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30 September 2012 @ 12:56 pm
Okay I’m going to posit an issue I’ve had with the Weeping Angels since “Blink”, but it has spoilers for TATM so behind the cut:

I feel like neither the show nor many members of fandom really give what the Weeping Angels can do enough weight. Like I often see people in fandom saying “oh well they just send you into the past they don’t kill you that’s fine”, and in the show, other than the people in the “farm” who apparently live out their lives in a single hotel room getting room service from weeping angels, or the people who had their neck snapped for lolwhatever reason, all the people who DO get sent into the past have a good time of it. They get married and make babies and they’re happy, in the end.

But I mean, MAN does that seem like underselling what this would really be like.

I mean, you wouldn’t have an identity, for starters. How do you do anything? Get a job? Rent a place? Have any money, at all, to do any of those things in the first place? You’ve got nothing but the clothes on your back and zero connections. With Ten, Martha and by extension Billy, we can handwave that they flubbed some of this stuff via psychic paper. With Sally’s friend (what was her name?), she ~meets a man~ and I guess he takes care of all that for her. (By following her until she learns to love him! Great.) But with Amy and Rory…? I mean even their accents will make it obvious they don’t belong.

Anyway, assuming they somehow find an apartment and a means to pay for it, then what? What kind of job options will Amy have? She can go into writing I guess, she publishes Melody Malone, but…? Not a huge amount of money there. She could model again maybe? And Rory — what was the field like for male nurses in the late 30s? I am assuming not great? And even regardless, he’s got 21st-century medical knowledge. Surely there’ll be a lot of tech and procedures and stuff he’s not familiar with, and even lots he probably knows are ineffectual/harmful/whatever. And that’s not even getting into, like, LOL HAVE FUN WITH WORLD WAR II AND THE COLD WAR AND EVERY OTHER SHITTY THING YOU READ ABOUT IN SCHOOL AND NOW GET TO LIVE THROUGH.

Plus like… the show really seems to ignore that some places just aren’t great times to be a woman, or black, or what have you. Everyone just seems fine with this, like 1938 or 1969 or 18whatever is just as good as where they’re originally from. “Dear Sally, I didn’t have the right to vote, but I got to marry a dude and have a lot of children without access to modern contraceptives so it’s fine”???? I DUNNO MAN. Omg and Sally’s friend’s letter being all ~I ALWAYS WANTED TO START A NEW LIFE~. WHO THE SHIT WANTS TO START A NEW LIFE IN AN ERA WHERE THEY LACK BASIC RIGHTS?!? NO ONE, THAT IS WHO.

So anyway Amy and Rory get a happy ending in the sense that they get to be together, and like every other Weeping Angeled person they say they had a happy life, because how could you not be happy ~living to death~ in an era without the same kind of societal norms, legal rights, creature comforts you’re accustomed to, right? Like, we spent most of “The Power of Three” establishing that Amy and Rory were finally building themselves a real life they liked — Rory had a job he loved, they had friends, they had a gorgeous house and Rory’s ~dream car, etc. But they don’t get to keep any of those things. I’ve seen a lot of people say this is the happiest ending for a New Who companion, and… I dunno guys. Martha, Donna and Rose all got to be with the men they loved too, and they didn’t lose everything else in their life to do it.

Whatever, I guess. Maybe they can Wikipedia stock market trends on their superphones and just invest wisely.
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