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kittydesade July 23 2014, 17:28

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Suddenly realizing that I'm really behind in the whole read 100 books in a year thing. Mostly because I've been plowing through non-fiction lately. Gotta get on that. To assist me in that endeavor I have redeemed a shitton of credit card points for an Amazon gift cert. Come to think of it I should maybe use my credit card and pay it off every month more often. That was a nifty chunk of points for a nifty chunk of gift certificate. Sadly, I have bupkiss for points now, so no more gift certs for me.

Oof. I did manage to get some dyeing done last night! And some semi writing done. I got some notes taken. Um. Also my library books are due tomorrow argh, which means I damn well better get some note taking done tonight so I can return at least one of those two of those. I can count I swear. I mean, neither of the other two books seem to be that much taken out, so I should be able to re-take them later, but. Argh. Also I don't want to buy them on Amazon if I don't have to, not until I know I'm going to be needing them for more shit. Ugh libraries.

Ooh, hey, the first Di Tregarde book is out for $1.99 this month on Kindle. Ahem. Shut up I do not have tastes. Or childhood nostalgia.

Ooh, Ella Enchanted is $1.99 too. Is that any good, anyone?

I should stop browsing the cheap Kindle books. It's not like I don't have a to-read list a mile long.

All right. To work. I have writing to do, I still haven't done my Russian yet today, I have massive piles of reading and blogging to do, I still have day jobligations, I still have to take the fiber out of the dye pots when I get home, still maybe have to make dinner if the boy is home when I get there, and don't even get me started on the overtime he's working. And. I have a pile of shit to do, okay! Someone smack me and tell me to stop wasting time perusing cheap books on Amazon.

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kittydesade July 22 2014, 19:32

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Okay, I'm apparently still generating enough mucus to make my throat sore as hell but, fuckit, I've missed enough work and I have the energy to go get shit done. Allergy pills seem to help, so maybe it's equal parts lingering cold and seasonal allergies, in which case, definitely time to get shit done.

Oh dear lord I was just told that this cold wiped out one of the aunts with exhaustion for about two weeks. So I have another ten days of this to look forward to. Do not want.

I am managing to get a decent amount of reading done at least. The first part of the Henrietta Lacks book was a complete and utter horror show. And I don't mean in the Clockwork Orange sense of being very good, although the whole thing was, I mean there was nothing about that that was not terrifying. The latter part of the book was sort of heartbreaking and pretty good. Killing off the books about Revelation today, I hope, or at least the rest of this week, along with Long Walk to Freedom sometime in the rest of this month. That's less urgent than the library books, though.

And then I have another shitton of non-fiction books but these aren't for blogs or anything, those are just research of various kinds. Plus I get to intersperse them with fiction books. Yay! (This does not mean you get to go down to the library and raid the 50 cent shelves, self. Bad self. No biscuit.)

Ugh. I really don't feel good. I feel dizzy, tired, and I should probably be at home. I also would really like to have a substantial paycheck at all, the past few weeks have been irritatingly confuzzled and busy. Marching on.

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quaedam July 22 2014, 02:37

[art post] SSBB Yes, And special #2 out!

Hey, the latest SSBB issue is out! ( http://bb-shousetsu.livejournal.com/102609.html ) I illustrated a neat story about 18th c French court ladies in love ( http://s2b2.livejournal.com/281491.html ) . And you should get over there and read the story.

(I was going for one of these "casual" ladies' muslin dresses from the time; I had to make it a bit more colorful, but otherwise, it's somewhere between this ( http://www.thefashionhistorian.com/2012/03/chemise-la-reine.html ) and this ( http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/1998.222.1 ) Also, roses from the void, because ( http://v2012.mangapark.com/manga/Rose-of-Versailles/c10/8 ) )
infiniteviking July 20 2014, 21:10

No subject

It's been hectic lately, but plans are proceeding apace!

I hope to have some fic and/or art finished by tonight. I've done a bunch of Tron drabbles and half-drabbles recently, but am conflicted on how to archive them, aside from making ficlet masterposts on tumblr. They're too short, numerous, and unrelated to fit nicely on AO3. And I did level up on my lineart, but have to learn how to use colors all over again. Augh!

Went to a friend's engagement party yesterday. That was nice. They'll be living in New York, so I won't see them often. And I think the two of them fit well together. :)

Also trying to craft a good identity disc model so I can make a mold and cast, paint, seal, and make sure it properly attaches to my cosplay in time for Dragoncon. AUGH UNRELIABLE CLAY AUGH.

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kittydesade July 19 2014, 03:21

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Got home. Made some food. Slept for 3-4 hours. Maybe 5 hours. Probably more like 4 and then lay there and dozed for 5. Then, yeah, I was up for a bit tottering around, getting the rest of the chicken finished, watering the garden (thank god I don't have to do that this morning, I could tell I was sick because just watering the raised beds was exhausting) and scooping cat litter and feeding myself and cats. Then, yeah, passed out again.

Got up this morning! Felt fine. Less coughing. Went in to work. That lasted for about four hours before I finally staggered home and made more food and passed out again.

I'm not even that sick. Which makes this all vastly annoying, I'm just sick enough that I feel weak whenever I'm not sitting down or lying down, when I do anything, and I have a slight sore throat and a slight stuffy nose, but that could all be allergies. But I feel weak as hell.

This weekend I'm going to see what I can get done as far as picking up the house goes, but I'm thinking it'll probably be a weekend of curling up on the couch or in a chair and doing quite a bit of writing and blogging. I might be able to hold a thought in my head tomorrow. I'm hoping I can. I have so much crap to catch up on, now.

Ah well. Sick days happen. I am, at least, collecting my stuff for Dragon*Con, and over next week maybe I'll be able to mod the guns so I can create Reason. Which will be awesome. Very, very awesome.
kittydesade July 17 2014, 14:25

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Between staying up past my bedtime last night, sleeping like crap through the night, and coughing up excessive amounts of phelgm (hopefully the allergy pill work and this isn't a cold) this morning, I am so tired I didn't even react when I looked at my bank account after making all those Dragon*Con purchases. I'm just going to assume at this point that my bank is used to me making shittons of purchases of weird things and costume makeup between, oh, June and August right now. It's only happened four or five years in a row. Then I take out lots of cash and go to Atlanta for a weekend.

So, apparently Sam Wilson in the comics is going to take over for Captain America. This makes me unreasonably gleeful. Mostly unreasonable because I know jack shit about comics Sam Wilson but if he is anything like movie Sam Wilson EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SAMCAP SAMCAP SAMCAP SAMCAP SAMCAP SAMCAP SAMCAP.

Three hours later the bank balance I looked at finally hit me. Sob. And I am not taking out of my savings to make myself feel better, shut up brain. That doesn't work and only depletes my savings and then I feel worse.

And Johnny Winter and I'm pretty sure this is a cold rather than seasonal allergies because as the day goes on the sniffles are not stopping, and I still feel exhausted. And.

Can I just go back home and back to bed and still get paid for today? No? No.

Maybe it'll be quieter than yesterday.

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kittydesade July 16 2014, 17:01

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I need to figure out how to paint my legs to highlight muscles and shadow cavities pronto. Or rather, I need to learn where to highlight and where to drop shadow. I think I even have the right colors for this shit, certainly I have the highlight colors, but figuring out where to put it? Argh.

I have also ordered (and spent way too much money on argh) in the last 24 hours: parts for Reason, gems for Raven, leotard for Raven, body paint for Raven, other gems for Raven. It's actually going to be fun, modding the guns and painting them and everything like that, and the cloak for Raven is easy to make. Everything else is body paint. But convincing my brain that this is going to be easy, and convincing my brain that I do budget for this and it's fine to spend that kind of money on frivolities? AHAHAHAHAHAHA oh god that's never going to happen. So, cue the freaking out. A lot.

(Shut up brain, it's not like we dropped $300 on random household shit in a panic because the siblings were coming, despite that they don't actually care.) (That almost happened.) (I get excitable sometimes.)

(SOMEtimes, I hear you cry?)

I haven't even done Russian yet and I've hit the point where my brain is going off in twenty different directions and I need to take a breath, calm down, and do one thing at a time. This isn't good. First eating, I guess, and then more shipping things and then there can be writing and Russian and less urgent things. I'm trying to write everything down that I need to do and keep track of it that way, but god it's getting hard. One of those crazy, chaotic days. I don't much like it.

Ah well. There's no help for it but to do it, so. One thing at a time I guess? I will be glad when the days aren't this chaotic. If that happens anytime soon. Looking around at all the tasks, most of these aren't even things I could have gotten my co-worker to do. It's just, twenty directions at once.

Deep breath. One thing at a time. Till it's done.

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kittydesade July 15 2014, 15:14

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I'm looking into martial arts schools. Why am I looking into martial arts schools. Yesterday it was coding. I don't have time. Send. Help.

(Just twice a week, maybe?)

(Send. Help.)

No, though, I did get a bunch of gardening things done last night, so there's that. I should keep up more with the weeding, but other than that I think it's one more round of trimming ailanthus (I need to make that a regular weekend thing) and most of the extra stuff is done till the next time a tomato plant falls over. So that's one thing sort of out of the way? I promise, I'm slowly churning things down. If I'm very lucky I can have backlogs of things done by the end of the year.

(Sob. I have never been that lucky.)

Oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, I think whinging about how much crap I have to do has helped me focus on getting a lot of those tasks cleared. Assuming, heh, I don't get distracted by interesting news articles. Another thing I think I'm doing is I'm doing too much intensive note-taking on the Revelations book, which is making it bog down, which means it's never getting done. This is going to be a 5000 word essay. I don't need that many notes on every damn page, and if I want that, I can buy the damn book later. Come on, self.

And I'm slowly working down my non-fiction reading list in general, and. Slowly pounding down the list of things to do. It helps that I think the next major thing I have to work towards is Dragon*Con, and all that involves is finding a base water gun to mod for Reason and building a cloak. I can do that in my sleep.

(I possibly should put that list I'm working on in a more complete fashion on HabitRPG though. Okay, that first. Then everything else.)

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kittydesade July 14 2014, 20:07

No subject

Given that I couldn't remember where the fuck I was last time, I am putting down here that I am on page 104 in Twilight Watch. I am also hitting the point where if I have most of the vocab of a sentence (and the remaining bits are either particles or words related to words I know) I can extrapolate the missing and, it turns out, be generally right.

I've managed to get a third of the way through Long Walk to Freedom, which is exactly as much of a slog as you'd expect, for exactly the reasons you'd expect. Or that I expected. Actually, no, some of it is because there are endless names of politicians, lawyers, fellow freedom fighters, and other people that Nelson Mandela worked with, which is a bit odd and yet kind of ... it's a lot like listening to my grandfather talk about his work, which is its own kind of comfort. But there's also discussion of villages burnt and people beaten, fired from work, etc, and that part's hard.

Ugh. So many things I want to do! Just the list off the top of my head and from chat this morning, finish reading and taking notes on the Revelation books 1 and 2 (the titles escape me, not that I think the Book of Revelation comes in two parts), read the Henrietta Lacks book, finish Long Walk to Freedom, Dominion/Martine/angelverse dime novel, Nerd Girls, Sandborn edits, White Lightning draft, scarves to dye and spin, gardening stuff, maintain Russian/French/Spanish/German, finish Irish book, study Japanese/Latin, and now to that list I have this urge to add code classes to re-up my HTML/CSS learnings and maybe some other free online university type classes as well. Or inexpensive. And I don't have time. Argh. I really, really need to chunk down some of these one-off things like the note taking and just get that the fuck over with. Don't even ask about the state of the blog. I'm ashamed. So shame. Much embarrass.

Okay, no, really, that's enough of that. Especially if I'm going to get any chunk of this done today in between answering phone calls (oh poor lady, no, we are not a sporting goods store) and stocking the front and so on. I have had my fifteen minutes of panic, now it's time to shut up and work. I can panic again when I get home and look at all the gardening I need to do.

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kittydesade July 14 2014, 15:03

No subject

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So. Garden things. Item 1: Holy shit I thought I had a lot of tomatoes before, and now there are ten new small tomatoes. That' an estimate, not an actual number, I did not stand there and count all the tiny new tomatoes growing. Also the weight of the tomatoes is pulling down one of the stakes, which means the next step is rebar. Which it turns out is useful for something after all! Item 2: Holy shit peppers. My pepper plants in my beds are finally starting to do something; I might start dropping tea bags in there in the hopes of continuing to fertilize them. And the peppers in the pots? Last I really looked at them on Friday ish they had dropped their flowers, this morning there's a pepperlet slightly larger than my thumb. And at least a couple more that I saw at a distance. Item 3: I really really need to clean out the marigold pots ugh. Item 4: My dahlias, which were so lovely, are starting to droop and fall again. Ah well. It really is hot. Item 5: FUCKING MINT. And fucking weeds in the herb garden. These are not the same thing, there are intended and unintended weeds. I need to harvest the mint again. And dry it better this time. Item 6: Someone smack me if I don't de-caterpillar my porch plants this evening. Item 7: Why did I ever worry about gardening. Jesus.

Item 8: We really, really really need a compost pile. Really a lot. I may just unscrew the damn giant bed and move the whole fucking thing myself this weekend. Or over the course of the week and the weekend. Hell with this.

So. My siblings have been and gone! My house did not get cleaned to my standards. The world did not end. (Everything was clean, just, not everything was tidy. In fact, a lot of things were not tidy. The world still did not end.) I did get stung by a fucking hornet and I hope I tasted awful, and that did put a premature end to the hiking since no one brought either anything for hornets or, in my siblings' case, shoes suitable for hiking up hills. Also the hornets' nest was right in the middle of the fucking narrow trail. Oops. We ended up going back and hiking around downtown Asheville instead and I picked up another non-fiction book I don't need, in this case London: The Biography. It looked interesting, okay? Shut up. Also a place to start for researchings.

Oh dear god I just listed out all the things I'm working on right now to a friend of mine and now I feel like an over achiever. A really overwhelmed over achiever. Dear god I have way too much crap I am currently doing. One. Project. At. A. Time. Or at least a piece of a project at a time. I swear I can do this. Especially now that I don't have to worry about impending siblings. FUCK but I do have to worry about impending Dragon*Con and argh. No, that's a next month problem. Fuckit.

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quaedam July 12 2014, 13:11

[art post] Vespar and Valentine [illustration]

These ladies are two characters from Chizicus ( http://chizicus.tumblr.com/ ) and Pigeonsoup ( http://pigeonsoup.tumblr.com/ ) ' s extremely neat webcomic Gran Grimoire ( http://www.grangrimoire.com/ ), which you should check out. I figured some sort of a mysterious library would be appropriate. The library is very very slightly based on this ( http://cache2.asset-cache.net/gc/CA0573-005-france-paris-assemblee-nationale-palais-gettyimages.jpg?v=1&c=IWSAsset&k=2&d=kUg8zxsITqE39NKTEjErVXvpU9BHqFSzChtHhl8LquY%3D ) but only slightly.

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drowsyfantasy July 10 2014, 00:55

In July

  • Dad's recovering very well from his surgery back in June; he's walking with just a cane now, and making small journeys (across the room, within the kitchen, etc) without it. He's due to start physiotherapy in the next few weeks and is determined to go back to school in September.

  • the job is fantastic; I've now been there since February and I've been cross-trained with almost every duty (except scanning stuff) but it's really awesome because now we have a full team for our Operations, and it feels good.

  • TFSA and RRSP are looking healthy, but it's frustrating that the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) is only contact-able by phone between 9-5 apparently. Seriously, the reason we pay taxes is because we WORK between 9-5. I need to find some information about international marriage - something that your website either doesn't have or it's buried so deep that Google can't reach it.

  • Not thrilled with the results of the provincial election, but at least the Conservatives got their asses handed to them. Good. Now if only we can do the same with our upcoming municipal elections...

  • Pride Week was awesome and I can't wait to see Kristin on the August long weekend.

  • Haven't lost any more weight yet, but plan to.

  • Multiple reasons I don't tell my family stuff: a) they don't believe it b) they question it or make fun of me c) they spread it around like wildfire, holy hell people, can't you keep a fucking thing to yourselves? this is why I never fucking tell you anything.

  • This weekend: Louden Swain livestream show, and making my Evan doll

  • Next weekend: Con Bravo (Hamilton)

  • Looking forward to SPN Con in October for Toronto! Gonna be awesome. Splurged on photo ops this year.

wredwrat August 24 2013, 05:22


Oh awesome! Looks like there are still some fine folk on my flist. How are you all?

I will probably start posting on LJ again. I miss the verbosity allowed in it, tumblr moves so so quickly and oftentimes it feels like I am talking into a void. Will still be tumblring of course, but yea sometimes I feel like talking to myself and LJ is still best for that.

 Anyway, I have a tonne of OT work from the office to finish up at the moment, so will be back shortly.

Good to see you all again.


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