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Journey of Gelpen

Oct. 26th, 2006 | 10:18 am
location: nashik
mood: sleepysleepy


Today I gonna write about the biggest reason for me to be in this new college...it's my stories. I left engineering n joined this college for I can spare some timefor writing..n what I have done is just one complete story..n several incomplete.
Anyways...let's start with some of my favourite ones.specially those which readers loved. on that count, I wd love to write about 'sarika'.

This story has got two titles. first is 'sarika', but my sis didn't like it so second is 'pahila prem'..(first love.).
when I was in engineering, I used to see a girl (senior) in college. usually in corridors,walking to n fro, a book in hand, caressing her hair with one hand. she had a mystery in her look, attitude. calm n serene beauty. she was so different..she tempted me write something about her..then I turned a bit n stared writing about a typical girl's shades of nature...later I continued this article into a story n which turned to be very good story...so I wanted her name to be the title of this story...I followed her but couldn't speak. one day I asked her name...she told that she's sarika...she asked why..I told the truth. well she wasn't interested in reading that story. I know it sounds so stupid to ask a girl to read a story u have written upon her...but I don't care. anyways..story wasn't based upon her...she was just a starting link of it...

Then 'valvachi sar' is another favourite n best one according to my sis. valvachi sar means rain in off season...a sudden rain which delights minds when it's not expected to. here...tha rainmaker is shekhar- a wellknown musician, who is upset n lonely in the crowd of fame, music n all..just because of the memories of his love interest adisha, who got married to someone else 7 years back. her marriage with that army person was his decision as he was in first stage of cancer- unknown to her..n now after 7 years, he's fit n successful,he's missing her very much n story proceeds slowly after they finally meet n shekhar comes to know that her husband is no more. he proposes her after some days n what happens next...is the best part of the story. This is the best story by me according to my sis...well..sometimes I agree.

Another favourie is 'HIV' obviously a story related to HIV patient. but it's a lovestory which has no villain in it n happy climax. it's story of mugdha n saurabh who gonna get married soon (arranged love marriage) n suddenly saurabh is found to be HIV possitive. Dark clouds conquer their lives n everyone's upset. everyone's sure saurabh has got this infection by accident n no one is blaming him. n then mugdha comes with a shocking decision of marrying him at any cost...n life goes through a complete change. They don't have a physical relationship, but mugdha never leaves him alone throughout his life upto 5-6 years. This is my favourite story coz it made me feel so proud about that shocking turn in story n the way I continued story. I was 16 years old when I wrote this. mugdha had done what any responsible human being should do in such situations....coz love overcomes any disaster for sure.

one short story had a press reporter girl 'meghna' in it, who is left with many upsetting questions after what happens to her..one day while returning from night shift in early morning, she notices someone lying on railway track n a local train is coming his way on same track. she saves him by hitting him out of the track n scolds him for that...but finds that he's already dead. she calls an ambulance to take the body for postmortem n goes there too, for she has to know the truth behind that...some cops join her n they are a bit surprised to see that body for a while. when meghna tries to listen to their conversation in whispers, she comes to know that that dead body was of a witness in a very important court case n it was an inspectorof police who killed that witness last night n left the body on railway tracks, so that it wd be considered a case of suicide when train wd hit him. Title was 'satya meva jayte...?'

two engineering students..ninaad n jerry, in their 8'th(last)semester, are fed up of their dry n mechanical life n decide to do six good works before they leave college..six missions which include clearing the dues, rooting out he addiction of their alchoholic friend, trying to improove the relationship which is on the edge of breakup..etc etc..The story is about how they successfully reach the 4 targets n fail to reach two of them...two backlogs. 'Two backlogs' is the title.

ok...enough of serious stpries...n here comes one of the best comedies by me...MANGOBYTES. story of 'MANGOBYTES' restaurent, it's owner Adit, n three couples. the theme of restaurent is mangobytes...chairs painted yellow n green, bowl of mangobytes on each table etc. each bill is written on white wrapper inside mangobyte n then given to customer as a mangobyte again. modifying this tradition, people send litle sms's to each other through these mangobytes. story starts with vishnu, the only waiter who takes n serves all those mangobytes from table to table. he gets angry wid owner for some reason n plays a trick to disturb him. he starts serving these sms's on wrong addresses n fun starts. You can imagine what will happen if your boyfriend or girlfriend sends love message to someone else instead of you. The trick turns out to be dangerous n causes three breakups...n then enters a pretty lady who leads the story to happy climax.

I didn't like the story 'viceversa' but it's theme was cool. It was about two thieves who don't know each other. Thief A steals car of thief B n changes it's colour and numberplate..while Theif B steals A's suitcase wih Rs.10 lakhs inside it n comes outside to find his car stolen. n then,...he takes lift in his own car-now with new number n colour, being driven by thiefA. A doesn't know he suitcase B is carrying, is his own suitcase...n thief B doesn't know he's travelling in his own car. rest of the story is full of their conversation n action scenes...n ends with death of one of them. Title was 'viceversa'.

In story 'The last episode', A famous VJ of MTV, VJ Saurabh is suddenly notified that he won't be working for MTV anymore for MTV needs fresh VJ's. he's very upset, still accepts the truth n looks forward to his last episode. All his fellows protest for this but it doesn't work...saurabh is very emotional on last episode,gets a lot of calls, hate mails, sms's, still shows good patience. After last episode, there is a farewell party for him. Next day, he's invited to college for some reason, n they all watch telecast of the greatest MTV Bakra episode....covering all his emotions after being notified that he's sacked......n they lived happily ever after.

A story 'PASSWORD' takes us to FM 'Radio Boom station'. A bomb is planted in their office n they don't know it's location. They have got 12 hours to find it n deactivate it wihout any help of police. their telephone lines are blocked, mobiles are jammed, n internet connection is damaged. The story is about those 12 hours.

31 stories upto now...about 12 are remarkable...n a long way to go yet..coz at least one of these is going to be on screen some day for sure.
keep fingers crossed...:-)

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Am I a good writer...?

Oct. 25th, 2006 | 12:26 pm
location: nashik

frenz....check this link...
my entry on old blog...
this is a fake story..
don't forget to read comments my frenz gave.

n now tell...Am I a good writer...?

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Oct. 23rd, 2006 | 05:42 am
location: nashik
mood: creative

Dark...! Black...! Night...!

Do you think I am a mysterious creature...? even if you don't, I think so. coz I know how well you know me...& which will be around 40 %, 60 % for my parents, 70 % for my sister, n 90 % for myself. 100 % for God.....yes...don't be surprised...even I haven't got answers for many questions inside this brain. God only knows.

          one of those questions is...why do I love darkness...? why do I love black colour...? & so nights...? anyways..I am not trying to sound mysterious..let me solve some mysteries (oops!) about myself first...

          The oldest memory for my attraction towards dark is when I was travelling in train, in that dark compartment,I was looking outside the window at those blinking lights far away from train...maybe a little village or something...like all mothers of young children, my mother was forcing me to shut eyes n sleep, but I couldn't resist having a look at those lights...

          since then I have always appreciated night journies. whenever I am travelling at night, my eyes keep scanning the sky for those bright stars n moon. I hardly sleep during such journies..I strech my hand outside window..(head too, if possible..) n enjoy the cool winds. same for sleeping on terrace. we used to sleep there in my childhood n stare at stars or moon..(& rush back inside along with blankets if it starts raining..!!)

          In 10'th std, I was given a separate studyroom. By now everyone knows I have never been that interested in studies after 11'th...but in 10'th I was. so after studing, I used to switch off lights n observe the traffic on highway. I used to feel so relaxed n content..when I was in akurdi, pune, for engineering, night was the only time and terrace was the only place I loved to be around college for..I couldn't 'pretend' studing in front of roommates so I wd come to reading hall at college, (that was open till 2 AM.) , sit in hall for a while, n then come straight to terrace. that terrace has seen me dreaming, writing, crying, n smiling most of the times. I could watch so many lights in 360 degrees...some lights on bombay puna highway, some from dehu road, railway station, ISKON temple, college hostel...some times I used to carry friend's walkman..my favourite songs n darkness...n no one but me...! for the last six months in engineering, I changed my room n realised I was such a fool...all guys in that hostel were typical engineering students. I couldn't breath in that air n again terrace came to my help. whenever I hear 'tuhi meri shab ' song from gangster, I remember that terrace n so my engineering days..(or nights..?) I used to enjoy that song stored on friend's cell. shrikant..one of my best friends used to accompany me for chats.

            once he took me to pune station for a night out. we got last local train at 12.30 AM, ..which was carrying just 3 or 4 passengers. probably the first time I found local train empty..but we preferred standing by door enjoying the cool winds combing through hair. At pune station we had coke n wada paav..n then sat on platform no. 3 chatting whole night away. Topics...? Girls n current politics in college...so unlike my choices...but couldn't help that. He wasn't my type. I can tolerate those talks...He couldn't tolerate talks about dreams, love n nature...:-) on second night out, he wasn't willing to come. nightouts were not new for him. I somehow made him come with me on a condition that I had to entertain him...well...I knew many ghost stories....!
          After that nightout, I was preety confident, n next time I came there without letting anyone know...n what did I do...? I completed two stories there sitting in a local train n that left station at 4.25 AM again for akurdi.
          The darkness tempts me to think, to dream. The lonelyness of the dark pushes me in crowd of thoughts. Many wounds start bleeding..many fondly memories gently blow over it. The darkness sort of heat the deep seated thoughts in my heart, till they bubble up as words, then I just let them pour out on paper...call it diary, stories, poetry..or these days, simply dish it out as a blog..
          eyes start searching for my gelpen n notebook..I stop them..
           "Later...let me swim more deep in this darkness...just a few minutes..."
          After a while..I am ready to swim through a new sea...the sea of words....!

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pappu tai...

Oct. 14th, 2006 | 05:41 am
location: pune
mood: nostalgicnostalgic

            "what more wd u like to read about me in my blog...?" I asked yash..n he asked me to write about me and my sister. Then I realised there was so much to write about 'us'...so this is probably just second time I am writing about 'us'...

           prachi n I used to fight a lot. she liked clean n neat room that I can never maintain. besides I have just to follow her wherever she goes while shopping. These are the only reasons for fights from my side I guess. In our childhood, we were allowed to watch TV only after homework was done....n we were too slow to be able to catch 8 PM soap. so whenever I wd lag behind, she wd complete my homework n we wd go n watch TV. she could go n watch TV when she had done her homework...but we enjoyed each other's company.I have realised this now..but that time we were too small to think of these things...I never thought of saying thanks too. on sundays we wd watch rangoli, captain vyom, enjoying pohe with it.
           I am proud of my sis who left her class with me..( we were in same school..) took me home..n repaired the button of my half pant.....at the same time I hate her n dushyant for making me run barefoot on hot iron bridge in noon..at siddharth garden, aurangabad. Dushyant is my cousin.they had invented a trick to annoy me. they wd hold a toothpic in mouth which I could never notice, n then they wd kiss me pushing toothpic out n my cheek wd get hurt...
         we used to enjoy bombay mithai, watermelon, apples, juices from the juicebar near our home....dinners n sleeping on terace..eating pencils together, going to fair,..stealing laddu's n eating bournvita when mum wasn't home..ganpati decorations etc etc...

        there were some pigs below our gallary n we used to spill hot water on their backs...so cruel of us...! I really feel sorry for them now.
        I had a study room when prachi was in pune for MBBS.  she wd use this room n study with me when she wd be at home. other times...I wd just close the door n start daydreaming, writing, or sleeping most of the times. but for some days I couldn't do this in front of her. I had to study all time. one day, I was feeling too sleepy to control n found her sleepy too....n we had a deal...both of us wd sleep for a while alternately  so that one can wake other up if mum shows up.

       Prachi may not be a very good singer..(even I am not that good...) but she has got good taste for music n songs. I have been seeing her painting pots n diyas, painting that lady with ghagar, making bookmarks with handmade papers, painting T shirt messages n decorating her tops with accessories since years. besides, one or two years before, she gave me her diary of poems n I was spellbound. she's just too good n my poems seem so stupid compared to them.she says she can't write articles or stories...but I am sure she'll make a good writer.
         some days before the 4'th april of this year,I was just siting by window in eve in dark. next to our building, was an appartment. many windows were open n I could see inside them. One of them was giving me sight of a lady cooking something in kitchen n her daughter chopping some vegetable. simultaneously they were having some talk. That whistle of cooker...talk between mum n daughter..tempted me to write about my own childhood memories when I was home. I wrote a mail including all my childhood memories n saved it in drafts so that I can add some more if I remember later.
       soon I was wondering what should I gift prachi on 4'th april, her birthday..n suddenly I remembered that mail. I went to cyber..edited the mail n got it's printout. the night of 3'rd april, I gifted her that envelope. she went on reading...n liked it very much. besides, I had one more personal letter for her...she started reading that n tears rolled over our cheeks...she said.."jara jastaach changla lihayla laglas re..." but it wasn't my writing skill...it was just my love for her. It was just for my sister n not readers.

       The best compliment I have got from her is.."tu maza motha bhau asayla hava hotas..." (u should have been my elder brother..) when I comforted her in her dark time. but I am luckier as I have got her as elder sister...
       It has been ages I have stopped calling her by that name...but I really wish to do that now...I want to call her by the name that's actually so close to my heart...

             "Pappu tai...I love you very much..."


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Oct. 13th, 2006 | 06:24 am
location: pune
mood: calmcalm
music: all my ringtones...;)

another craze of mine...

      I don't remember the time when I was told we can actually compose ringtones on mobile. my father didn't have cell by then. my uncle knew I play mouth organ so he let me try for a ringtone. that time I got the location of "sa re ga ma"..n abcdefg...in english I guess...but didn't know how to adjust duration of every single bit..so he was disappointed to see I can't compose. actually I needed practice, but I wasn't that mature to be given cell for practice hours n hours...at least he thought so.
      soon father bought a mobile n I started composing ringtones there...don't remember first ringtone. the problem was...my father is too possesive for his mobile...he worried I wd damage the keypad composing so many ringtones...(funny na...?  :). so I had to keep lowest ringtone volume n then  I wd try composing ringtone in a closed room.
      soon I got better n I started writing down the notes of ringtones I made..in a notebook.Then in college life I met many frenz having mobiles with them n one of them was shafi...who always wanted new ringtones. so even I could try out new ringtones on his cell. three or four times a week, he wd come to me with new list of songs n we wd sit in his room to try them out. the only problem with him was many times he wd sing some old urdu gazals which were very hard to understand...n I couldn't get the rhythm also, as he wasn't that good singer...I was fed up of those urdu gazals.
        Then my sister got mobile...nokia 2300...n of course she allowed me making as much ringtones as I wished. coz she was also interested in music. so I turned to her cell n  dad was upset again..."I am not going to buy new cell if that keypad get's any damage..."- he wd say again n again. even today he doesn't let me play with his cell.
        when I was in 12'th...I was just thinking about the cereer in ringtone composing. I tried for nokia company's contact info...but later understood...Nokia will make their own ringtones. so I had to in a company that makes ringtones for downloading. somehow I had contact no. of sony music that time. I called them n asked for the name of company they get ringtones for set max. ( set max channel used to display downloading info for every ringtone when that song was played on channel..) n I got contact no. of sound buzz in bombay.

        I called them...he asked me to send some ringtones there on his cell. I noted his no. n composed some ringtones real fast n sent them. after a while I called him agaiun n he said ringtones were good n I should send my biodata as soon as possible.
     ....I even prepared the biodata...but something stroke me n I called him back...he said they have different software for making ringtones there...so I will have to join training for a month n then I could start for sure...now this was serious turning point....it was january n in a month I was going to appear for HSC exam...my parents wd say how could I think of anything else than study...? n that too of doing a job when I wasn't even 18...?

        I never called them back....

       when I was in engineering...like always..I wd compose ringtones for my frenz for free. but a friend of mine suggested me to charge ppl...so I got printouts of advertisement saying 'get any ringtone @ Rs. 5...'. this was my speciallity..downloading a ringtone wd cost more than 7 rupees...but this way I could compose any ringtone for ppl which may not be available in market too.
        unfortunately....that didn't work...I earned about 100 bucks..that's it...all from frenz. soon I was bored of that n I started composing ringtones for free again...

        My own choice for ringtone was different. I could compose any part of song...may that be start or end or middle...may it be particular whistle...annnnything. n many of my ringtones were better than the downloaded ringtones for same songs...my customers have admitted that...n best example was dhoom ringtone.  those who really loved this song...can surely guess where the ringtone in market went wrong...but mine was perfect....!
       soon I tried out something that gave my ringtones a different feel..that wd suit dhinkchak songs very much...like the whistle in ye khuda song of Fight club. what I did was...when we use 8a1...I split it in two parts first like 16a1 and 16a1. then I made the latter 16a3....that is...instead of 8a1, I used 16a1 16a3. what I have done is split it into two parts n use higher pitch for the latter...better if they both are extremes...like a1 and a3 wd be better than a2 and a3.
       sorry for them who don't understand this stuff...but I am very proud of this invention so just can't resist mentioning it...

    n now....I have my own cell...lots of ringtones in head...I really find it hard to choose the best seven ringtones for my mobile..( we can compose just seven ringtones in this mobile...). some of my best creations on cell are dhoom, left right left, golmal, what's love, whacky n many more...

      that's all I wanted to tell about my another friend in this world. I call them zingtones coz that's what I feel like when I start composing them....

so...which ringtone wd u like me to compose for ur cell....?

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Don't read this.....!

Oct. 12th, 2006 | 02:11 pm
location: pune
mood: blankblank

            why does human feel sad...? sorrow is inevitable part of life for sure..still are all of them natural..? keep those kinda people apart who just 'pretend' to be sad. besides there are two more kinds. one is when someone can't forget the past n another is when someone always prefers to stay away from crowd n yet wishes to be noticed..(ok...I know your instant question...I admit I am 2'nd type most of the times..). but don't take it so lightly. They hardly wish your sympathy. everyone has got something to make him feel sad or guilty. the difference lies in ways of expressing sorrows. my way is I just love to stay alone..n if someone tests my temper when I am serious...I feel more helpless n upset.
          A scene from Duniyadari novel takes us to a group of middleclass guys and their friend...a rich girl, when a guy says she won't understand their problems being rich...at the same time, the girl pities them for their complaints but can't tell them how helpless and lonely she is, in her rich and sophisticated family.
          she tells them on face that everyone wishes to have some sorrows or wounds to fondle..n feel he's one of the most helpless n unlucky persons on this earth.
         They are a bit of attention seekers. well...I am not saying they are upset for no reason...in fact, once someone starts staying away from crowd n friends, just for this purpose, ...they miss them much.
         Even films make great impact on our minds..after watching kal ho na ho..or aanand..anyone will wish to have such life, even if it comes with cancer or heart trouble. difference will be...shahrukh didn't let anyone know he's having heart trouble...these people will make sure everyone knows it n even votices how cool they are...

       I used to be sad for some things...n then write them down, or keep thinking over it...but as time passes...I have learnt that forgetting is the best thing to do with sorrows...never feel sad,neglected or hurt...just go the way life takes you...when sorrows enter your mind...neglect them..n when happy moments enter ur life...save them inside heart, n spread your happiness all arround....
        .....that makes you 4'th kind...
             never sad n alwez glad with whatever comes your way..
             I am trying...u are welcome.

n now...why did I name this entry...."don't read this..."?
cz when I completed n gave it one more reading...I felt so stupid..if u were happy before reading this entry..I am sure I have ruined ur mood...

anyways...if u have read thoroughly..
just 'mind' whatever I have written...
good if it works.

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Oct. 7th, 2006 | 06:53 pm
location: pune
mood: artistic
music: the music inside....:-)

It was 12 or 13 when I started taking interest in songs...I started developing particular choice. my favourite passtime was listnin to songs hours n hours..resting my ears just beside speakers..day dreaming...(again...I wd imagine about the ideal way my actors shud dance..n act...:)

Now when I remember all those old days..I understand what exactly I want to be...? one more memory...I used to play with toys..specially little cars like hotwheels till I was in 9'th std...again...what I used to do is direct action scenes with cars...well that's what all children do while playing with cars...but I was 14 by then...
so the point is...every time I wd go out for shopping wid parentz..I wd beg for a new car...for my set. one day we were in funfair or something...I noticed a stall of cars...at the same time I noticed a little mouth organ..

I had two options...mum wd buy me either a car or mouth organ...mouth organ was so tempting...I had tried many flutes in childhood but wasn't able to play n was kinda fed up of it...still thought of giving it one more try n bought the mouth organ...n came home.
for some hours....mouth organ was so irritating for my sis n parentz...but soon I started playing a song....so the first song I learnt to play on mouth organ...was 'ek pyar ka nagma hai'...that's a simple song which is very easy to play...n then followed the famous "kyu ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi"...a daily soap title track...everyone was happy to know I can play that little thing n I called mamu..my uncle n played that song....he was so happy to know...
...Mom promised me she'll buy me a bigger mouth organ...

Then I learnt to play many songs...n started playing mouth organ in school functions...the place I was living was a small village place...n also famous for education....wellknown as "latur patern" for SSC n HSC exams..n people there were excited about the studies n results only...which wd bring fame to their village...but there were no cultural programmes...no music n singing classes...so they were astonished to see this mouth organ...n they appreciated...on republic day...I wd play mouth organ for our school on Z.P. ground where students of all schools wd gather...n all of them knew me well n wd say hi when they see me by chance somewhere..."hey...u are the same guy playing mouth norgan right....?"
then followed synth...I started with a small one...n I found that's not hard..still I couldn't practice it as I didn't have my own synth till I got admission in creative i college...so I can't play it 'fast'...

I used to sing songs...but never sang them on stage...cz I wasn't sure I can sing well...but my sister once told me that I sing well...that's the only compliment I got about my singing...still..I kept singing for my own pleasure. when I was in engineering...some of my friends appreciated my singing...but unfortunately...there was another singer who was far better than me...so I wd choose to stay out of it. whenever frenz were in mood of listenin songs..I wd walk out without letting anyone know...but some of them wd always ask me only to sing song...I wd say..."let him sing...he sings better..." but they wd say..I sing from heart...I sing for myself n he sings for audiance...that was another cool compliment....

n now I am here...in creative i college...where my life has completely changed since I have actully joined a GROUP...which I never expected to happen with me before...rather I never mixed up with friends....cz I wasn't comfortable with science field...n how was I going to 'study' with them...obviously I wd be thrown out of conversation as everyone knew I don't study n my interests are different. but here I got friends of same interest...in almost all aspects....so we are a group now...n with same group...one night I was singing a song..a song from garva...some of the best songs in marathi...that too on 4 am..in dark..( I love dark...specially when I am singing...that takes me away from world...)..n when I stopped...even I felt proud that I had sung so well...I got compliments from my friends...

finally...this is how my journey....rather harmony has been in music. now I have mouth organ..synth...n flute. I learnt all these instruments on my own..n now I wish to be able to play guitar o my own....without any music class....n soon I will be attending classical singing classes...probably. that I can't learn on my own....:-)

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me, my gelpen n my notebook....

Oct. 2nd, 2006 | 01:47 pm
location: pune
mood: calmcalm

I don't remember how did I start writing...My first poem in life ws " To paus " a marathi poem n that even got published in 'sakal'...when I was in 7'th or 8'th std. I don't knowwhat exactly tempted me write that but I remember, when I started composing that poem, I was very conscious about the plot n flow as well as rhyme...I didn't want it to be meaningless like some poems become if poets concentrate on rhymes only...
so that poem was good n got published. Then for three years I wrote many poems n few stories, which sound so stupid today if I have look at them...but when I entered the college (11'th) I was grown up n understood my mistakes. I started writing with more sense n maturity n among many stories, the best one was 'valavachi sar', which I never thought to be that good. but my sister once read it n showered me with praises. since then...she's first reader n critic of whatever I write...my articles like '' and '' got published in sakal when I was in 11'th m I got much confidence.
       I started daydreaming those days...I wd never dream of my future or success n stuff...I wd imagine my favourite actors acting for the film based on my stories...I wd imagine how vivek..( yes...it was vivek oberoi sometime before..) wd do this scene n from which angle should director shoot this scene...this was my favourite passtime...infact...studing a bit was passtime..n my reguler work  was writing...day dreaming...n making those gelpen designs I used to enjoy...
       n this was the main problem that made my stories less interesting. my sister gave me this feedback that my stories sound very 'filmy'...n that's not the way it should be. even I understood my mistake...If I start imagining that story as director...I can't help giving them particular twists that audiance wd enjoy...but then that will be called a script...n not a perfect story...
       'valvachi sar' story was good coz I just started writing it as it went on spinning in my head...I wrote it the way it should be...without giving any damn to what people wd love to read...same for 'sarika' story...one more story which I can say, is one of my bests..exception was
mangobytes which was developed just on the base of it's title...my friends know how much I am crazy about 'names'..n so for the titles...n this time too I wanted the title that will raise curiosity in readre's mind...so I just wanted a strange title...I got mangobytes...n then I developed a story about a restaurent named mangobytes.
    I guess I have updated some of these stories like sarika n mangobytes in the same journal...below this entry..marathi readers can have a look...

   that's it...my writing addiction has brought me this long way...yet I am not sure am I a script writer or a story writer...still...the only thing I can do now is.....write....write.... n  write....

let me hear u say....

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It's a musical life once again....:-)

Oct. 1st, 2006 | 06:39 pm
location: pune
mood: artistic
music: music inside the heart....:-)

It's a musical life once again...

yeah...! I am back 2 life...back 2 studies n stuff...

    three years ago...abhinav had passed S.S.C. exam with 81%...n got admission in M.G.M. college...the best one regarding results. there he met shailesh,Anupriya, yash, avinash, shafi, neha, pratik...

     & one more inevitable part of my life.....

               ...My Writing Addiction..!
                  That lead me to failure....or success...?

      those two years...I earned a lot of friends, discovered my abilities, earned many npraises for my writings n music..& finally percentage was 60 %.

      when God leads u to cliff...only 2 things may happen...
......either he'll catch u when u fall...
      or he'll teach u how to fly.

      Engineering education was cliff...

       I just could not breath in that air filledc with calculations,maths,physics,electronics, n stupid subjects. I concentrated on writing,.....

     ....result was...
         four backlogs in first semester.
         I knew the result.

         That evening oif my result...was one of the worst days in my life. I was rigid...I wasn't upset. I just remained away from crowd.
        In eve...I entered STD cabin...called my best friend- prachi- my sister...I started talking....n when I left the cabin...collars of my shirt were wet...tears rolling over my cheeks..

      she had encouraged me to start again with new zeal...
      but what if I didn't want to start...?

     I couldn't say 'bye' to my gelpen n notebook...I couldn't leave my 'words' alone...

     engineering graphics was the only favourite subject which I never practiced at home...yet managed to pass...credit to Arunoday sir...

    the second time I broke up...was in mum's lap...I confessed that I didn't want to continue...

    & today I am here...in creative I college....just because I have got the best sister and best family in this world...

   aani aaj watata aahe...
   ya jagnyavar...shatada prem karave...

touch wood.


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Aug. 11th, 2006 | 08:05 pm


- Abhinav patil.

day 1

adit ne MANGOBYTES madhye aalya aalya side chya life size mirror madhe pahun ghetla..waryane astavyast zalele kes neet set kele. goggle kadhun haluch khishyat thevla. ekda purna restaurentvar najar firvun gallyavar yeun basla. bastana khurchicha vichitra aawaj zala aani aat kaam karnara vishnu samjun chukla..adit saheb aalet...gallyavar basayla. aadhiche malak changle hote. aata ha tyancha putnya ka kon...nusta aaaar awadaychi. aatlya chairs hi yellow aani green colourne mangobytes sarkhya paint kelelya hotya. pratyek tablevar ek mangobytes cha bowl asaycha. aani bill detana...customerla bhetaycha ek mangobyte. te tyala kholava lagaycha. aatlya white wrapervar lihlela asaycha bill. asa hota mangobytes...!

mangobytes madhe gardi asaychi tarunaichi. samorchya s.p. school of art aani bajuchya management college che students tithe jamayche. itkya sarya customersla serve karta karta vishnuchi tarambal vyaychi. to ektach tithe waiter mhanun kamala hota.
haluhalu customers yayla surwat zali hoti. baryach jananshi aditchi changli maitri hi zali hoti. evdhach nahi....ek break up hi zala hota...!
abhilasha restaurent madhe aali an sarvanchya najra tichyakade vallya. adit dusrikadech kuthetari pahu lagla. ti galachya kopryatun hasli...
aaj kon...?
.......magun rijjo aala.
"hey abhilasha...chal na aat.." mag aditvar ek jaljalit najar takat to mhanala..."ithe kon aahe..? chal aat.."

abhilasha aat geli. tichyamagun rijjo techat chalat gela. baherun aat yenara pravin he drushya pahun galat hasla...aditjaval thambla..
"bagh...kasa techat challay...tichya sarva boyfriends pramane yalahi ekhada aathavdach bhetel..."-pravin.
adit kahich bolla nahi.
"oops...visarloch..pan tuzyasobat 8 diwas hoti right...?"-pravin.
"daha diwas"- adit.
"kaay hota reason breakup cha...? nave nave shodhun kadhat aste ti..."-pravin.
"chhe re..mich sodla tila.."-adit.
"so smart of you...just before she wd kick you, u left her..."-pravin hasat mhanala.
"tu aajkal jast bolayla lagla ahes...aani malahi mahit aahe kon kon line madhe ubha aahe te. kishorila sangitla tar tihi kick marel tula."-adit.
pravin lagech nighala.
"ka re..? kay zala..?"- adit.
"mala pahila ithe tar khaun takel mala. she hates abhilasha. mi abhilashachya aaspas bilkul disayla nakoy..."- pravin.
"itka ghabartos...?"-aditne hasun vicharla..
"mi kahi anshul nahi girlfriendla ghabrayla. chal..yeto..."- pravin nighun gela.

abhilasha muddam adit kade pahta yeil ashi basli hoti. baryachda chorte kataksha takat hoti. jalnyacha was hungnyasathi ticha naak adheer hot hota.
gardi barich wadhli hoti. vishnu chaplaine orders serve karat hota. toch gardit kunachatari dhakka lagla aani tyachya hatatli tanduri roti abhilashachya mandivar padli...an ti jorat kinchalli...
...sarva jan tikde pahu lagle...rijjo chidla...abhilasha oradli..
"what is this...?"- abhilasha.
"I am sorry ma'm.."-vishnu.
"what sorry..? maza nava dress kharab zala na..."- abhilasha.
"really janoo...? let me see.."- rijjo pudhe wakla..

'roticha daag...?' sarvajan chakit zale. adit ragane laal zala hota.
"I am really sorry ma'm..."-vishnu.
"manager!...where is manager...?"-abhilasha.

adit charfadat pudhe aala.
"manager...? what is this..? this is my new dress...it was a gift from my boyfriend...!"-abhilasha.

"mi nahi dila.."-rijjo chakrawla..aani adit kade pahu lagla..
"mihi nahi dila.."adit khande udwat mhanala...
"shut up...josephne dila hota.."-abhilasha.
"janoo...boyfriend aadhi 'ex' lavat ja..mala kasatari watta..."-rijjo.
"shut up...manager...!"

adit santapun vishnu kade walala...
"nalayak...karnashivay hungama kartos...? akkal nahi tula..?"
"pan saheb-
"shut up...! you silly...unfaithful...madamche dresses kiti kimti astat mahiti nahi tula..? tyanche sagle dresses tyanchya boyfriends ne ghetlele astat..."- adit.
"tu ghetla navhtas.."- ti fankaryane mhanali.
"now u want a dress from some unknown manager of some restaurent also...! fine. vishnu...say sorry fifty times...! and wash that skirt if she allows you...!"- adit mhanala aani nighun aala.

thodya velane sarva kahi nivalala...vishnuchya dokyatla wadal sodun...aditne mala asa wagavla..? mazi kahihi chuk nastna..? nalayak...silly...an tehi-...
....abhilasha samor....!
aani ithun suru zala...
sudacha ek prawas...!

day 2
abhilasha rijjochya hatat hat ghalun counterjaval aali. hasun galat jeebh gholwat mhanali..
"ek french fried rice and-
"have a seat and waiter will take your order.."-adit.
abhilasha hasli...rijjohi kutsit hasla.
"chal darling.." ti pudhe nighali.rijjo lagech sheput nachwat tichya mage jau lagla- asa aditla disla.to santap awarun eka tablecha bill tayar karu lagla.kahi velatach tyala message aala. tyane mobile on kela.
'hi manager...my boyfriend has bought me new dress...so don't worry..'-abhilasha.
adit chidla...tyala kay karava suchena. bajula bill tayar karnyasathi mangobyte che wrapers aani choclates wegle thevle hote. aditchya mobile madhye balance navhta.
tyane ek white wraper uchalla..aani tyavar kharadla...
[ just get out of my life...I hate you..]
lagech savayipramane tya golila tyane white wraper aani varun yellow wraper gundalun vishnula haak marli.
vishnu ajun ghushhyatach hota...to muddam ushira aala.
"he ghe...tya abhilashala de order detana."- adit.
vishnu nighun gela. adit sabhowar najar firvu lagla. anshul aani mitali wegweglya tables var hote..to chakrawla. doghanche kahitari khatke udalyacha eikiwat hota khara...

ikde vishnuche dole anandane chamkat hote...nuktach tyachya dokyat ek kida walwalla hota..
majemajet ithe nehmi ase 'mangobyte' sms pathavle jayche. adit-abhilashat, anshul-mitalit, aani pravin-kishorit nehmi asa vhaycha....ani he kam vishnukade asaycha...

...he sms chukichya addressvar gele tar....?

vishnu orders serve karat karat mitalijaval aala. order det det haluch mangobyte tithe thevla..
"hmm...anshul...!" - mitali mangobyte kholat mhanali. goli tondat takat ti wrapervarcha message wachu lagli...aani ticha chehra ragane laal zala..
"ha samajto kay swatala...?"-ti ragat mhanali..
"kay zala..?"-kishori.
"kahi nahi.."- mitaline te wraper fadun takla aani samorun nava mangobyte uchalala..kholala aani wrapervar lihla..

[ go to hell....all guys are same....stupid and unfaithful..! ]
tine parat wraper gundalun mangobyte tayar kela.aani vishnula haak marli. vishnu galat hasat aala..

"he de tya anshulla.."-ti tyachyajaval mangobyte det mhanali..
vishnu parat nighala....kahitari gadbad zaleli distey...baghavi gammat ya anshulchi.
anshulchi order serve kartana tyane anshulla mangobyte dila. aatla message wachun anshulla gham futla...najar davikade walali aani to hadarla....

kishori aani mitali ekatra...!
all guys are same....stupid and..

kishorila mi coffeesathi wicharlela tine mitalila sangitla watta...aata mitali fadun khail...

mafi magavi....chal dhakal..lapwachhapwi chalnar nahi...
tyane samorcha mangobyte uchalla...wrapervar lihla..

[ I am sorry for whatever I have done....please forgive me..]

vishnula tyane botane khun keli. vishnu javal aala.
"de mitalila.."- anshul.
vishnune najar firavli...kunala deu...? najar abhilashavar khilali...to romanchit zala...order tar dili...pani gheun java..

panyacha jug gheun to abhilashajaval aala aani samor mangobyte dharla..
"so sweet...thanks vishnu...pan ithe aahet.."- abhilasha god hasun mhanali.
"nahi...message aahe.."- vishnu mhanala...rijjone bhuvaya unchavlya..
"ma...maza nahi..."- vishnu mhanala aani lagech nighun gela.
abhilashane message wachla..rijjo tar tithech hota...aditcha asnar...
abhilasha galat hasli...sorry...forgive me....aala adit wathnivar...so u want patch up...!

"kunacha aahe..?"- rijjo.
"none of ur business..."- ti savadhpane mhanali..ani samorun nava mangobyte uchalla..aditla possitive response dyava..
tine wrapervar lihla...
[ :-)...so...dinner tonite..? ]
wraper gundalun tine mangobyte punha vishnula dila.
.......aata vishnu phochla pravin kade....abhilashacha naav eikun pravin hurlun gela.
pravin wraper ughdu lagla...durun kishori javal yet hoti. aatla message pahun to chapapla...college queen kadun dinnercha invitation...?
"baghu re..."- kishorine te hatat ghetla...message wachla aani ragane laal zali.
"baghtech hicha bet...!"

....kishori vegat chalat abhilashajaval aali...
"u bitch...mazya boyfriend var najar thevu nakos..."- aani tya doghanvar jaljalit najar takat baher nighun geli..

abhilasha chakravli...tichi najar rijjokade walali...
"I didn't know u are kishori's boyfriend...!"


day 3
pravin techat chalat 'mangobytes' madhe aala. kalchya dinner invitation mule tar to jast khushit hota....eka cornerchya tabelavar yeun to basla.

tyachi najar abhilashavar khilali..ti rijjosobat basli hoti..kishori ajun aali navhti..dheer ekvatun tyane samorcha mangobyte uchalla.

[ I am sorry for yesterday...well...I won't mind abhilasha...dinner tonite...kishori won't know. ]

"vishnu...abhilasha.."- tyane makdachya hati kolit dila.

vishnu coffee gheun tyanchya tablejaval aala aani te mangobyte rijjola dila...tyane te ughadla..wachla..

"kon aahe.."- abhilasha.
"forget it.."- to mhanala aani ek mangobyte uchalla..

[ how dare u ask abhilasha out...? I will tell kishori about you...! ]

"vishnu...pravin...!"- rijjo.

vishnu fried rice gheun anshul kade aala. anshulcha chehra utarlela hota..mitalicha rag ajun gela navhta..khinna manane tyane mangobyte kholala..
........aani hadarla...
ek tension sampla nahi towar dusra suru zala...

kishoricha theek hota...abhilashachi news hi leak zali...? ha aditach asla pahije...how come he knows I asked abhilasha out...?
aani hi news punha kishorilach kalnar...aani kishori mitalila--
tyane mangobyte uchalla...kholla..lihla..

[ I am sorry...I will never ask anyone out. kishori and abhilasha were just...crushes u know... ]
"vishnu...aditla de...quick...."- anshul gham pusat mhanala...
to gham pahun vishnula andaj aala...kuthe jayla hava te...
........to mitalijaval pohochla...
tine mangobyte kholla....
"kay zala...? u ok...?"- kishori.
"anshul has a crush on u...and abhilasha."- mitali santap aawarat mhanali...kishori chamakli...

"actually...tu chidshil mhanun bolle navhte mi...abhilashacha mahit nahi...but anshul had asked me out a week or two before...and I denied.."- kishori chachrat mhanali...

mitali purse uchlun taratara chalat anshuljaval aali..aani tyala ek sansanit thappad lagavli....

"so cheap...halkat...nalayak...you..you..just get out of my life..."- mitali ashru pusat mhanali aani baher nighun geli...anshulne khali padlela chashma uchalla...aditkade pahila...
adit khadakhada hasat hota...
(pan sarvajan hasat hote...)


day 4

evhana pravin aani abhilasha hi charchet aale hote. pravin, kishorine kunala sangitla nasla tari batmi pasarli hoti..aani baryach jananna mahit hota...pravinhi line madhe aslyacha...

aditlahi mahit hota...pan aata to nirdhast hota...swatantra hota.
roj sagle fasat hote an kunachyach lakshat yet navhta..message madhe naav kunihi lihlela nasayccha..aani vishnucha yog hi changla, ki pratyekala tyachyashi sambandhit aslelech sms jat hote...
pravin idli sambhar khat khat darakade najar takat hota. abhilasha ajun aali navhti. te drushya pahun aditla hasu aawarla nahi. tyane bajucha wraper uchalla.

[ hey...I heard u are falling for abhilasha....? my sympathy for u...:) ]

"vishnu...pravinla de..lagech."- aditne hasat tyala mangobyte dila.
pravinchi reaction baghnyasathi adit satat pravin kadech baghat hota...tyamule vishnu charfadat pravinkadech gela. pravinne message wachla..aditkade pahila. aditne bajula hotelchya dusrya cornerkade pahayla khunavla. pravinne pahila. rijjo abhilashachi waat pahat basla hota. pravin hasla. aditcha rokh tyala samajla hota.
tyane mangobyte uchalla.

[ welll...I have crush on abhilasha and I am sure she will fall for me too. I am not coward and don't care of anyone. ]

tyane mangobyte punha tayar kela aani vishnukade dila.
.....kharatar vishnula kalpana navhti...aatla majkur kay asel yachi. tyamule arthatach tyala kalla nahi ki aditla ya message cha uttar apekshit hota. vishnu ikde yeunhi tyane mangobyte dila nahi tevha adit chakrawla..mag tyala watla..dusrya kunasathi asel...aani to gappa basla...

vishnu rijjokade gela. rijjone message wachla...kahi kshan garam zala...mag tyachya chehryavar krur haasya zalakla...u don't care of me...? mi kay karu shakto sangu...?
rijjone mangobyte uchalla...

[ ha ha...I have a news for kishori...PRAVIN ASKED ABHILASHA OUT AND HAS CRUSH ON HER...]

"vishnu...pravinla de..."- rijjone mangobyte vishnula dila. vishnucha laksha adit sobat gappa marnarya kishorikade gela..kahi bahanyane to counterjaval aala..aani kishorila te mangobyte dila...jau lagla..
"ann...kon dila..?"- kishori.
"ra..rijjo."-to mhanala aani nighun gela. kishorine message wachla aani tichya dolyant tachkan pani aala.
"watlach hota mala...sagle boltayat...tali eka hatane naste wajat..."- kishori musmusat mhanali aani taratara chalat pravinjaval yeun ekach hatane tyachya galavar sansanit tali dili.
ikde adit matra ti chitthi barkaine wachat hota. jar ha message kishorisathich asel tar ticha nav ka lihla aahe...? 'you' ka nahi...? I have a news for 'you' asayla hava...


day 5
pravin aani kishori, doghandhihi aditchi changli maitri hoti. tyala wait watla khara...tyane kishorila samjavun pahila.pan kahi upyog zala nahi. pravincha asa graha hota ki aditnech kishorila he sarva sangitla. aaj aditshi kahi na bolta to direct aat yeun basla, aani ek coldrink magavla...aaj abhilasha kadehi najar jat navhti.
aditne shantpane wraper var message lihla..
[ I didn't tell her. anyways..now convince kishori...tell her that u love her and no one else. say sorry.]

mangobyte tyane vishnujaval dila. aajhi vishnula pravinkade yava lagla. message wachun pravincha raag jara kami zala. kahi kshan vichar karun tyane mangobyte uchalla...

[ I am sorry...please forgive me...you know that abhilasha invited me first, for dinner.]

pravinne shantpane mangobyte vishnujaval dila.
vishnune mangobyte rijjochya fingerchips sobat dila...aani rijjo hadarla...
abhilashane aadhi tyala invite kela hota...?
......tyachya lakshat aala..hichi kirti eikli hoti. aaj puravahi bhetla...aaj ek, udya dusra..
(chitthi matra tyachya sathi nasun kishorisathi hoti he tya murkhala samajla nahi...)

........aani rijjo- abhilashacha break up zalyachi news sandhyakali sarvatra pasarli. karan kunalach kalala nahi..abhilashalahi nahi.
arthat ..sarvanna he navin navhta.
nehmipramane line madhle itar members khush hotil aani punha navya spardha suru hotil ya khatrine abhilasha nirdhast hoti....
pan yaveli asa ghadnar navhta...


day 6

sakalche 10 vajle hote...
gardi asli tari ek margal hoti.
wadalapurvichi shantata mhana hava tar..
aani wadal aala...

halkya keshari rangacha salwar suit, pathivar rulnare reshami kes, saral naak, chhotishi jivni..aani tiwar rulnara mohak hasya...!

saundarya kashala mhantat...aaj mangobytes madhlya ughdya padlelya sarva tondanvarchya tak lavun pahnarya dolyanna kalala hota...
aani tyach dolyanvarchya bhuvaya unchavlya jevha---

"ketki...tu..? ithe kashi..? kuthe astes..?"- adit hasun ashcharyane mhanala.
"adit...right...? kasa aahes..? aani he tuza restaurent...? can't believe this..."- ti khalalun hasat mhanali.
"tu first year nantarach college change kela hotas na...?"- adit.
"ho...aani ithlya management college madhe post graduation sathi aaley...tu nahi karat..?"- ketki.
"chhe...degree was enough...swatachach restaurent aahe.."- adit.

achanak aajubajula kiti shantata pasarli aahe yachi tyanna janiv zali..ketkine aat najar firavli, aani sarva mana wallya, ughdi tonda band zali..(khanyapurti ughdi rahili..) bhuvaya khali aalya...

"oh...because u are looking so beautiful..."- adit putputla aani ti chhanshi lajli..
pravincha chaha evhana thand zala hota. lakshat yetach ketkivarun najar na hatavta tyane chaha sampavla..anshulchya utarlelya chehryavar ek zalali aali...rijjone thet mangobyte uchalla...

ketki aani tichi ek maitrin eka table var basle hote. vishnu tine order kelela aani ek mangobyte gheun aala. aaj sarva najra tichyavar khillelya aslyane tyala kahich karta yenar navhta..pan tyachya parine tyane prayatna kelach...!

"mangobyte...?"- ketki.
"ann..hi ithli speciality aahe. aamhi mangobytechi theme waparliye na...aamhi tyachya aatlya wraperwar bill lihun det asto. tyavarunach ekmekanna chhote chhote message dyaychihi paddhat nighali...aani ha tumchyasathi message..."- vishnu.
"wa...aalyaaalya message...kuni dila..?"-tine mangobyte uchlatvicharla..
"ann..pravin."- aani to nighun gela.
tine mangobyte uchalla...aat message hota..

[ hi babe....rijjo here. u are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen...wd like to have coffee with you... ]

ketki hasli aani te wraper bajula thevun soup gheu lagli.kahi velane ajun ek message aala...

[ did the sun just rise or you were smiling...? pravin here. friends...?]

"husssh...ya collegat kuni sundar muli nasavyat jast..."- ti putputli..toch tisra message aala...

[ hi...I am anshul pande..will you come out with me...? I am the one wearing brown pants..]

ketki khudkan hasli...tichya maitrinine message wachla...
"what is this...? pantwarun identify karaycha..?"- maitrin.

"ann..let me see..tya kopryat distoy ek.."- ketkichi najar anshulwar padli..to kewilvana hasla...
:"got it...tyane blue checks cha shirt ghatlay..aani same shirt waiternehi ghatlay na...gairsamaj zala asta.."- ketki.

kahi velane chautha mangobyte aala...ti chakravli...aat message navhta. kora wraper..!
abhavitpane najar aditkade walali...to galat hasat hota. ti hasli..aani ek mangobyte uchalla..


aditne uttar pathavla...
[ no words...lafjome keh na saku...]

...aani ti zakaas lajli...toch maitrin mhanali...
"hey...tu notice kelas..? to waiter mhanala hota kunya pravincha message aahe...pan to rijjocha nighala.."
"kharach ki...dusrya tisrya messagelahi asach zala...pan to khota kashala bolel..?"- ketki.

sandhyakali ti parat aali tevha hi shanka tine aditla bolun dakhavli. aditne ek message lihla...


"vishnu...mitali."- tyane vishnula message dila. vishnu gela aani ekmekanshi bolat aslyacha bhasvun tyanni vishnuvar najar thevli...
......vishnu gela anshulkade.
aditchya dokyat prakash padla.

"mhanje ha shahana hi gadbad kartoy....nehmich hota asa..?"- ketki.
"nehmi nahi...pan I guess 4-5 diwsanpasun. yach gondhalamule kadachit...ithe 3 breakups zale..."- adit.
"breakups..?"- ketki.
"mag kaay...? usually couples madhe messages exchange hotat. ekhadyane dusryach mulila 'I love you' vagaire pathavla tar kitti gairsamaj nirmaan hou shaktil...."- adit.

" wa...smart distoy tuza waiter..."- ketki.
"aaj tulach sarva messages aale...tyamule tula hint tari bhetli..."- adit.
"kharach...aabhar man maze..ketki hasun mhanali.
"thanks...pan mazya ya systemmule 3 jananni na ghabarta eka navya mulisobat flirt kela..."- adit.
"teen nahi char..."- ketki haluch mhanali. adit hasla. ticha haat halkech hatat dharun mhanala..
"kon aawadla mag chaughant...?"- adit.
"kunich nahi...bhitre sagle..bolaycha tar samor yeun bolava.."-ketki.
"he ek numberche badmash aahet. ek girlfriend astanahi itar mulinvarnajar thevun astat. hech 4 diwsant ughadkila aala aani breakups zale."- adit
"you mean..? hech tighe..? rijjo, pravin, anshul...?"- ketki.
"ho...aani aata tuzya mage lagle. pravin...anshul...rijjo...saglyanna 5-6 ex girlfriends astil.."- adit.
"aani tula..?"- ketki.
"ek...I don't like to flirt. mala mulint seriously involve vhayla aawadta...as a friend...evdhach. I can't hurt them."- adit.
"allright...mala ya tighanbaddal sang...sarva kahi...I mean..about their relationships."- ketki.
"ka...? interested..?"- adit.
"not like that...I have a plan..."- ketki mhanali...tichya dolyant chamak hoti..

"ok...I will help you..."- adit.



"aankhi sang na tichyabaddal..."- anshul utsahane mhanala...
"kiti sangure baba..? sarva tar sangitla.."- adit hasat mhanala.
anshul ek suskara sodat punhapunha ketkikadun aalela reply wachat rahila..-
[what's this..? how can you ask me out just the moment u saw me...? say sorry...:) then I will think...]

"asa kar...tuch sang tila uttar kay deu te..."- anshul mhanala.
adit khush zala.
"toch vichar kartoy mi..ann...smilechi sign aahe mhanje chidli bilkul nahiye. asach...ugach..."- adit.
"kharach...? aani next step..?"- anshul.
"ajun kay rahila bavlya...? ask her out again..infact tell her. chal lihi..."- adit.

anshulne lagech samorcha mangobyte uchalla. wraper aani pen gheun adit sangel tasa lihu lagla..

[ I am very sorry dear..this will never happen again. let's forgive n forget.let's have a candlelight dinner tonite...]

"hnn...chhhan aahe..."- anshul khush hot mhanala.
"de mala...mich dein tila."- adit mangobyte uchlat mhanala.
"mazyabaddal sangshil hnn tila...jara maska marun..."- anshul.
"don't worry man..."- adit uthun counterjaval yet mhanala.

kahi velatach pravin aala...ithe jara avghad kaam hota.
"pravin...kay aala reply..?"- aditne tyala thambavla.
pravinne aitit te wraper khishyatun kadhun tyachya samor dharla...

[ nice words...liked that. I guess just 'friends' won't be enough....:)..]

"sahi re...teri to chalpadi kya...pohoch gayi...aata replky matra vichar karun de."- adit.
"vichar karun mhanje..?"- pravin.
"vichar karun mhanje..jya shabdanni ti impress zali, tashyach shabdanni tila ajun impress kar. by the way he changla lihayla kadhi shikla tu...?"- adit.
"sms hota."- pravin oshalun mhanala.
"wa...mhanje aata...mich karto kahitari. gondhal karun thevaychas..."- adit mangobyute uchlat mhanala.
"tu...mazi madat karnar...?"- pravin hasum ashcharyane mhanala...
"ka..? kay zala..?"- adit.
"I mean...sagle try kartayat..tu line madhe nahis...?"- pravin.

aditcha chehra padla..ek suskara sodat to mhanala...
"well...mihi line madhe asto...pan teen varshanpurvi tine mala rakhi bandhli hoti...ans now...I don't have such feelings."-adit.

pravin helavla...tyane halkech aditcha haat dabla..
(tichyakadun rakhi bandhun ghenya aadhi mi mangobyte sobat synide mislun khain mhatla...adit manat mhanala...)

toparyant aditne message lihun thevla hota..tyane wraper pravinla dakhavla...

[ ....as u wish..I am always yours. I will never forget you..."]

"itka chhota answer...? what's this..?"- pravin chakravla..
"liston...mi olakhto tila neet. ti ashitashi nahiye. tula watla asel ti flirt karte changla mhanun...but she won't expect guys to flirt. u need to be calm...yet appealing. attitude japayla hawas..huralunahi jayla nakos...this is enough for now. bakicha baghu pudhe.."- adit.
pravinla tyacha yuktiwaad patla.

"anyways...he mangobyte mi dein tila."- adit mangobyte khishat thevat mhanala.
"allright...chal yeto mi."- pravin.

pravin nighun gela.
aditne ketkila call kela.

"hello ketki.."
"aale donhi mangobytes..."
"anshulla garaj nahi. pravinchi hand writing copy karin. aani-
"leace him...I don't care for him..even abhilashashihi maza kahi sambandh nahi."
"allright...as u wish...ratri yein bye..."
"bye."- adit.

anshulne maafi magitlich hoti...karan ketki tyachyavar ragavli hoti. pan pravinla kahich karan navhta.
tyane pravincha mangobyte ughadla. wraperchya eka sidela to message hota. tya aadhihi tyala kahi lihaycha hota. what if this is second page...?another side..?tasa dakhavnyasathi magchi side purna bharavi lagel..

.....aani message tayar zala.

[ I am very very sorry dear..I admit I was wrong..but I really love u..please forgive me. we'll remain together-(side change)
-as u wish...I am always yours..I will never forget you.]

adit swatashich hasla...

ketki mangobytes madhe shirli.aani punha sarva najra tichyavar khilalya. ti counterjaval adit javal thambli...pravin..anshul..rijjo..sarva tichyakadech baghat hote. kishori, mitali gappant rangun gelya hotya.
ketkine 3 wrapers uchalle..aani pratyekavar message lihu lagli...

[sorry dear...I am going out with adit.." ]

adit galat hasla...ketki lajli..
"khota khota bara ka.."- ti hasun mhanali.
"as u wish.."- adit.

tine tinhi wrapers var same message lihun vishnula bolavla..

"vishnu...anshul, pravin aani rijjo."- ketki hasun mhanali.

vishnu gela. ketkine aditkadche 2 mangobytes ghetle.

"4 mulanni tuzya sobat flirt kela. doghancha nikaal lavlas. tisryalahi waryavar sodlas. chauthyacha kaay...?"- adit.

"tyachahi nikal lavava lagel...at any cost.."- ketki.
"at any cost...? even yourself..?"- aditne hasun vicharla,,toch tine vishnula vicharla..

"vishnu...he mitalila...aani he dusra kishorila...lavkar.."- tine tyala pitalala.
aditne suskara sodla..
"tighe mazyakade khau ki giluy ashya najrene baghtayat.."- adit.

ikde kishori aani mitali aaple rumal dolyanna lavat hotya...finally hundke awrun tya utsahane uthlya...

"I love u anshul...u are so sweet.."- mitali anshuljaval jaun basat mhanali.
"basss....visar to vishay..we are together again..that's all.."- ti god hasun mhanali.

ikde pravin aani kishorichahi patch up zala.firun aaplya galyat padlelya girlfriends pasun jara sutka zalyavar pravin aani anshulne aditlahi smile dili. pan najretla raag ajun gela navhta.
"saheb...pravin aani anshulne tumhala dilay..."- vishnune 2 mangobytes dile.
"are wedu..te tuzyasathi aahet. chukichya addressvar aalas."- adit hasun mhanala.
vishnu chakravla...bajula yeun tyane anshulcha mangobyte ughadla..

[ u cheat..fraud...I will kill u.]

mhanje...? yanna kalala ki kaay..? vishnu hadarla...
tyane pravincha mangobyte ughadla...

[I will see u..I wonder how come ketki likes u...anyways...tu nahi bachega...]

pan vishnucha tya dhamkikade laksha navhtach...


vishnu shaharla...angavar romanch ubha rahila..
abhilasha geli khaddyat....
.....ketkibaddal vicharach kela nahi aapan...tyat tila mi aawadto...!

vishnu baher yeunketkila ozarti smile det nighun gela...ketki chakravli..
"adit...I think tu te mangobytes ekda check karayla have hote..."- ketki.
"I don't care...aata mala kasl;ich bhiti nahi...mi aata nishchint aahe..."- adit.
"how come..?"- tine hasun vicharla..

tyane algadpane ek mangobyte kadhun tichya hatavar thevla..
"ya veli correct addressvar jat aahe..."- to hasun mhanala.

ketkine mangobyte ughadla..

[ I lOVE YOU..:) ]

adit tichya dolyant pahat hota...
tine var pahila..tiche dole chamkat hote..
"kay zala..?"- adit.
uttaradakhal ti kewal god hasli...atishay god.

MANGOBYTE sarkhi...!


Abhinav patil aka sumit patil.

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