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Nov. 8th, 2012

Being a theatre kid has engraved in my mind that being early, means being on time. So here 15 min early for my appointment seems like forever. It seriously is only a 10 drive, tops, without traffic... And I'm always leaving at least 30 min before.

At least i am never late!

Aug. 16th, 2012


And it's that time of the year again. Marco is amazing taking care of me, and my meds are stable. But the amount of pain I'm in is killing me :( and my body is rejecting the meds I'm on for my stomach. I keep throwing them up. It's so hard to convince my body that I can survive this week.

Aug. 7th, 2012


Cleaning out my storage unit is taking forever. But knowing at one point i have to sit and go through all the harbor letters i have makes me smile. I have boxes...

Jun. 15th, 2012


this app on my phone is pretty awesome, but confusing. i didn't mean to post the first world problems to my journal lol just my community. other than that this is soooo helpful!

first world problems!


Seeing if this mobile app works! But really, my friend who is gonna cut my hair (which I really need) is running late. I wouldn't mind so much, but I'm here waiting because the shop is 2 min from my work.


What are your first world problems right now?


I promise, a real update soon!

holy crap it's been a while.

Everything is good. Excited for next week, cuz Jenn and I are driving down to SoCal to see Erin <3. Marco's great, we're great.

I've been having random memories, little things, pop up lately, and i really need to start writing them down. Pairing them with all the pictures I have. Thought "Oh I should get all the pictures I need out of the Harbor group on FB, just in case I get deleted again, or they shut the whole group down." Yep, I'm not in it and can't even look it up. At least this time I'm not gonna throw such a big fit over it. Since it was years and years of my life. And how I was like.. one of the first people to join the theatre group.

I just want the pictures. If anyone reads this and still has access, I'd love you forever if you could email me pics I'm in/shows I was in. I just want to start making my books to help my memory.
big kiss


Thank goodness this morning at work has been going by fast. I am pretty excited for our SF trip for tonight's date. <3

Not working on Monday has messed up the days in my head, and I know I'll have the same issue next week. I'm currently working on finishing up this years QuickBooks, and finding new ways to make the paperwork more informative. Going to start a real No Show charge, as some people just never show up, or call to let me know whats going on, and I could have filled that spot with someone on the waiting list! My boss is amazed with the things I've been changing and doing these last 2 years. (2 fucking years! I did 2 years at Fusion as their office manager, and now to hit 2 years again is great) (not that I want to do this forever. I'm great at my job, but it's not what I want for my future)

Started the art piece for Jenn last night. Gotta say it's looking great already. Sketched it out on the canvas (gaw I'm so OCD about line work) And did some basic color blocks for the background. Really excited to get the mixed media layers/3d going on it!

So, yeah. Woo posting 2 days in a row!

2 posts in a day? Who am I?

Actually catch up of my life.

-I think I have a gif addiction.
-Quick bestie call with Erin during our lunch breaks today. 15min convo that had us both laughing to death, and cussing to high heaven.
-Seeing MI3 tomorrow (not because I want to, but because Marco is dying to see the first 6 min of the new Batman movie, that will air before the movie.
-New Years Eve in Pleasanton, and Ben's house? YESFUCKINGPLEASE. I love that Marco and my bestie are so good together.
-Starting Jenn's art project tonight. She found this amazing painting and sent it to both Erin and I, so we can recreate it in our own styles.
-I tried to CLEAN ALL THE LAUNDRY yesterday, but as always, forgot to bring it back into my room. Uuuugh
-Made a dr's appointment LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING ADULT!
-Have a $50 gift card from my godparents, which they specifically said to NOT spend on anything practical. I have no idea what to buy.
-On the buying note, I am getting my big zombie leg tat in 2 weeks! :) I love having a tattoo artist as one of my closest.
-I'm a happy, happy girl.
-Starting the search for another car, as well as getting my eyes out there for the 2 bedroom house we need

Dec. 27th, 2011

Go out to our local bar to celebrate Pat's bday while he is in town... Walk in the door expecting to see our group at the big front table... Deer in headlights moment of just standing there in the doorway staring at the giant group of people that I've been excommunicated from. Head straight to the bar and pound a few beers in a row.

It was nice to see Brigitte, and Jimmy (who stayed after everyone left to have a real long heart to heart with me) and even Jason came to say hi. Jason, always so sweet. Lis came up too and gave me a hug. I didn't expect that.

My group of friends is amazing though. They new someone was wrong, that made me so anxious, but Lauren was my smoking buddy, Marco was all affectionate, and Pat couldn't stop telling his gf about how awesome Marco is, and how I'm perfect for him... <3

Well, after years of being terrified to running into any of them, giving up a Starbucks I loved to go to (even during the year, I just can't go there anymore it's not the same) and the 2 days of the year that make me feel like shit (and write cryptic lj entries about those that are still my friends not caring that it's been years and we are all adults) I finally had the run in I never wanted. I feel like I did well. I just smiled and went on with my friends. I didn't have to worry about being judged like I thought I would have. I just had a good time :)

In other news, I woke up this morning feeling like this