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First the Burberry campaign, now the racy selfies – looks like good-girl Suki Waterhouse is following in fellow model Cara Delevingne’s footsteps.
The 22-year-old took to Instagram and Twitter today to post a picture of her and Cara fooling about post-shower, wearing a cutaway swimsuit that showed off a little underboob.
With the tongue-in-cheek caption ‘Pitwash,’ Cara’s omnipresent tongue was out too - this time licking her friend’s armpit.
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cara stay lookin like the last time she took a shower was 6 months ago


Cameron Diaz says the world would smell better if people stopped using antiperspirant.

"I don't believe in antiperspirant," the actress told me at last night's premiere of her new comedy, The Other Woman (in theaters on Friday). "It's really bad for you. I haven't used it for almost 20 years."


"You're stinky, because you use antiperspirant," Diaz said. "It keeps all the stink in."

Even men should go without? Yup!

"Let it go and just trim your armpit hair so it doesn't hold onto the scent," Diaz said.

Diaz has been all about body hair these days. Earlier this month she cleared up her views about pubic hair after advising women in her book, The Body Book, to keep their vaginas "fully dressed."


It would look A LOT like this.

This gem was created by Nacho Punch, the brains behind the Star Wars Anime. The Patronus Charm is really pretty great. Well done.

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3 More Named To The Ebophile-ring

Bryan Singer accuser names three others in Hollywood 'paedophile ring'

The 31-year-old man who last week sensationally named Hollywood heavyweight producer Bryan Singer in a child sex lawsuit has filed three more civil lawsuits against powerful Hollywood figures.

The three named today are former 20th Century Fox television boss Garth Ancier, former Disney television boss David Neuman and Broadway producer and Universal and Six Flags theme park designer Gary Goddard.
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Hollywood 'paedophile ring': Garth Ancier denies sex abuse claims

A former Fox television executive says he has proof that he couldn't have sexually abused a teenager, who as a man has now gone public with claims of a Hollywood sex ring.

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There was a period of time a while back when it felt as though movies based on video games were being announced every second day, to the point where I simply stopped caring and openly wondered whether a single one would actually make it to cinemas. As an experiment, Kotaku Australia publisher Danny Allen decided to collate a list of all the 'video game movies' currently in production. It is insane. Brace yourself. This is a long list.

But first, a disclaimer. Danny informs me that this list was produced based on an exhaustive search of every movie related rumour he could possibly find. Some could be legit, some could be based on complete hearsay. Some are super early in production, some are close to release.

Me, I just find some of the games on this list hilarious. A Gran Turismo movie? Really?

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complete list at the source

Our view of the coming Star Wars cast is getting better: instead of a big dark blur, we see a big bright blur.

Although pretty much every breathing actor or actress in Hollywood has been rumored for a role in the new trilogy of Star Wars films, Disney studio boss Alan Horn says they are finally getting close to revealing who will be populating that far, far away galaxy.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, the chairman of the Walt Disney Studios teased and tantalized without saying a whole lot: Casting, he said, is “almost complete. We’re not prepared to announce it yet, but we will be very shortly announcing what we’re doing.”

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If you're a fan of "Fargo," you will love "Fargo." And if you never saw the film, you will still love "Fargo." The wickedly good television adaptation of the Coen brothers' cult classic film returns to FX tonight, after drawing rave reviews from critics and fans in its debut last week.

So why should you reserve valuable Tuesday TV time for this "homespun murder story"? Here's just a few reasons:

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Lea Michele Post: #OnMyWay

A Lea Michele Post, Table of Contents:
With hunky hipster co-star for the music video and glorious nip slip (censored, ya pervs)
Stepping out
Singing faces + sneak preview

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Marc Cherry says he learned a thing or two from his eight seasons running Desperate Housewives, the first being, “Know what your second season is before you write your first season.”

“I very much plotted everything with an eye to what I was going to do in the second season,” Cherry said of Devious during the TCA Winter Press Tour. “When I did Desperate, I was just trying to get through that first season. And, boy, when I started Season 2, I didn’t know what was going on. What’s been lovely about this show is I learned a lot of tough lessons the hard way in the eight years that we were doing ‘Desperate.’”

One thing Cherry did not have to deal was accusations of perpetuating stereotypes. While some supporters in the Hispanic community have applauded the cultural breakthrough of Devious Maids – including its Latina executive producer Eva Longoria and predominantly Latina cast – there’s been a ton of backlash over whether a show about Hispanic maids is really a step forward.

“A couple people wrote editorials, very suspicious and distrustful, of the show. And, Eva and I had had many talks and worked very long and hard hours trying to make sure that what we were doing was not fostering stereotypes,” Cherry said. “It was really breaking them down. And I think once people started seeing the show, the reason the backlash ended is people saw how much love and affection we have for these characters.”


New photoshoot with Diane Kruger for the brazilian jewelry brand H.Stern, photos by Carter Smith.

What do you love most about the world of cinema?
I love movies. I love watching films that inspire, or that I learn something from, or just movies that transport you to another world and in which you live in someone else’s imagination for a while. That is the gift of moviemaking, and I love being a part of that.

What inspires you in fashion?
The possibility to be a different woman each day, and the idea of being able to express my mood on the outside.

What is your beauty secret?
The great outdoors. I love biking, hiking, walking, and dancing to my Nintendo Wii games.

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