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08 September 2012 @ 08:41 pm

  1. god Chibnall’s episodes are always just so boring even when I’m not offended I’m just bored he is the worst of both worlds
  2. the dinosaurs looked cool
  3. I liked Amy in this episode although I have yet to sort out how I feel about her arc. I guess we’ll see where it goes. On one hand the idea of her being like “I can’t stop waiting” is like, smh, but on the other hand at least the show actually acknowledged it and how much it would fuck you up if you can’t even live a normal life because you might be teleported to fight dinosaurs at any time. We’ll see how it plays out though. I didn’t like how defensive the Doctor got at ARE YOU SAYING IT’S MY FAULT um well it sure is douchebag
  4. so Nefertiti was there primarily to be literally a sex object kidnapped for the purposes of being a sex object O K
  5. and then he left her in the early 20th century…? um… k… is that meant to be her “disappearance” from history or…
  6. Rory and his dad were cute a couple times I guess, mostly I wasn’t that interested in it though, sorry Rory. it was cute I guess that his dad started travelling and stuff after. does Rory not have a mom? he’s mentioned her but i guess his parents are divorced? w/e
  7. The Mitchell + Webb robots were terrible, in the words of the Time Lord Victorious, I hate funny robots
  8. I dunno how I feel about exploding Filch. On one hand, creepy rapist human trafficking, so, my sympathy is limited. On the other hand, I don’t know how I feel about the Doctor killing him so coldly — it’s a change at any rate from Ten not being able to kill the guy who’d just shot his daughter.
  9. Why does Chibnall get work, though, is my main question

So in sum, pretty boring, nothing special, nothing terrible. The Nefertiti stuff was mostly gross to me, but sadly it's becoming par for the course so whatever.

The resurgence of wank over whether or not the Doctor killing someone is kosher is already tiring me. Mostly because it usually comes with a hearty reprise of TEN WASN'T A ~REAL DOCTOR ALL THE OTHERS WERE VIOLENT OKAY IT'S TOTALLY IN CHARACTER YOU'RE JUST WATCHING THE SHOW WRONG. Which, lol w/e I'm over it. But at the same time I can't get worked up because it's like, of all the shady stuff Eleven has done recently, letting this human trafficker explode is low down on the list. Also I have resigned myself to the fact that Eleven sucks and I don't care about Eleven and I will never care about Eleven, so I don't even care.
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