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21 September 2012 @ 12:02 pm
NBC Thursdays just aren't the same without Community.

There were parts I liked and parts I didn't. I think the Jim/Pam stuff mostly is shaping up to be interesting -- it looks like the Halperts are finally going to leave Dunder Mifflin, and since it's the last season THEY ACTUALLY CAN escape and have some success. I started watching the show largely for Jim and Pam so I can finish watching the show largely for Jim and Pam, especially if they're going to have a real plotline this season for the first time in ages. So I liked that stuff. I thought using "the new Jim" to incite this kind of freak-out in Jim was pretty well done. I don't really like the idea of him clearly agreeing to invest all this money without talking to Pam, but k whatever I guess we'll see how it plays out. ONE TIME JIM BOUGHT A HOUSE 'FOR HER' AND SHE DIDN'T CARE so. I think we can assume this is the "secret" Jim has in ep 3 or whatever it is.

I also quite liked seeing the camera crew -- well, not seeing them, but finally getting a hint that yes, this is really (meant to be) a documentary and there are people off-camera asking questions. It's weird, because The Office has been going for so long and it's kickstarted so many other mockumentary commentaries that the basic conceit of "they're making a documentary" doesn't really cross my mind anymore. So it was a bit of a shock. It's a good thing to bring into the final season. The UK Office took the mockumentary premise a lot more seriously (the big Tim/Dawn Casino Night thing was dialogueless because they took off their mics) and at this point with the US Office it's like okay lol why ARE these people still here? Following them in their personal lives and everything?

The Andy/Nellie stuff though was terrible. I appreciate having Catherine Tate on my screen weekly but I wish I had the sense that the writers had ANY kind of idea wtf they were doing with her character or why her character is still here. I mean, how contrived is it to have Andy re-hire her so you can keep her around only to have him want to fire her in the next episode? Also, while I'm biased in favour of Nellie because she's Catherine Tate, I think this made Andy look very bad. He forgave her and rehired her, it's been months, what's his deal? And Nellie's characterization is all over the place again, with her being very meek but polite here. IDEK. I hope they're going somewhere with this. Maybe Nellie is the new Toby because Andy didn't adequately hate Toby. In whhich case -- Greg Daniels do you really need the pointless office punching bag in all of your shows? I'm pretty sure you don't. Let it go buddy. (Also where's Gabe? "Gabe sux" jokes were my favourite of that variety ngl.)

The Oscar/Angela/Dwight/Senator stuff is gross too. This plotline has been a mess since it started. But Oscar, what the fuck bro? You're supposed to be one of the sane people in the office! I think Dwangela is endgame, but like -- Oscar, what?

The turtle gag was gross.

I WILL MISS KELLY AND RYAN SO MUCH OMG. I saw someone on Tumblr not only stanning Andy but also saying how they hated Ryan and Kelly and that is how I knew that person was the worst ever. SORRY ABOUT YOUR TASTE.

Also This episode didn't wow me, I dunno. It was fine. UHHH. Let's do this plotline by plotline.

Leslie had the best plotline as always. It was interesting to see Leslie, who's committed her whole life to her tiny town and conquering that tiny town, confront the reality that she is a big fish in a very small pond and then not let that deter her. I thought it was well done. The Ben/Leslie "Hot Rebecca" side of it was something I don't care much about, but I thought Leslie's ~inner struggle~ and conquering it by the end was good.

I thought the Ron storyline was hard to take. Maybe it was because I just watched Andy Bernard be a terrible boss for 20 minutes, but watching Ron do the same wasn't charming to me, and for once his really childish behaviour just deeply irritated me more than anything.

Tom/Ann is dead! HOORAYYYYY. I thought they were funny in this episode. However this begs the question of 'what the fuck was the point of all of that'. I mean I guess... comedy... but it was just stupid. I dunno. Whatever. Bye, Tom/Ann.

I think that's it? April and Andy didn't really do anything in this episode. Anyway, it was an alright start to the season but I wasn't wowed.
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