lounged around on my last day off. today was the first day back. it was hard and i slept in all my classes. oh well. most def starting off as a good year though so im happy. brandens here and were about to eat some spagehtti and then i have pointe class! cant wait. tomorrows already fridayyyy, crazy. not sure whats up yet. let me know!? X3

my heart is his

[28 Dec 2005|05:15pm]
[ mood | bored ]

hello beautys. i am back. well break is going just wonderful so far and christmas was gooood. got all the presents from the parents then i had to get ready, and we headed over to my neighbors home for brunch. mikey was there =] i missed him. we ate then me and my fam went to churchy. prasied the lord. ya know =]. then we headed over to my gmas! it was fun. got to see a bunch of cousins i hadnt in like years. we had ham and some other stuff for dinner then we opened presents! after all of that we went to mah otherrr gmas! and that was fun to. no one new there though. i see all of them hotties every day pretty much. but yeah i got a bunch of clothes, gift cards, a robe =], picture frames, makeup, portable DVD player, and lots of other things. im pretty happy with everything i got. around 9pm my branden came and got me. we went back to his house and we hung around with his fam for a few and then got some more presents. i got a spa certificate ;]. cant wait to use that. & then me and my baby exchanged presents. i got the most beautiful ring with our names and date engraved inside. and some other things also ;]! i also got branden something not to be disclosed on my journal =x. haha i love him. after we went and looked at lights with his little cousins and then came back and did whatever then went to sleepy. best xmas by farrr. monday branden had to work so went home early. went back to sleep then showered. went with my momma to the mall and shopped at little and got dinner out. at night i hooked up with my best gurlies and guy-ies? ha and we went and saw KING KONG! best movie, like ever. and then i stayed over Jessicas. and so did nicole and brit and mariah. we chilled & did some crazy things ;]. and then yesterday i spent all day with my bffe! did nothing but that was okay because i missed her like wh0aa. and today is wednesday and im still in my PJ's.. lazy me. me and brann hookin up lata tonight. JACKIES PARTY FRIDAY!! so excited. it should be fun! okay im peacin now; have a good day loves!


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