26 April 2013 @ 11:49 pm
I'm off to the oft-discussed destination wedding this weekend, btw, so I won't be around. Not that I post particularly often on LJ these days, but anyhoo, I'm back on the 6th. Don't burn down the internet in my absence! At least, not without good cause.
21 April 2013 @ 12:09 am
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18 April 2013 @ 12:37 pm


More rationally, I am still of the opinion the script for this thing is most likely going to suck. But there are some things that Steven Moffat's writing cannot take from me, and set photos like this are one of them, so I am going to revel in it. Gimme a couple nice ones of Billie to work with too, ty. (If you were wondering, other things on the list: Murray Gold music and press rounds. People I love complimenting each other! While I vomit rainbows!)

In slightly different news, is anyone on this side of the internet watching Broadchurch? Frances accused me of liking it merely because David Tennant is in it, but let me tell you, I have watched many a thing because David Tennant is in it, and that is really not a guarantee of my praise. Also, Broadchurch is by Chibnall, so admitting I am loving it means admitting Chris Chibnall wrote something good, and I think you can all appreciate what an effort that is for me.

But it is good! I got super into it! It's a nice balance of decent drama and total hilarity (unintentional most of the time) that keeps me entertained through every episode, which is basically all I want from TV. I really love Ellie, feel quite awful for Beth, and for once I am actually super fond of David Tennant's character, even if (naturally) I express that fondness with sheer unadulterated mockery.

Anyway consider this long endorsement my way of saying that if you were considering watching it but unsure, go for it. And if you are watching, come talk to me. Theories! Thoughts! etc! Spoilers through ep 7.Collapse )
15 March 2013 @ 03:12 pm
but since she's more or less doomed to lose, might as well make it close as possible:

Vote for Martha!
14 March 2013 @ 01:53 pm
your daily reminder to vote for this queen:

lmao someone got mad at me for joking about the fauxlivia plotline trololo

Also, I was not aware so many people had a deep hatred for Hermione Granger. The more you know, I guess.
12 March 2013 @ 01:19 pm

plz vote for Martha this is not a drill

i wavered between natasha and martha winning sci-fi and ended up switching last minute to martha so this is super important obviously
01 March 2013 @ 11:56 pm

If you want on my FMM filter for 2013 speak now or forever... be filtered out of my posts. Please note that by deciding to partake in this filter you are acknowledging that FMM is srs fucking bsnss.

in other news, the way LJ deals with expired icon slots is super annoying. you mean i can't rearrange them at all unless i pay you more money? rude, lj. rude.
31 January 2013 @ 10:52 pm

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fyi the walking dead game is half off on steam today

so if you enjoy puzzle-y decision-based games with a+ character development and story, you should go buy it. obviously there is zombie killing involved but it's not like a shooter game or anything where the main goal is killing things, it's mostly solving puzzles and interacting with the AI characters and stuff

I have enjoyed video games in the past but not the same way I enjoyed this stupid game, which was on a very emotionally-invested level.

look this is clementine and lee and it is the most adorable orphan/convicted killer relationship you ever did see
This post is going to be even more echo-chamber-y than usual since it's about a show I think only two of you watch but I wanted to take a break from reblogging a trillion gifsets to come over to LJ and express my appreciation for the fourth (final?) season of The Thick Of It, which I mainlined over the last two days.


WHAT AN EXCELLENT SERIES. I enjoyed the first three seasons plenty but I don't remember being quite as involved in the actual political drama/wankery as I was in s4, and the dialogue was as sharp and hilarious as ever. I read the actors weren't given any time to rehearse for the inquiry ep to make it more "real", which is pretty interesting -- I don't know if that means it was all unscripted or what, but either way it worked well.

I also find it impressive that a show mostly populated by assholes, politicians and asshole politicians, the characters remain... I don't know if I'd say "likable" or even "sympathetic" but they're definitely compelling. Nicola's growing inability to lead was pitiable and there was even something sort of sad about Malcolm's downfall, long-coming and perhaps well-deserved as it may have been.

(Also, predictably, when I went looking for gifs in the Tumblr tag I found at least one stan determined to woobify Malcolm Tucker which LOL FOREVER.)

Anyway, I guess consider this a recommendation I doubt anyone will take. Great show. I still need to track down "In the Loop" and might try out Veep again, although I remember being not so dazzled by the first ep and TTOI has the advantage of featuring a parliamentary system I understand. (Though tbf I don't know how much actual politics and political machinations play into Veep, lol.)
26 December 2012 @ 10:45 am
Greetings internet! I'm at my aunt's house now which is in the 21st century, so I have wifi and I figured while everyone is showering and stuff I would check in. I had a good Christmas, very unlike other Christmases I've had. It was nice to see all my cousins at once, which basically never happens.

My aunt's house has a satellite, so I ended up recruiting the TV in the basement to watch the DW Christmas special. My cousin and her boyfriend joined me, and since neither of them have seen Doctor Who before, it involved a lot of explaining. Anyway, I saw the ep at least. Spoilers.Collapse )

BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY rose_dawson! I essentially had time to copy/paste this post from Tumblr and now I have to go be social but I hope your day is decent.
We're leaving bright and inexplicably early tomorrow to go visit family for Christmas, so I won't be around much -- at least for the first couple days where I won't have wifi. Living in the dark ages, man.


So, happy holidays everyone, merry Christmas if you celebrate it. Save some Christmas special wank for me! I should be back properly on the 28th.