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01 September 2012 @ 05:26 pm

WELL hats off production team and internet because that was genuinely surprising.

  1. Far and away the most interesting part of this episode was unexpected!JLC. I'm glad I wasn't spoiled for that because I was legitimately surprised and shocked and that made me a lot more interested in the whole episode. CLARA WUT R U DOIN THERE
  2. Except it was not Clara, I guess? It is "Oswin". Who is also a Dalek. Which also surprised me, although I had started to suspect it at some point.
  3. Clara/Oswin was interesting -- I was really glad to see a fresh face and I'd been bitching about how I wanted JLC to start now and not in December, so that was fun. I thought she was cute and fun and she does indeed talk fast... though I could've done without the flirting because seriously, Steven Moffat, not every woman wants to flirt with every thing she meets, always. It's not that sassy or quirky or unexpected anymore. And the Nina thing -- what? Did she call her interest in women a "phase" or what was she talking about with that?
  4. Anyway, I guess that isn't really Clara so IDK??? Or ...it will be? Or.....??????? So anyway I don't feel like I can judge Oswin/Clara as a potential companion or whatever. She was fun though and she definitely made me way more interested in this ep than I otherwise would be.
  5. Meanwhile, Amy/Rory was SO FUCKING BAD LOL FOREVER, I CAN'T, LEGIT LAUGHING @ HOW SHITTY AND AWFUL THE WRITING FOR THE PONDS IS. They had like ten minutes of screentime and their HUGE OMG IMPORTANT relationship drama was resolved in ten seconds and came down to "women make babies". Also, maybe one day the Ponds will divorce for real since they're apparently SO FUCKING AWFUL AT COMMUNICATION that Rory didn't even know why he was being kicked out of his house, nor did they sit down and discuss the fact that there are ways to have children that don't need Amy to be fertile. LOL @ THEY'RE DIVORCING AT THE START AND WE NEVER EVEN SEE THEM FIGHT ugh it's so funny, Steven Moffat is so terrible at writing relationships and Amy and Rory's story is just a joke to me at this point, like it's funny to me that in the second last episode he'll ever write for them he wrote that. lmao
  6. "The Predator"? lol k. What happened to THE ONCOMING STORM? I guess we needed a "cliffhanger" where we didn't know who "the Predator" was for all of ten seconds.
  7. The "new" Dalek mythology was whatever. They can turn into people even though they hate everything that isn't Dalek, w/e w/e Dalek stories who cares. Oswin was the only interesting part.
  8. "DOCTOR WHO???????????????????" shut the fuck up

All in all, I dunno man, I was way more intrigued than I expected to be because of the Oswin stuff. WELL PLAYED, YOU GOT ME, ETC. However, that means that I'm back to being "ugh" about next week because not only is it more Ponds, it's... ....well, more Ponds. And now we have even more proof that the show gives like, negative 100 shits about the Ponds' emotional lives, so lol w/e just leave, Ponds.

Maybe JLC will be a dinosaur. That'd be fun.
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