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i can feel my heart beat against the bedsprings.

Recent Entries

2/8/11 01:43 am

The crappiest things have happened to me in the past couple of months. Jeez, give me a break!

This is going to be a great show on Friday, you should come if you're in the area.

11/24/10 03:45 am

Here's a new song that I wrote. Inspired by my new love.



11/23/10 02:10 pm

Sister love.

Brother love.

Favorite-Outfit-I've-Ever-Had, kind of love.

3/29/10 09:20 am

a lil german jewish mi'kmaq & a lil welsh huichol mexicano.

Breo-saighead is my ancient name.
It means Fiery Arrow.

3/8/10 08:34 pm

I fell asleep during Alice in Wonderland.

2/10/10 02:01 pm

new song. a prayer for the rising ones. tim on tuba and trumpet. gavin on keys. myself on guitar and voicehole.



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