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16 November 2012 @ 03:13 pm
It's Children in Need today which as usual means DW stuff. First up is the prequel to the Christmas episode:

There's going to be a proper trailer later as well, I'll add that in when it's there.

That was inoffensive. It's sad that "inoffensive" is a pretty high compliment these days. Anyway.
  • Jenna-Louise Coleman is a cutie. I know it was scripted banter, but she still made me laugh, especially the "hiiiii".
  • I don't care much about Vastra, Jenny or Strax but they were nice enough here. Well, Jenny and Vastra. I found Strax's humour annoying. Didn't he die in AGMGTW? Oh well. Also, I still lol @ their relationship with the Doctor which has never and will never be established.
  • So the Doctor is retired because Amy Pond Angst. On one hand I expected him to be whacky and quirky in this prequel and I am nhft so I am glad he wasn't. It's nice that losing Amy seems to have influenced him, although maybe it will influence him like losing Melody influenced Amy, aka "only in this prequel, never to be spoken of again".
  • On the other hand, him retiring is making me laugh hard. It's pretty selfish, isn't it? "I lost Amy Pond in an event largely unrelated to world-saving and now I'm not going to help anyone ever again." I guess I'm glad they're not retreading stuff they already did with Ten, but I can't help but think deciding to travel alone while still helping people seems like a more productive response to losing someone you love than just... lol, leaving everyone to fend for themselves. Oh well Eleven's a dick what else is new.
  • Needs moar Clara.

ETA: and here it is, the trailer itself:

I don't have many. 'The Snowmen' lol what a title. I don't like the teasing about Oswin because it implies they are the same character and GOD PLEASE MOTHER OF GOD NO REPEAT OF RIVER SONG JESUS CHRIST MOFFAT SURELY YOU HAVE MORE THAN 2 IDEAS IN YOUR BRAIN.

Anyway it wasn't a bad trailer and I am excited to see Clara. And we finally hear them say her name! Clara! Now I have to adjust to how Brits say it! That will take a while!
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