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16 October 1985
United Kingdom
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aj mclean, backstreet boys, beat generation, big bang theory, biscuits, books, brian littrell, brian's hugs, cheese, cola, curls, daniel radcliffe, draco malfoy, fan fiction, florence & the machine, graphics, h/d, harry potter, harry/draco, howie dorough, internet, iphone, ipod, jk rowling, kill your darlings, kit kats, lana del rey, london, maroon 5, muse, music, new york, nick carter, nintendo, notebooks, ocean, painting, photography, pink, poetry, reading, scrubs, shoes, slash, sleeping, slow club, stationary, tea, the woman in black, travel, twizzlers, vintage cameras, wild beasts

Sarah, 26 years young. Daniel Radcliffe currently owns my life. I did stan for BSB for many a year, but lately I've not been so into them. I like reading (a lot), I like music (a stupid amount) and unsurprisingly, I enjoy frequenting the internets.
Please feel free to add me. I don't really add anyone new on here anymore, but I welcome new people in my life. In fact, I encourage it. So if we have similar interests, I'll add you back!

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