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16 September 2012 @ 03:10 pm
I guess I should post about this episode.

This is easily my least favourite Whithouse effort, which is unfortunate because Toby Whithouse was my one hope for a good final Pond ep. I was disappointed I think even though I had my bar set really low. I dunno.

This episode was about MORALITY and JUSTICE and all these big ideas that usually interest me but did not in this episode. I don't know why, exactly. Maybe the story just wasn't well-crafted. Maybe I'm just too beyond giving a shit about Eleven. I dunno. I thought Matt was pretty good -- I liked how he played the Doctor's anger, even if I'm not sure the script properly built up to the Doctor's anger. The same applies to the gun -- if you want me to buy the Doctor picking up a gun you've got to really work for it and I don't know if this episode did.

Gunslinger looked like Kickpuncher. His punches have the power of kicks!

The "Susan" joke was blech. Even if it was just meant to be that the horse liked the name Susan and not some kind of gross joke about trans people, it wasn't very funny; it's a repeat of the Stormageddon joke and that joke wasn't very funny. Also, the idea that the Doctor can talk to animals is so fucking stupid I have no choice but to believe he's lying, and that means I have no choice but to believe the Doctor thought this horse gender identity joke was super hilarious. So... okay.

I think two things stuck out the most for me and kind of ruined this episode. The first is that the Doctor is 1200 now. That means THREE HUNDRED YEARS have passed since "The God Complex". Not even just since, like, Ten + Rose + the people I care about. Since The God Complex! THREE HUNDRED YEARS have passed in THE LAST SIX EPISODES. The fuck? So in THREE HUNDRED YEARS, the Doctor hasn't picked up any other companions, or gotten over the Ponds, or even changed dramatically as a person. In that time, he's only had SIX adventures important enough for us to witness them. In THREE HUNDRED YEARS. This is such bullshit, like -- lol. Why should I give a shit that the Doctor is going to lose Amy + Rory in a couple episodes if he clearly doesn't need them around? Why should I feel bad about this guy being alone if he's alone by choice all the time anyway and nothing bad happens?

Whatever, that's just like, complaint #235939 about how Eleven is characterized, so what else is new.

The second complaint is "why are the Ponds even here?" Like, seriously, why are they still in the story? What did they add to this episode? Amy was important for about 3 minutes of screentime in which she yelled at the Doctor for travelling alone, and Rory had about five lines in this episode total. Amy's shoes could've been filled by basically anyone, especially since it was really Ben Browder's death that threw Eleven over the edge, not Amy's words. This story didn't do anything for Amy or Rory as characters.

This kind of thing is okay if it's ep 3 of a regular season, but when it's ep three out of five that you've added as a kind of epilogue for these characters, it should be doing something. We have learned fuck all about the Ponds as people in these three episodes so far. They've brought next to nothing to the story and have barely changed, if at all, stupid manufactured baby-drama aside. I don't care that much about the Ponds, but I still think it's a shame that these characters we've now had longer than any other New Who companions have become glorified props in their final episodes.
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