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silly post [12 Dec 2008|01:01am]
[ mood | tired ]

two weeks!
hahaha omg.
gotta love the honeymoon period :D

we prayed together today.
it was nice.
but then i think i got a bit sunburnt ):


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the symphony that is my smile [05 Dec 2008|11:26pm]
[ mood | content ]

it was our one week anniversary today.
hahaha how gay does that sound.
i didn't even realise until he pointed out that it's been a week. i thought we were on 5 days or something.

a lot has happened in one week.
first official date.
first time holding hands.
first kiss.
etc (:

it's been good.
and i liked that we made it a point to pray and commit it all to God from the start.
we just want God to direct our decisions, our actions, our thoughts, our words.
i'd hate for God to not be involved. it'd just get all uncertain, insecure and dodgy.
we're both constantly completely overwhelmed with how good God has been.
beyond blessed (:

we went to the beach today!
chan third-wheeled. hahaha. poor douche. cracks me up.
weather was so awesome though. it was one of those days when melbourne decided to have good weather. it started off just HOT, which was perfect, then it cooled down at night. when melbourne's weather is good, it's GOOD.
spent like 2 hours just lying on the near-empty beach talking, laughing and tanning.
when we got back to benson's, chan left and we continued our lazy afternoon on the little patch of grass that was his backyard. so awesome (:
then his brother and parents came home and it was nice just chatting to them and laughing as if we'd known each other for ages, when that was only the first time i'd met his brother properly, and said more than just 'hi auntie' to his mum.
it was funny when i helped his dad open a jar of shortbread. his brother was like O: hahaha i'm such a man.

what the heck wonder if jason's forgotten to call me.
loserface. seriously he's become such a stranger these days ):
but we'll touch base soon then it'll be all good.
[eeeeeeeee he finally called and we're totally catching up OMG can't wait]

anyway. we had greek for dinner, complete with coffee and tiramisu (:
then we went back to his house and did lame coupley things.
ooh he showed me some of his songs. i actually think they're good, like the words are pretty original. and they rhyme, which is always reassuring. hahaha. too bad he can't play anything. it'd complement his songwriting so well.

i can't really be bothered doing anything else now so i'll just go to bed yay (:

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warm fuzzies [14 Nov 2008|03:34am]
[ mood | chipper ]

aaaaah just got off another long phone conversation with benson :D

my phone gets so hot against my face. it's a bit gross and uncomfortable. but totally worth it. at least i was smart this time and started the phone call armed with a glass of water so i didn't feel completely parched afterwards. omg 'afterwards' is typed completely by the left hand only! that's kinda cool.

i was reading bits of my lj to him over the phone and he loved it i think, haha. he's gonna read it at some point so whatever. [hi benson!]

yeah my eyes hurt cos i'm tired and sleepy. my face also hurts from all the laughing and grinning. (:

wonder if church people read this. that would be kinda funny.

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girl talk [13 Nov 2008|12:35pm]
[ mood | content ]

i told the girls about benson after oxygen last night (: they seemed pretty receptive and supportive, which was good. i dunno, i just felt like i should let them in on it so they see it coming? plus it's good for accountability etc. also we get to be girly and giggly in a more knowing way now, hahaha. deepa said she was like close to tears. she's so cute!

i kinda told them for selfish reasons too. cos knowing benson and i have a thing, they'll maybe be more likely to make it so we sit together etc etc BAHA omg. but i guess it was good that he was sitting like 3 people away from me so then i could update them properly, while the boys on the other end completely paid him out for having muscles and wearing singlets and things like that. haha.

making fun of him is fun cos i know i can get away with it :D pretty sure he secretly enjoys the attention [from everyone] anyway.

i think it's funny how dan [our pastor] constantly picks on him in public on stage and via sms, and even funnier how it's probably because he can see glimpses of himself in him. i can see those two getting chummy, haha.

oh yes! after oxygen we decided to head to airstream for drinks, and everyone drove there separately in our cars. benson and i happened to bump into each other on the way in before anyone else had gotten there so we had like 5 seconds to ourselves lols. and he sort of gave me this really affectionate squeeze. i like, nearly died omg. mm he gives good hugs :D

eeeeeeeee i've got the warm fuzzies :D

jess has suggested i should talk to 'more experienced couples' now that i've reached this season of my life. people like sam and steph, ash and eugene, even jaz and jono. i dunno, but i guess i started with talking to josh about him and lyndie last night. man, they have the most amazing how-it-all-started story. God clearly had a big part to play in everything. crazy, freaky stuff. i feel so normal next to them. no lightning or fireworks. but still. i revel in the simplicity of it all (:

but yeah everyone was like 'that's so good' / 'go for it'. general green light consensus. from what they know anyway. so that affirms things to some degree. then again they can't really say much else? i dunno. although they're all sensible godly people who i'm sure will gently, sincerely and firmly let me know if i'm going off-track. well i pray they'll be those kinda of friends anyway (:

it was funny cos here we were on one end of the table talking about relationships and deep, meaningful things, and when we paused and overheard snippets of the boys' conversation on the other end, we heard words like 'marijuana' and 'speed'. lols.

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i turned 20 today! [19 Oct 2008|03:16am]
[ mood | loved ]

[well really it was yesterday because it's well past midnight now but pssh technical details!]

i had the most amazing birthday! :D

mum came home from her trip today! spent the entire morning catching up with her, looking through her photos, laughing at how she was angry at dad half the time because he's a douchebag haha, then having a really good talk about where benson and i were and where we were going etc. then i helped her vacuum cos the house had gone all gross while she was away.

church was awesome (:

i went in early with mum who had to help out with hospitality, because benson and i had made a prior arrangement, lols. so i went looking for him. turned out he was waiting like, on the grassy bit behind the carpark, which was a really random spot. [he always gives me a peck on the cheek while i always just hug him. lols unco!] um so he gave me a really sweet/cheesy card and a few options as to what i wanted to do and where i wanted to go when he took me out and stuff. and he gave me the harper's bazaar australia 10 years of fashion photography book! :D i was like omg YAY this is totally something i'd want but wouldn't buy for myself which is the whole point of birthday presents! :D mm, brownie points.

then we went into church early and sat together cos i was like, i think i want him to myself today, hahahahaha. later mum told me she was like, why were you two just sitting there like that? like you were in your own world and didn't care for anyone else? so exclusive! haha oops oh well. :D we eventually moved to sit with other people anyway.

so after the service, aaron goes, 'hey cheryl i just got a new car and everyone has to see it so come out to the carpark.' which i fully bought, to the point where i started telling other people aaron had a second-hand bmw and we should all go check it out. turned out to be like zomg embarrassing because he did not in fact get a new car and it was all a hoax to get me outside with the rest so they could give me my present. haha yes i'm a loser. they were all sooo sweet. i got a basket with like chocolate and lollies and other yummy things, as well as a cork board with little messages written by everyone and random magazine cut-outs on it.

on top of all this, elisha gave me this purplish leatherish 2009 organiser, which would be good motivation to actually use an organiser and plan things. uwen gave me $50 omgomgomg for me to get my converse chuck low lights by adding kevin's $30 omgomg can't wait [that wasn't explained very well, but the shoes cost $80. yeah you know what i mean.]. and thennn andy gave me a $25 itunes gift card cos he works at apple haha.

i didn't go out cos i'd already gone out last saturday and everyone came over to my house afterwards to sing happy birthday and cut cake and all the rest, so this week i just had a nice dinner with mum and talked about benson some more haha. i think she's generally content with where we're at and she knows i know what i'm doing [most of the time anyway]. (:

all this put me in such an awesome mood, i came home and studied! i had some coffee, sat down and got some basic gastro physiology done, with written notes and everything. i'm excited now cos i'm gonna continue doing this tomorrow and i'm so going to be productive etc. being happy with the world definitely helps with study. being happy helps with everything really. (:

i feel so incredibly special! thank you God for everyone who made my day today. thank you for the fab weather. thank you for seeing me through the past 20 years. here's to a brand new decade and everything it brings with it! (:

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adrenaline [14 Oct 2008|04:12am]
[ mood | giddy ]

i'm so falling for him.
he's got me hook, line and sinker.
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

we spoke on the phone again tonight, after a while.
i nearly sped home from bsf cos i was so fricken desperate.
but then when i called him i couldn't get through. ):
i later found out he was talking to a mutual friend and i was like AIYAH.
so i texted him asking him shamelessly to call me if he was free, which he did eventually.
i told myself we'd go for 10 minutes this time but we ended up talking for an hour. *headdesk*
i dunno, i didn't want to get off the phone.
clingy. needy. ew.

now it's 3am and i'm so screwed for tomorrow.
cbp poster presentations in the morning.
i've decided not to go for anatomy. i never get anything out of it anyway.
besides, i really need to finish our cbp report.
that actually counts; anatomy attendance doesn't.
and i haven't done my tasks. or told one of my classmates to do hers.
so i'm gonna dodge getting into trouble and not turn up at all lols! win.

i'm not sleeping because of the adrenaline.
after i got off the phone i thought, ok coffee, time to do work [this was at midnight].
3 hours later, i'm still awake and caffeine-free. amazing.
but it's not like i've done a lot.
i looked over our poster and reviewed stuff about our project, information which i'm counting on being retrievable from somewhere in the recesses of my brain should the need arise.
God, please make me alert and help me think on my feet and make my partner shut up sometimes so i can get a word in so i don't look like a mute or an idiot next to him so i can get good marks and friggen PASS this year omg please make me look and sound intelligent!

mm i'm listening to avril again.
reminds me of first year, which reminds me of partying.
good times.
wish i could go for this year's med cruise.
they put it 2 weeks before the exams / when everything's due. um FAIL?
it's an awesome theme too!
rubik's cube - you go dressed in 6 different colours and the aim is to swap clothes with people so you leave as one colour.
how hilarious is that!
half of me wants to go because it sounds like crazy fun, and because it'll be on my birthday, and if i'm allowed to party at all, it's gonna be on the day i turn 20.
but then the other half of me is being frustratingly sensible - i cannot afford to fail.

reasons why cheryl cannot fail / sources of motivation to study:
1. 'date' with <3 [yes, i told him we'd postpone my birthday thing until after his exams]
2. proper holidays without having to study for an extra month in preparation for supps / further assessment
3. so i can keep my place at mmc [monash med centre] next year
4. so there'll be one less thing in the way of <3 + i
5. pride, glory and guts

omg look at me. i might as well use his name, geez.
benson! yay :D
so much easier. and less lame.
sleep time!

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(: [09 Oct 2008|03:27am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

there's a new boy in my life (:
for real this time.

we met randomly at church about 2 months ago.
next saw each other at the oxygen ball, organised by my church.
he came to my lifegroup the following week.
started attending the service i attend.
consequently started hanging out with my group of friends.

last wednesday, all of us went to the beach. he came along.
we spoke on the phone for 3 hours friday night, cos all of our plans had incidentally been cancelled.
saw each other at church saturday night.
had another phone conversation sunday afternoon.
during which he asked if he could take me out for dinner or something for my birthday :D
i said ok, in a somewhat high-pitched half-squeal :D
spoke again on the phone monday night.
got everything out in the open - turns out he likes me, and i like him back :D

everything felt really casual, comfortable and just, nice.
both agreed that it was too early for anything 'serious'.
he'd spoken to his parents [love how he gets on so incredibly well with them], and his reasons for taking things really slow were:
1. it looks bad, and probably would be a stupid thing to do.
2. exams.
3. didn't want to jeopardise group dynamics etc with my friendship group at church etc.
4. he wanted to get right with God first, because he'd only recently started coming back to church.
i totally, wholeheartedly agree.
clearly he's thought through this and prayed about everything.
evidently mature and wise.
massively impressed (:

so now we're just friends.
but admittedly, probably more than that.
we've prayed together once, and intend to keep it up.
keep God central in everything.
i'm feeling really good about the whole thing.
[and i'm nowhere near as composed as i make myself out to be :D]
i feel like we're both on the same page, open, honest and straightforward about everything.
we're not really hiding anything or keeping anything secret from anyone.
it just seems like a really irrelevant and redundant thing to do.
which, i think, is healthy (:
i think, to both of us, each of our relationships with God takes precedence over our relationship with each other.
it's a bit surreal how everything just feels so natural and right (:

it sounds cliche, but i thank God, for everything.
i can see his hand working in and through everything that has taken place so far.
i'm grateful that it's so uncomplicated.
these things have the potential to go really ugly really quickly.
i hope i never take anything for granted.
i don't know where this is going, but as long as God's leading the way,
i know we're heading someplace good (:

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wicked! [30 Aug 2008|11:49pm]
[ mood | tired ]

yay random once-in-a-blue-moon update! O:

i don't really have anything to write about. i feel like i'm on a sort of half-holiday cos i'm on rural at the moment - which means i spend 2 weeks in the country on placement. i got a place that's a mere hour from melbourne, so i'm home for the weekend. yay i've missed my shower, my bed and my internet.

the dare women's conference was this weekend. i feel like i got more out of last year's. it was slightly annoying when one of the guest speakers only had 3 minutes for her sermon because she'd spent the rest of it giving away freebies. time management fail. half of the time i was so tired i kept dozing off / zoning out, but that's kinda my fault, cos i was watching wicked on youtube and singing at the top of my voice late into the night. FUN :D

oh yes, I SAW WICKED LAST SUNDAY OMGGGG!!! so good. like omg wow. amaaaaazing. from the set to the costumes to the lighting, sound and music. and omg the caaaassstttt. incredibly talented. especially amanda harrison who played the part of elphaba. her voice is absolutely stunning; i think i stopped breathing out of sheer awe and amazement. then i looked it up on youtube last night and watched interviews and behind the scenes and all those sorts of things - felt like the special features on a dvd. mmmm so gooood.

i was raving about it to my mum today and she was like, 'i want to see it now. do you want to see it again?' and i was like KJNDVKJNTRKJNKGNKREGNRNTG YEEESSSSS!!!!

i don't know if she was being serious, but we shall see. :D

ooh i got a t-shirt, and i wore it today, and people asked me about it, and i was like IT'S SO GOOD GO SEE IT NOW and they were like i'm so jealous and i was like hee i know.

hm. i'm getting fatter and fatter. i hate winter for that reason. ): one of my rural cabinmates went out jogging in the fricken cold like every night. ): respect. i contemplated walking for about 30min everyday, but when it comes down to it, i can never be bothered. i'm so unfit it's ridiculous. ): whinge whinge. i should do some pilates. i just saw a thing on tv saying how good it is for toning etc.

the speaker at church today [the same lady who spent more time giving away freebies than on her sermon] was talking about the desires of our heart, amongst other things. she said she had prayed for her husband for years, and i thought, oh maybe he had like issues when they got married or something. then she said she did this especially on saturday nights when she felt lonely, and eventually i gathered that she meant she prayed for A husband. she said something about, because we're born again and we have the Holy Spirit in us, we can be quite confident that most of our desires come from God. well either they're the same desires God wants for our lives, or they're our own carnal desires that God has allowed us to harbour so he can show us something. i kinda made that last bit up but anyway. she said it can be really easy to make our desires all about ourselves, which is when we conform the consumerist mentality that's so prevalent in our society today. but if we pray about our desires, asking God to be the centre of them, for them to line up alongside God's will for our lives, then he can turn our desires into blessings that involve others. or something like that.

SO the point that i got out of that was to do with my jl issue, the boy i'm - yes - still in love with. sometimes i convince myself that this whole thing is part of God's plan for me, whatever the outcome turns out to be. other times, i almost beat myself up thinking about how indulgent, self-centred and narrow-minded this whole thing has made me, and how it's bad and not doing anything for anyone and so i should stop. so i guess now i'm thinking, who knows whether God intended for this to happen or not, although i know he certainly saw it coming. but whatever it is, the important thing is i keep God central to my focus, which i have been doing, and that i pray for God to use this for his glory, somehow or other, which he may be doing already anyway. as much as this is fun and partly for the sake of entertainment and hilarity, it could have eternal consequences for all i know - for me, for the people around me, for him even [lols]. and if it actually turns out to be a blessing to others due to some God-ordained divine chain of events, then yay!

omg wow it's late. time for bed!

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let's kill cool, find our true selves and save the world! [20 Mar 2008|01:15pm]
[ mood | content ]

i'm a bit worried. the chunk of leftover salmon i just ate tasted a little bit funny. /: mm, definitely funny. i seem to have a knack for consuming off food and surviving. i hope i didn't just jinx myself.

it's been like half a year or something since my last post. a lot has happened. a lot always happens. which is both a good and a bad thing.

i made it into second year med! yay thank you God. coming so close to not making it was the kind of wake-up call i needed. /: so i'm trying a lot harder not to fall behind this year. i lose motivation a lot, but perspective keeps me going.

my lifegroup's going okay i suppose. leading solo is difficult. ): but then nobody said it was going to be easy. it's one of those make or break things. and even if i come out the other end, shattered into a thousand pieces, i know i can bring whatever's left to my Father in heaven, knowing that despite all my brokenness, not all is lost. i love how he can and will put the pieces back together, to form something even stronger and more beautiful than anything it could've been if it had stayed intact. life isn't always fair, but God is always good. (:

i got to saw part of a skull the other day! it was disgusting, because tiny particles of skull dust were flying everywhere [making inhalation and ingestion of essence of cadaver inevitable], but exhilarating nonetheless. i thought my tutor was being sexist at first, cos he kept looking pointedly at the boys only when he asked who wanted to have a go. sif a girl couldn't handle a circular saw. so i was feeling slightly indignant and told him i wanted to try. i don't think he actually meant any prejudice though. mm, fun times. :D

i think i'll go play guitar now.

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what are you waiting for, spread your wings and soar! [18 Aug 2007|12:00am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

it's been a while, i know. :D so! quick list of recent life-changing events..

i've smashed my car. ): it was mostly my fault, i think, cos i was blind and retarded. basically i was turning right from a side street and went when i thought it was clear but evidently was not. so this car came out of nowhere and crashed into my side of my car and i was like !!! yep. but in my defence, the conditions were really bad. it was at night, raining, there were cars piling up outside the petrol station blocking my view, and the lady didn't have her headlights on. mhmm. still, i should've given way. so we agreed it was both our faults. same insurance company anyway. it's been about a month. i still haven't gotten my car back cos they keep suddenly realising they need to import parts from japan and keep extending the deadline. now they've moved it to 2 weeks' time, which is 3 weeks late. grr. $6000 worth of damage. no joke. ):

mid-year break
singapore! <3 that was a blast. except i partied too hard and got sick on the last day. *shudder* shopped like crazy, significant bulk of purchases were from mango and charles&keith. AND i got to catch up with all the lovely ladies i left behind. so many things have changed, and yet, so many have stayed the same. oh we're growing up so fast. (: ooh i got to watch the ndp pre-pre-preview or something, which was a lot of fun. :D i always forget how hot singapore really is.

china! for like the first time in my life. (hong kong in 97 totally wasn't counted cos it was still like part of britain or whatever it was at the time.) went to shanghai cos dad's working there for the next like 9 months or something. it's so crowded and polluted and CHEAP. it's like 6 times less than the aussie dollar. good stuff. and the food! restaurants are pretty cheap. and i got to meet my cousin's boyfriend. they're gay. teehee.

academically, semester 2 kinda sucks. because it's harder. granted, it's a bit more engaging because there's less crappy fundamental biology stuff and more clinical pharmacological MEDICAL stuff. sort of. but it's HARD. ): and i'm completely behind. and mid-sem's in 1.5 weeks. *dies*

also, i passed semester 1! not that i expected otherwise.. but still. thank you, ever merciful God. my assignment was amazing, but my mid-year exam wasn't. still, above borderline = pass! (:

rural placement
11 of us went to maryborough for 5 days, where tap water tastes of chlorine, there's no public transport and there's no phone reception. YAY! it was incredibly boring at first, cos we couldn't get anywhere by ourselves cos our motel / caravan park / TRAILER PARK was like a 15-20 min walk from the CBD, which looks more like a row of station shops plus a few other surrounding buildings in melbourne. but eventually we got to know each other and learnt how to entertain ourselves so it was all good. i actually learnt heaps. i got so much out of this trip. conclusion: worth it! (:

i've stepped up to be an intern! which is pretty exciting, and also pretty scary. i haven't done any leader-type stuff yet, but i'm sure jason will get around to assigning me something at some stage. ooh, i've been attending leader's meetings! yeah that's about it. haha. but i'm excited about what God's gonna do. there's so much potential everywhere, in everyone, in every opportunity. it's crazy when i think about the proportion of that that's missed out on. i've also started singing for oxygen, the young adult's group. with my own mic and everything! :D

no progress. still as smitten as ever. (: (: (:

okay i'm done! bedtime! (:

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YES, I AM ALIVE [06 Jun 2007|01:26am]

life, in general, has been pretty sweet!

i've started hiphop classes with jason and tracey! SO MUCH FUN! all the way in prahran but HEY it's worth it. fully getting a workout AND getting my groove back - YAY FOR HIPHOP. we're going again this thursday! can't wait! :D

I GOT MY P'S, AND I'VE GOT A CAR. a car to call my OWN. white nissan tiida ST-L, if you're one for details. and if you're not, just know that it's HOT and i LOVE it. i now require a pair of white-framed sunnies, to match the car. FWEE! :D

semester 1 of uni is finally over and i've just started my holidays. the one exam we've got has been postponed to july 16th - first day back. something to do with swotvac period and university policies. whatever it is, the point is, i now have the entire holidays to study for the exam, which is both a good and a bad thing. but like jason, my lifrgroup leader, very wisely said, God delays things so His people will prosper. there's always a reason (:

i don't know if i'll be going back to singapore this time. nothing's been planned. even if i did, i doubt it'll be for long, cos we're going to china as well. dad's moving there for work for about a year i think. so we're gonna go check it out too. SHOPPING! :D EEEE!!

speaking of shopping, i'm broke. i am actually in debt. i owe mum $80 and have to tutor kevin 4 more times to get from negative $80 to $0 so i can start on the positive side again. SIGH.

i actually got a proper tutoring job for another year 8 kid in maths, but the mother hasn't called me and i'm getting PRETTY DESPERATE. I NEED MONEY DAMMIT WOMAN CALL MEEE.

i got into the oxygen band! :D and i'll be singing next encounter, which is next wed. WHEE i'm excited! :D and also kinda pissing myself. they're all so PRO. EEP. plenty to learn.

i have no more swoonies! [fyi, swoonie = a person i swoon at, ie. a physically hot/good-looking person.] not at uni anyway. the first one turned out to be a cockface - rude, stupid and totally not worth my time. my back-up/rebound turned out the be the most boring person in the entire world. seriously WHO SMS-ES WHILE CLUBBING [like, while DANCING] I MEAN COME ONNN GET A LIFE. [i also heard AND SAW that he likes someone else, who happens to be already taken BAHA HOW TRAGIC. liking someone else always works as a HUGE turn-off for me, which, i guess, stops me from going any further than swooning, which is a good thing.]

it was at this point that i realised HEY, THERE ARE NO HOT/CUTE ASIAN BOYS IN MED. AT ALL. ZERO. NONE.


moving on!

while checking out the asian population, i chanced upon a pretty white boy. mmmmmmm he was swoon-worthy alright. incredibly, impossibly gorgeous physically. yum. he also looked like a dork, which i found irresistably endearing. HEEE. and THEN i found out that under all that deceivingly innocent and clueless facade, HE WAS REALLY A SLUT. A MANSLUT. EEEEP HEARTBREAK.

so now, i've given up on swoonies. this, obviously, excludes jl. i now love him more than ever, if that's even humanly possible. because i've seen what's out there [kinda, in the most limited sense], and NOTHING compares to him and his all-round awesomeness. YAY :D

i'm bored. goodbye!
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the okcupid test [30 Apr 2007|11:47pm]
[ mood | okay ]

The Sonnet
Deliberate Gentle Love Dreamer (DGLDf)

Romantic, hopeful, and composed. You are the Sonnet. Get it? Composed?

Sonnets want Love and have high ideals about it. They're conscientious people, caring & careful. You yourself have deep convictions, and you devote a lot of thought to romance and what it should be. This will frighten away most potential mates, but that's okay, because you're very choosy with your affections anyway. You'd absolutely refuse to date someone dumber than you, for instance.

Your exact opposite:
Genghis Khunt

Random Brutal Sex Master
Lovers who share your idealized perspective, or who are at least willing to totally throw themselves into a relationship, will be very, very happy with you. And you with them. You're already selfless and compassionate, and with the right partner, there's no doubt you can be sensual, even adventurously so.

You probably have lots of female friends, and they have a special soft spot for you. Babies do, too, at the tippy-top of their baby skulls.

ALWAYS AVOID: The 5-Night Stand, The False Messiah, The Hornivore, The Last Man on Earth

CONSIDER: The Loverboy

Link: The 32-Type Dating Test by OkCupid - Free Online Dating.
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med cruise! [29 Apr 2007|12:46pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

YAYYYY MED CRUISE WAS SO MUCH FUNNNN!! :D the weather was crap and it did end up raining pouring but I STILL ENJOYED IT WHEE! the drinks were alright [except the champagne, which i think i might be allergic to..], i should've eaten SO much more sushi and the music was AWESOME. but what was awesomest of ALL was THE COMPANYYY! I HEART EVERYONNNE!


more photos HERE.
AND photos from victor's 18th HERE.

yay! (:

hahahaha i was so high on the cruise i wouldn't be surprised if people thought i was completely drunk, which i was not. tipsy probably, and veryvery happy, but not drunk. heee. it also didn't help that at some points the boat kept SWAYING and ROCKING. made balancing/walking on heels all the more tricky. nevertheless, i danced till my feet DIED. (y)

the after party, disappointingly enough, was CRAP. hardly anyone i know actually went and STAYED at the club. ew. i am never going to a house club. EVER. (n)

so i think it was past 1 when a bunch of us decided to head to the mcdonald's near jason's house, all the way in footscray, which is like more than 30 minutes from my house, by car, with no traffic. turns out at 1am in the morning, that macca's is 'drive thru only'. SO we WALKED thru the drive thru, bought some nuggets [half of which we never received because they CHEATED us of our money and it was RAINING so we didn't check until we got to jason's place] and chips and drinks and walked back to jason's, where we sat around and moped. then my mum picked me up and that was the end of the night.

i'm hungry!
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anzac day eve [27 Apr 2007|04:55pm]
[ mood | excited ]

hmm, it's really annoying because it looks like it's going to rain and i'm going out. (n) stupid melbourne weather. grr. it's bad enough that it gets cold at night - now it's going to be WET too. nooooooo.


wednesday was anzac day - a public holiday - so we [tracey, jason, josh and i] went out on tuesday night. to soulclap at the balcony. the club itself was mediocre, but i loveddd the company, and i got to drink my first shot [properly]! :D it was a cowboy shot. i think that's what it's called. n00b, i knowww.

anyway, i'm getting bored so here are some photos :D

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of hot shins and paedophilic stalkers [22 Apr 2007|02:09am]
[ mood | pleased ]

swooooooonCollapse )

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SWOON [21 Apr 2007|09:54am]
[ mood | hyper ]


1. i wish i lived in the US - < US$10 shipping!
2. i wish i had a credit card

ZOMGGG life is so unfair. AS IF charge US$30 for shipping to australia! go and die GRR.



midsem exam yesterday! passable. :D and, by God''s grace, maybe even >60% wow. the paper was so mean! it had so many things i skipped studying / wasn't paying attention to the lectures of because i thought PSSHH as if THAT'S important! how am i supposed to MAKE UP FIVE features of prejudice! go ask ANY qualified GP or specialist if THEY know THAT. pfffffffffff. and they didn't test on important things like NEGLIGENCE! LEGALLY PERMISSABLE AND LEGALLY OBLIGED! ALCOHOL AND NADH! FRAGILE X! THALASSAEMIA! DOWN SYNDROME! ALL THE FRICKEN CHROMOSOME DISORDERS! GAH!

anyway, it's good that i know all that stuff now because i thought it would come out and crammed it all into my brain. LONG TERM, LONG TERM.

good things happened yesterday!

1. i half-made everyone go to where xyz was sitting with the singaporean guys out of whom i only knew like 3 or something, so i probably looked fairly dodgy. i fully made a bee line for the seat next to him and actually SAT THERE. and then we played bridge and I TAUGHT HIM. albeit REALLY poorly cos i kept zoning out, COMPLETELY distracted. bored him to DEATH cos i wasn't making any sense so he pretty much ignored me after a bit. HAHA OOPS. i taught everyone ELSE well! look at jason and victor!

2. during lunch we played bridge again upstairs and xyz came to join us HEEEE! so we had our little exclusive circle of 4 players and he was sitting like a metre away or something so i could like KEEP AN EYE ON HIM HAHA. and then he DISAPPEARED, and next thing i knew, HE'D PLONKED HIMSELF RIGHT BESIDE ME. and i was like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111 and then he said he reckoned he knew how to play even though he didn't quite get the bidding [AND i don't blame him] so i let him properly into the circle to take my place and i said i'd help if he needed it HEEHEE! i think i ended up half playing for him though. EEP. he looked SO bored. he ALWAYS looks bored.

3. because we all left for the engineering building together, i got to walk NEAR him and subsequently STAND AROUND NEXT TO HIM while waiting for the exam place to open. SMIGGLE wheee i like smiggle.

4. according to jasonnnnn, APPARENTLY xyz didn't get drunk last night. PROVIDED he was telling the truth. which was quite an accomplishment for him because he would've had REALLY easy access to alcohol. so i'm going to be idealistic again and assume he wasn't lying until otherwise proven. YAY.

5. i found out what song he's into at the moment! :D quite a surprising discovery, but enlightening and insightful all the same. (:

bad things also happened! in relation to xyz.

1. when he left with his group after the first bridge-sitting-next-to-him episode, HE DIDN'T SAY BYE OR ANYTHINGGG. i can't remember if he did to anyone at all, but i was CUT. SIF JUST WALK AWAYYYY YOU NUTTERRR. i was fully SADFACE after that.

2. he barely said ANYTHING ALL DAYYYYY. who DOES that GEEEEEZ. i know i'd like DIEEE. nothing during bridge #1, almost nothing during bridge #2, and NOTHING during standing around time. WASTE.

3. after the exam, he DISAPPEARED. i fully thought he'd come along with us cos all our bags were in the same place but NOOO he had to WALK OFF to his OTHER friends. so i was left standing there feeling a bit stupid. PFF.

4. i saw him with his other OTHER group [stupid guy is SUCH a floater, from group to group to group] and he was like fully happy and even a bit talkative and i was like WHATTT since when AS IF talk to them and not to us/me GAH.

5. i thought i'd made an active decision that he was not going to be my eyecandy anymore because his hot clothes don't quite make up for the other stuff. so theoretically, if this silly thing really is as superficial as i claim it is, i should be able to switch off the swooning like overnight. but NOOOOOOOOOO this does not happen in practice, which is a little bit worrying because how can this be anything more than superficial when there IS nothing beyond skin-deep anyway! jason reckons it's just cos i haven't found a replacement to fill that VOID yet. but WE'LL SEE. only TIME will tell hahahahahaha omg.

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baby 就是你 [19 Apr 2007|12:51am]
i've been in a hardcore taiwanese pop music phase for the past week. I LOVE IT! :D yayyyyyyyy.

anyway i have a love/hate relationship going on with jc, mr hot clothes. yum. more love than hate definitely. but i wish he would stop acting cool and TALK TO PEOPLE IE ME.

DAMMIT all his tutes do not coincide with my tute times tomorrow meaning when they go off to the library to study i won't be there because i'll be having my tute during their free time GAAAAAAAAH. on the plus side, hopefully, if jason knows what i'd want, i'll get to see him at lunchtime WHEEEEEEEEEE! maybe.

ew i hate my bottle. it tastes like the cupboard. ):

hmmm i think i'll be hardcore again and spend before uni and after uni in the library. :D maybe jason will stay back after and then maybe he'll stay too and we'll like group study togetherrrrrrrrr.

but i doubt it.

i should stop procrastinating. i should revise all the stuff i FINALLY understood today thanks to tracey and jason :D it makes me happy when things click in my brain, and even happier when they STAY in my brain.

ooh i went for encounter with sarah-mae, george and ellen today. i realise george looks like woodstock! anyway it was pretty good. but someone fainted. eep. afterwards uwen was like 'we should've asked HER because she's like a DOCTOR and all', referring to me. baha. i'm so not. yet. lee-anne was saying that when people start bugging you with their signs and symptoms just diagnose them all with cancer and they'll leave you alone. haha. (y) apparently her grandma fully FLASHED her and asked DO YOU THINK I HAVE BREAST CANCER?

i think my driving is getting worse and worse! i keep forgetting whether i follow the actual traffic lights or the arrows next to them. like tonight, i was turning, and it was a green light but a RED ARROW and i happily drove to like the middle of the intersection thinking i could go and my mum was like SCREAMING and i was like WHAT I CAN GO I CAN GO! oops. and another time i braked but not fully and didn't realise the car was slowly rolling forward until i nearly hit the car in front. i also exceeded the speed limit a lot. OOPS. it's about a month to my test. THERE IS HOPE YET.

AAAAAAAH study time!
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owwww feeeeet [09 Apr 2007|12:31pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

we celebrated vita's 19th birthday last night! (: met up at her SUPERCOOL apartment, had pizza, crackers+dip, chips, chocolate and a few drinks. camwhored a bit. and then we left for eve, where there was some melb uni AA function happening.

it's a pretty cool place, eve, but the music was crap for like the first 3 hours or something. i didn't know what i was supposed to do with the doofdoof house music, and we couldn't dance where the r&b music was playing because they were showing a slideshow of photos from AA camp. pfff.

SO we sat around against cool wallpaper and took more pictures! (y)

we spent a lot of time walking around from house music to r&b music and back again, meeting all sorts of people along the way, like YUNN SHIN whom i haven't seen in an AGE and LINDA and her friend and some more of their friends and ZOMG CHARLOTTTE AAAH i've missed her and she's sooooo prettyyyyyyy yay.

the house dancefloor cool cos it was like made out of lit-up squares of flashing colours. if that made sense. AND if you stood in the right spots you could feel the aircon! the r&b dancefloor - which finally could be danced on after they stopped the slideshow thing - was crap cos it was stuffy and completely overcrowded. (actually the WHOLE place was overcrowded.) so it was either good dancefloor or good music - not both. GRR.

eventually the r&b music got better so we stopped yo-yo-ing between the two rooms and decided to stay in the r&b one. i got to witness the practical application of the aah-save-me-i-don't-want-to-dance-with-this-guy hand signal for the first time haha but i didn't know what i was supposed to do so i got sarah to rescue her instead. and then i stupidly ACCIDENTALLY made eye contact FOR A SPLIT SECOND with a completely unattractive creepy juvenile short non-asian guy and his whole bunch of friend like surrounded us and we were like AAAAH RUN AWAYYY. and then when the coast was clear we went back in and danced a bit more and then my feet DIED and i left.

despite the crappy music, sticky carpet, weird guys, malfunctioning aircon and blistered feet, I HAD FUN. (: because i got to hang out with people i hadn't seen and probably won't see in a while. sadly though, i didn't get the ego boost i look for when i go to a club. OH WELL. i guess it doesn't happen EVERY time.

i've put the photos up here on facebook, which actually deserves more credit then i would admit.


oh yes, i haven't updated on the sleepover, but you can just read about that on michael's blog. (y)
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6 weird things [05 Apr 2007|11:39pm]
[ mood | weird ]

"This is what you are supposed to cut and paste if you decide to participate in the tagging game.. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things about themselves as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog."

1. i can be ridiculously fussy about cleanliness and hygiene when it comes to where i sit, where i walk, where i put my things, and what i touch, especially in public places. but when it comes to me room, it's messy like you wouldn't believe. and it's dirty too. especially since i'm responsible for my own toilet, bathroom, sink and carpet. ew.

2. my obsession with jl. that just out-weirds everything else, i reckon. i'm in love with him, but i refuse to speak to him, and he doesn't know who the heck i am. yet. sometimes i think i stand a chance to become acquainted with him, and other days i feel unworthy to be even within 10 metres of him. don't even get me started on the stalking..

3. i'm right-handed, but i write like a lefty. my parents have tried correcting it, i've tried to change it, nothing has worked.

4. i secretly wish i could wear cool clothes, cool in the left-of-centre non-mainstream sense. i want to wear vintage clothes, weird colours and patterns, unexpected combinations and ensembles, crazy accessories, withOUT looking like i'm from another planet. in this respect, katrina chang is my idol.

5. sometimes, i am convinced i am clinically obese. well okay not clinically, but obese nonetheless. (i know, i know..)

6. i think i am drawn to weird people - people who say random things that create awkward pauses, people who do strange things for no reason, people with bizarre, irrational habits and routines, people with a completely whacked and individual sense of humour.

steph kwong!
jess huang!
michael tan! - i know you're reading this!


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yay op shoppingg [05 Apr 2007|11:56am]
[ mood | happy ]

i'm hungry. and i need to do the laundry.

i went op shopping [op shops sell second-hand clothes people donate] with grace yesterday! :D and it was surprisingly productive. for $21, i bought:
a superman-like red-and-blue ripcurl jumper
a black vest
a white babydoll top
a retro stripey purple turtleneck
a plaid-esque scarf
a wrappings cloth shopping bag

YAY :D retail therapy!

i still need a sweater dress. and cropped leggings less see-through than my opaque footless tights.

mm, i feel like posting pictures!

this was angus' phone's wallpaper for some reason.

me, victor, at stareast.

this made me LOL.

angus, tracey, jason, andrew, after moomba.

i should probably stop sitting like a boy.

hm, i think i shall go figure out how the sewing machine works. :D
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