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[20 Jun 2014|08:28pm]

k-pop, college and single motherhood. what a good life i lead. i didn't get any D's this semester. just B's and C's and I'm really proud of myself. it's not the greatest improvement but it is something and that's what counts. i'm doing my internship now and it's quite possibly the most fun thing i've ever done. i'm really get to see how a tv station makes the actual channel air and it's really awesome. i'm also going to be learning some aspects of production and i absolutely cannot wait. i'm learning so much about a culture that is not mine and it's really fascinating. so fascinating in fact that i'm seriously considering moving to Asia. i would love to raise Lilli there and i think it would be great. we'll see what happens after graduation. at the very least i'll apply and if i don't make it, i don't make, but if i do...

need to lose weight. that's my biggest worry lately. i think i'm going to starve myself. i think it might work. also, i've stopped biting my nails mostly. it's so cool because i'm actually taking interest in my looks. i try to do my hair and my makeup and if i get skinny it'll just be the icing on the cake, right. well, we'll see what happens. also, i have to work on shaving my legs more often.
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