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silversymbol posted to whatwasthatbook July 14 2014, 03:39

Male Vampire Hero in southern town

The main character of this book was a male Vampire who happened to be a mechanic and I think he owned his own garage. It was a series, with his best friend becoming a zombie, his female love interest is some kind of legendary Mayan Slayer, and there is a male mentor in there somewhere as well I believe. I remember there's a scene where he does a ritual in his backyard asking for something form an old god and he puts his own spin on it by using beer instead of the liquid the ritual called for. He messed it up in other ways too but I don't remember how, he does get away with it though. There's another scene where he spends some time underwater, wounded and trying to hide from his Slayer girlfriend. I believe the town is Salem? It has a history of witchcraft and mundane people just tend to go with things, but the vamps and such still try to keep them from noticing weird stuff. I believe I read this when there were about 4 books in the series. I read it at the same time as P.N Elrod's Vampire Series, I just can't remember what it is now. I kept running into Southern Vamps or Morganville Vamps and going "yeah! that's it!" because of the name, and it's not.

Thank you.
Anna Grace Pardue posted to whatwasthatbook July 14 2014, 00:51

SciFi book with eyes on the cover

I can hardly remember anything about this book. It's at LEAST ten years old. It was a scifi book, teenage male protagonist. He finds out at the beginning of the book that his girlfriend (or female friend) has been taken to another dimension or universe. Somehow he is able to go after her.

The main thing I remember was the cover. There were eyes of some sort that really stand out in my memory.

Any help would be appreciated!
Erica Baldwin posted to whatwasthatbook July 13 2014, 06:30

Beloved children's book

So there's this book I've been looking for, for a very long time now. I can't remember the exact title, but it's something like "Grandpa's Place/farm" or "Granddad's place/farm". It's about a little black girl who goes to her family reunion and talks about her family traditions like playing in the fields with her cousins and her uncle telling them to wash up before supper. Then they talk about doing something special to honor her grandfather who owns the farm the family reunion is being held at, and they end up building a miniature of the farm house and barn. Please please please help me find this book, it really means a lot to me and my sister who wants to read it to my nephew.
wh0rledpeas posted to whatwasthatbook July 13 2014, 04:43

Historical mystery late 19th/early 20th century set in town with dam, protagonist is woman teacher

(I've never used this site before so if my post is doing something weird, let me know.)

This book was set in the wintertime (there were references to the lake/pond being frozen, and at one point footprints on the snow covering the ice were important...someone might have been killed on the ice).
At one point the main character took some girls on a tour of the dam, which I think was a real-life dam.
There was some conflict involving the company that owned the dam.
The main character was a young (I think) teacher or tutor woman, I think for a girls' school.
There was also a little girl but I can't really remember her significance, as well as a young unmarried pregnant woman (I think she was sent away as this was scandalous at the time).
Someone was either someone killed or imprisoned in a granary.
A male reporter was in town investigating something, I think he was in love with the main character, and she sort of liked him.
The cover image may or may not have been a painting, and may or may not have been reddish/pinkish.

I read it about a year ago, but I neglected to make record of the author/title.
rwhita02 posted to whatwasthatbook July 13 2014, 00:02

Does anyone remember this book?

I read some book in 8th grade ('97-'98) about a girl I think was named Sarah and it was set in the late 1800's early 1900's. I don't remember anything really except the cover was the picture of the main character. She was dressed in a blue dress with a white shawl and black shoes, blonde hair and blue eyes. She was shabby and hair was long and pulled back. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
mishavictoria posted to whatwasthatbook July 12 2014, 16:13

YA Time Travel/SciFi book (update: found! The Guardians of Time trilogy by Marianne Curley)

I remember almost nothing about this book (probably series) except that I loved it and I read it at the same time as the Midnighters series in 2005 or 2006. What I do remember is that it was teenagers that were possibly on missions? but they left their bodies at night and traveled to different times. One of the male characters got discovered by his father (maybe step father) while he was still time traveling and he had no vital signs and they thought he was dead. Also, they at one point traveled to Ancient Rome or Greece where one of the antagonists had disguised herself as a slave. The protagonists didn't realize it was her at first, but I remember that they mad a comment question how a slave with such dark skin could have such light green eyes. Also the last book ends with a girl taking an arrow for guy? or maybe the other way around, not sure. It was an unlikely romantic pairing.
I know this isn't much to go on! But I would love to find it again, any help would be awesome! and if you have more questions, I'll try to remember some more!
jorbador posted to whatwasthatbook July 12 2014, 02:09


All I remember about this book is that the main character was a teenage guy. He was going on a trip somewhere and at most of his stops he met girls named Liva and Liz and Libby, things like that. In the end, all the names were found out to be a spin on Elizabeth, which was his mother's name, and all the girls were really her ghost. Does anyone know what the title of the book is?? Thanks!
kevinb42 posted to whatwasthatbook July 11 2014, 23:05

Looking for short horror story

I read it in 6th/7th grade. All I remember was a man went to visit a friend everyday and bring him some medicine. Eventually the sick man stops answering the door or only talks through the door. At the end the main character finds out that the medicine is actually something used in a Satanic Black Mass and he then sees his friend through the window as a dark misshappen thing.
katielynn566 posted to whatwasthatbook July 11 2014, 18:46

Book Name

I read a book about a little boy who lived with either his gram and aunt or a foster mother who was older and foster sister. I know that there was a salon run from the house. In the book the boys mother dies and he writes a letter to a pro athlete (football i think) and says that he is his dad. the guy comes to meet the boy and in a short time falls in love with the sister or aunt and the boy. they get a paternity test that says the man is not his dad but the boy doesnt look at it because the man says he will be his dad either way. when he gives him the results the boy is in the hospital, but i dont remember why.
seafullofskies posted to whatwasthatbook July 11 2014, 17:16

Desperate, and the odds are long.

I've been researching high and low to find this book a friend of mine simply loved to death as a younger one - but can't remember the title of. It would really make their day if I could ever find it - unfortunately the only real piece of information I have is that was fantasy oriented (likely a young adult novel) and involved the girl in the book being able to create different worlds to visit that she could hold in the palm of her hands. She may have had an object or something, but all I really know is that she created worlds she could hold in her hands. ANY guiding light would be amazing, thanks!
reesefinns posted to whatwasthatbook July 11 2014, 05:13

Girl in a Lake!?

I read an interesting young adult book several years back. I only remember certain bits of information...

-The protagonist was a young girl, in high school, I believe.
-Either the protagonist moved to the current town or her family was moving out.
-She made friends with a girl (older maybe?) who was a little deviant
-She was dragged to a party at a nearby lake or river and kept returning after that. The protagonist was drawn to something in the water. She thought there was a girl, someone, something inside... She felt she needed to save whatever was inside

I have been searching for this book, trying to find it for a long time. I hope someone has some idea of what the title is!!

Thank you
Samantha Sparks posted to whatwasthatbook July 11 2014, 01:25

Help Please

I need help with the name of a book I read a long time ago. All I can remember was that it was about teens or young adults who went to some private school in the woods. They snuck out and had a may day ritual. One of the girls got pregnant and either aborted or miscarried the baby and to cover it up so know one would know they put it in a tin box and cut a hole in the ice on the lake and dropped it in.... It was a pretty dark book. I can't remember any other details. Anyone know this book? Or a source that could help me figure it out?
abc123098 posted to whatwasthatbook July 10 2014, 16:56

fantasy book i read in middle school .. was also a series

the main character is a young boy who goes into his basement and finds a mysterious book and when he reads it he travels to an alternate dimension (set in renaissance time) and when he gets their another girl has to cover his eyes when the king walks by because he is so bright and even wen she removes her hands he can still see a small imprint of her hand because he (the king) was so bright.
he at some point has to travel with a group through some sort of misty valley and wen they get out they are at another kingdom or castle which soon becomes a major battle ground with dragons <-- all i can remember of firs book

second book of the series is when he gets back to his dimension and goes back to school he finds another girl that has also been to the alternate dimension because she drew a picture of something only in the alternate dimension.. <-- all i read from the second book of the series b4 school year ended and needed to give back book... this was all years ago when i was in middle school... i just graduated high school recently
vaughny91 posted to whatwasthatbook July 10 2014, 13:53

Magic rings smithed into chain shirt

I dont remember very much about this book, just that there was a magic chain shirt that was made out of separate rings. all the rings had their own special properties/abilities.
i think the main character was a girl who used to live in a castle but ran away. she spends a lot of the book/s trying to hide the fact she is a girl.

she makes some friends and they all help her find the rings and smith them back into the chain shirt.

in the end on of her companions is hiding a ring on his finger, it makes him a really goof sword fighter. i think he covered it in copper so no one would suspect it. somehow one of the companions sends him to a different realm while he is sleeping and without telling the main character. so when she wakes up she thinks that he just left, rather than was forced to leave.

not much to go on, hopefully someone knows anything about this book! it might even be a series, not sure.

Thanks for your time!
natalya4now posted to whatwasthatbook July 10 2014, 13:44

Romance Novel/Book.

I read this 5 years ago but i couldn't remember the author or the title.
The details that i remember:
A single mother working as a waitress (i think was an ice cream parlor), whose son has won a camping trip to MIT from his school science fair.
With a help of a friend, they went on a trip to a rich family's annual fund raiser . The family's son (the name start with a D) is a biomedical scientist for the their pharmaceutical industry.
The woman got picked as a participant in the fund raiser picnic auction and the bidder was the 'D' guy.
Long story short:
The 'D' guy is the father of the single mother son after a comforting one-night. He tried to find her but he couldn't remember her name at that time. And all she remembered was his nickname was 'skippy'?..
The Ending:
The 'D' guy proposes the the woman at the same ice cream parlor after he bought the place and fired the boss.

I'm sorry if you get confused with my summary of the book, but i really appreciate if you could help me.
vaughny91 posted to whatwasthatbook July 10 2014, 13:35

Fantasy Harper Agents

Okay, i do not have a lot to go on, memory is quite hazy.

what i do remember, is a large series of books, loosely based around the Harper Agents(good guys) but i believe different books were written by different authors and somehow they all fit together.
i read a few of from the high school library around 2004, but they were reasonably old books by that time.
They were small books in height, but fairly thick. cream in colour.

I remember the harper agents being assignment missions in different places in the world, one was about stopping necromancers who had taken over a castle and i think i remember him trying to summon some sort of bad guy, but being stopped just in time in some crafty way

i know its not much and i am not even sure how good my memory, but if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!
mchw posted to whatwasthatbook July 9 2014, 20:42

Romance book

I read this book on holiday over ten years ago so of course, I can't remember the title or author!
The details are as follows:
It's the story of a girl who works in an antique shop/ furniture shop and also in a catering business who needs to find a new place to live.
During a shift in the catering business she enquires to move into the flat that she's working in for the evening. The flat owner lives there (he's a very good looking artist who sleeps with everyone) and a snotty posh girl who doesn't like this waitress.
Long story short, she moves in... the artist falls for her in the end of the book and the snotty girl falls for the waitresses poor antiques boss.
The waitress is sent to an auction to bid on some painting for the boss and accidentally bids on the wrong ones.
The boss is furious until the artist looks at the painting and discovered they are rare, Lost art and the boss becomes a millionaire, the boss doesn't tell the snotty girl and instead tells her he's lost all his money. The girl stays with him for love and when he knows she's not with him for his millions they all live happily every after.
Very short gist of the story! Haa.
Thank you in advance, hope someone knows!
Tags: romance 1990
pbal2014 posted to whatwasthatbook July 9 2014, 15:20

Fantasy novel about a girl, her brother, a cat and a necromancer or something

Must have bought the book in the early 2000s, it's most likely American or British, written by a female author (not sure though). For 10 to 15 year olds I thinks.

I remember very little, not sure about the order in the story:

The main characters are a girl and her younger brother. They are sent to a house, an old mansion i think, because their parents died or something. There is something about letters from their parents in the beginning.

The girl is not happy to be in the house so she starts playing with magic or some shit and so ghosts appear. There is also something about a necromancer and a cat. I'm pretty sure the cover of the book had a ginger cat sitting on a wall or something.

Please help, I'm very frustrated.

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