forbidden love. [Zuko&Katara]

they lived in a different kind of world.

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21 February 1990
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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Fire & Water

She is 22. Recent Graduate. Avid Reader. Bookworm. Shy. Pisces. Year of the Horse. Ravenclaw. Water Bender. Team Werewolf. Animal Lover. Avatard. Zutara Shipper. Democrat. Intelligent. Dorky. Friendly. Caring. Writer. Fangirl. Emotional. Sensitive. Protective. Obsessive. Thoughtful. Procrastinator. Lazy. Laugher. Hugger. Cuddler. Cat Person. Paranoid. Girly. Daydreamer. Bitchy. Nerdy. Quiet. Talkative. Loving. Doesn't do Drugs. Charming. Responsible. Trustworthy. a Person Who Talks To Herself...ALOT. Addicted to Solitaire. Health Freak. Slighty OCD. Future Teacher. Princess. Not Religious. Addicted to Back Scratches. Daughter. Sister. Auntie. Friend.
She Loves Avatar the Last Airbender. True Blood. Heroes. LOST. That 70s Show. Family Guy. X-Men. Watchmen. Rorschach. Zachary Quinto. Dante Basco. Jackson Rathbone. Kevin Jonas. Dave Tango. Steve Gonsalves. Inception. The Goonies. Labyrinth. Harry Potter. Reading. A Great and Terrible Beauty. Rebel Angels. The Sweet Far Thing. Sarah Dessen. Jurassic Park. The Beatles. Led Zeppelin. Linkin Park. Back Scratches. Starbucks. Water. Rainy Days. Thunder. Candles. Shopping. Target. Sleeping. Astronomy. Astrology. Greek Mythology. Giraffes. Cats. Vampires. Werewolves. Songs with Suggestive Lyrics.
She Hates Liars. Obnoxiousness. Spiders. Paris Hilton. Uneven Nails. Twilight. Being Sick. Being Cold. Running. Bees. Crying. Unmade Beds. Disorganization. Fake People. Two Faced People. Zits. Chapped Lips. Skipping CD’s. Forks Scraping Against Plates. Dust. Frozen Computers. Papercuts. Fire. Bad Breath. slow walkers. people who stop and talk in the middle of hallways.

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You rise with the moon. I rise with the sun.
-- Prince Zuko

The Samwise to my Frodo.


Jasper Hale my fandom bicycle

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