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24 September 2012 @ 11:50 am
I was at a bridal shower out of town this weekend so I only caught DW last night. I know you've all waited with bated breath for my thoughts.

  • This episode was pretty good? Who knew Chibnall had it in him. Anyway, I think what I liked so much is that it injected a bit of the "domestics" into s7 when Moffat Who is largely lacking in those things. We've only had a few common-day Earth issues: Eleventh Hour, The Lodger, and Closing Time. Like, that's it? That's pretty weird. I know people complained about the RTD years taking place on Earth too often, but I think there's a compromise to be found.
  • It was nice to see Amy and Rory and their real lives. I think it's hilarious that we didn't see Amy's parents or hear any mention of River but lol whatever I guess Amy has to be content with having an in-law. I like Brian, but remain a bit pressed that we have another paternal relationship shown while Amy's family is nowhere to be seen.
  • Eleven's five-year-old antics remain annoying and I was more or less rolling my eyes at the scene where he was fidgeting on the sofa and whatnot.
  • Kate Stewart was a nice nod to the Brig and a little understated/underused, but it was cute.
  • I was really interested in the idea of the Ponds suddenly finding out they enjoy their real lives. I thought it did well at capturing the sense that for years they've used travelling as a reason not to commit to anything, but now they were finally happy enough where they were to commit to a full time job/bridesmaid-ing/etc. Also Amy Pond: travel writer! is so much more palatable to me than Amy Pond: MODEL OR SOMETHING I GUESS.
  • ...but then in the end they decided to go travelling again? I dunno man. I still haven't sorted out how I felt about that but I thought it was very odd. Perhaps it would've fit better in another part of the season, but right before their last episode it felt stupid to me -- dragging them back on the TARDIS just in time for them to be forcibly evicted. Again.
  • Likewise, Brian being worried about their safety but ultimately deciding they ought to go adventure was a nice arc, but stupid for their second-last episode. It's the kind of thing I'd have liked to see Amy and Rory's families deal with back in s5, or at least in s6.
  • In general while I liked a lot of the character stuff in this episode it just seems too little too late. I liked Eleven and Amy's discussion about running and how there's so much to see and I thought the "seared onto my hearts" line was very sweet. But it's also like, I don't know -- the Doctor/Amy relationship is so on and off for me. They have sweet moments like that sometimes and I think "aww" but then I remember that time he couldn't find her baby or yelled about her having an emotion and I'm like "oh right, this dude is a shitty friend". I dunno.
  • It also bothers me that they had the Ponds here choosing to go on more adventures and essentially choosing that life over "real" life just in time for 7x05 to come along, where I'm pretty sure they won't really have a choice. That's a spoilery discussion for another time but w/e.
  • Oh and the plot: I like the idea of the cubes everywhere and it being this weird but inexplicable thing, and how it got integrated into pop culture and how everyone just got used to them and how they then all did weird individual things. But the Shakri stuff and erasing the human plague through the most convoluted means ever was just lolwhat. Even more lolwhat was that, like, 3 hours later the Doctor managed to restart the hearts of millions of people who had suffered cardiac arrest like 3 hours ago. LOL WHAT EVEN???? But it's Doctor Who and this episode was pretty good in other areas so fine.
  • Lastly: actually SAYING "the power of three (hurr get it because there's 3 of us") at the end was like, embarrassingly cheesy. There's the Chis Chibnall I know and "love".
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