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Belligerent Debauchery

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The Magical Mar

a perfect circle, acdc, adult swim, aerosmith, angus young, anime, anne rice, audioslave, bass guitar, batman, bdsm, beer, betty boop, big o, bikini kill, bill hicks, black sabbath, blunts, bob marley, bondage, bunifa, camel turkish jades, camping, cartoons, chess, chinese food, chobits, comic books, comics, concerts, cowboy bebop, crossbreed, d&d, diablo 2, dio, dix coney island, dogma, donovan, douglas adams, eating, evil dead, family guy, fantastic four, final fantasy, fishing, foghat, food, fraggle rock, futurama, getting laid, godsmack, good times, guns n roses, guys, hackey sack, halloween, having fun, henry ford estate, hiking, home movies, hunter s. thomson, jack black, jay and silent bob, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, joan jett, julie ruin, karate, kathleen hanna, ken jennings, kevin smith, klingons, korn, kyle gass, le tigre, led zeppelin, macgyver, madtv, malcom young, manga, manson, marijuana, martial arts, marvel comics, maynard, men, metallica, mindless self indulgence, mission hill, monty python, mortal kombat, motley crue, movies, mushrooms, nintendo, nirvana, ozzy, pantera, pete & pete, photoshop, playing video games, puddle of mudd, rocky horror picture show, rolling stones, sealab 2021, seether, sega, sex, sex and the city, sideburns, sleater kinney, sleeping, smoking, smoking circles, soundgarden, spawn, spiderman, spongebob squarepants, star trek, star wars, starfox, streets of rage, strong bad, sublime, super nintendo, taking pictures, tang soo do, tank girl, tenacious d, that 70's show, the doobie brothers, the doors, the punisher, the simpsons, tolkien, tool, trainwreck, trogdor, twisted sister, valomilk, vampires, van halen, weed, weird al, weiss kreuz, whiskey, willy wonka, wolf's rain, x-men, xanax and ice cream


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