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Breathe In, breathe out

Give it up, You'll never live this down

Ashh (*Ash2Kley)
22 March 1988
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I'm always going, never gone. Always planning, never prepared. I like to live, learn, and stay up all night.

I'm told I'm fucking awesmazing, but I really don't see it, although I admit I do have my moments. :)

My life's a musical - seriously.

I love the Detroit Tigers. I've disowned friends over bothering me during games (in my defense; it was the play-offs).

I swear way too much.

I want new part-time friends; however drama-whores are not welcome.

&& if you need to know something, I probably have an app for that.

Extended Info

I Run With A Dangerous Crowd && It's Okay To Be Jealous

i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

crushes are love

taylor hanson is love

hanson is love

scars are love

text messages are love

belts are love

feeling left out is love

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