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29 September 2012 @ 05:50 pm
lol my internet died just after I finished streaming so I started writing this post and it got huge

k first up watching this was such a hassle, the streams were so slow and then my mom started yelling at me during the graveyard scene and then when I got back my stream had abruptly stopped working and I had to wrestle with a new one and ugh. Anyway so I am sure that detracted from the ~dramatic effect to some degree but

basically I was right about everything. River wrote the book, which got them into the mystery, Rory got zapped and couldn’t be saved with the TARDIS because reasons, Amy sees Rory die, Amy decides to go back into the past to be with Rory, their final interaction is a letter Amy writes that he reads after she’s dead Reinette-style, etc etc

the angel mythology is super fucked btw also as if the statue of liberty can move that far without someone seeing her lolllllllllllllllll. Also she’s not made of stone! Fyi! And her construction was well documented so ???????? okay

btw I was like, screaming in irritation at the screen as soon as it turned out oH SHIT WE READ THE BOOK AND THAT MEANS WE HAVE TO OBEY THE BOOK BLAH BLAH TIME LOOPS mother of fuck. I knew it would happen but I still hated every second of it hooray

lol I have no idea what to make of River in this episode. She’s only Amy and Rory’s kid when it’s convenient which is apparently never. Like, at the start, I would expect her to be more protective of two big guys being like LET’S MAKE RORY UNCOMFORTABLE – but she didn’t even start to protest. There was no father/daughter connection between them at all in that scene. He didn’t look pleased to see her, they didn’t hug, etc. Like, the only time he’s felt like River’s dad is in that one scene at the start of AGMGTW and that’s because they wanted to foreshadow the end.

Likewise, Amy and River’s two scenes should’ve been cute but they were too little – I like Amy going off to comfort River after her spat with the Doctor, but there was little content and not even a hug. HUG YOU DAUGHTER FFS. And River being all “don’t let him see you age” no you know what the Doctor can fucking deal, River.

The wrist-breaking scene was gruesome and if the Doctor can just give out regeneration energy to anyone who gets hurt then LOLFOREVER wouldn’t that solve all his problems, but okay whatever let’s ignore it and/or assume that maybe he can only do it to River because she’s quasi-Time Lord whatever whatever. If the Doctor really wanted to DEFY TIME he should’ve just broken the angel’s wrist instead of being like RIVER U DO IT. But again that brings us back to my issue with the book stuff.

OH. AND LOL. RIVER GETS PARDONED NOT BECAUSE OF ANYTHING SHE’S DONE BUT BECAUSE THE DOCTOR CEASES TO EXIST? Fuck me this is the dumbest plot LOL I CAN’T. WHY WAS SHE EVEN IN JAIL THEN IF …… FUCK. I hate this plot so much god I can’t even handle it moving on.

Anyway, as predicted, Amy and Rory went to live in the past. In New York. And died there, apparently. SUX 4 U BRIAN I GUESS YOU’LL NEVER KNOW PS YOU HAVE A GRANDDAUGHTER. I would say also sux 4 the Pond parents but they clearly have no relationship with their daughter anyway so NBD. I hope Amy and Rory also thoroughly enjoyed having minimal rights and possibly living through two world wars.

I liked Amy’s concern for Rory in this episode and Amy/Rory are generally sweet but idk. I liked the rooftop scene I guess. I think I liked the music, I remember noticing it.

Why can’t they just use a vortex manipulator to go get Rory, that’s how River got in, idgi. Why can’t the Doctor see them again later? Like not in 1938 or whatever but some other time? Idgi.

I thought Amy’s letter was nice but I was honestly a little underwhelmed? Oh well. Maybe it’ll be nicer on rewatch.

This needed to be a two-parter. It was cramped. Like, not in the way RTD’s episodes sometimes were, where there was just SO MUCH STUFF and the kitchen sink, but in this sort of uniquely Moffat way where as soon as something interesting gets established you move along to the next thing. Lots of scenes didn’t have any room to breathe. There were lots of scenes that could’ve been expanded IMO.

Anyway all in all it was okay I guess. The performances were good. I don’t know how I feel about Amy’s story ending with her choosing to go be with Rory – I mean, I like her and Rory being together, but it was so… idk. We had FINALLY begun to establish their real lives and then they got uprooted from all of it to go live in the early 20th century.
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