Great Odin's Beard!

I do not believe Mr. Colin Farrell and I are relations.

16 July 1967
United States
Interests: (38)
armball, being bff with jack, being incredibly happy, being super awesome, cake not pie, chest hair, coke not pepsi, crab puffs, fine linens, foosball championships, frolf, handsome dudes like me, having what you don't, helium and strindberg, hockey, humor, kicking people's asses, long distance running, long set ups, love, magic, making up, me, odd couples, pate, people who are funny, pie not cake, pirate murder, puppies, reconciliations, replacing couches, rice krispy treats, scotch, seeking revenge, soup, triathalons, will ferrell's business acumen, winning emmys
Well, hello there. You're probably thinking I am the greatest thing on the planet earth, and you'd be right. I like good scotch, smooth jazz, the elusive and sensual sounds of Prince, Sade, and Styx, overstuffed couches, and people who adore me. But those people shouldn't try to touch me, because I have a Kung-Fu grip and a fiery temper.

I'm fiercely loyal, funny as hell, and can do a backflip. Oh, and I've won all kinds of awards. And was the highest paid cast member of SNL ever. And I'm really nice. And a great guy. And humble. And I run triathalons now. Have YOU?

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Scarlett Johansson made me GAY.