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this as u may know is my first post. Ur asking urself why has ur life come to this LUKE, well i'll tell u why i have cum to this pathetic state of affairs by writing a live journal:

on saturday night i drank, i am easily influnced while in this state of mind, thats why? some feckin' egit said it would be a good idea, u know who u are, ur to blame, ur the thorn in my side as i write this.i hate live journal (see my profile for why).

So seen as though this is my first post i'll start with sat, and work my forwards to this point in time. Sat is probably the best day to start at as i've done fuck all in the last two days.

woke up and as far as i can remember i had serious "ringsting" from a shit on fri. worked in pain for 5 hours because of this in the blistering heat at man city in a big feckin' coat i had to wear (trust me there are bad things in my job). got home, ate and headed out on an epic journey in search of stocky cricket club. vague ideas of where it was with only "ickle mikey richards" directions to go off. found it. funny thing didn't encounter any scal's. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE IN THIS LIFE TIME FOR SUCH A THING TO HAPPEN?

arrived. then my first problem of the journey came...... went in the wrong entrance and ended up at the wrong side of the bar asking strangers if danielle was around.


strolled outside, founf=d the right exit said my hellos, headed to the bar. The place was alright, it had beer, it had one hell of a nice offering of chilled strongbow. got merry. watched some ginger dude fly twenty feet into anoher ginger dude, i tink that dude was SEBB. never really met him b4, the way he moves his arms remind me of ELMO from sesame street.

headed to smiileys, chatted with mike about obscure JAP stuff. smily's was smelly, a mixture of cabbage of cod and cabbage as i remember. anyway drank with some dude called will, bumped into a girl from school who has changed from an ugly duckling into a big breasted thing of beauty.

left went monsoons with mike, zebe, and some other guys i didn't relly know. got bus. got off. got hiccups. got serious pain in throat. got home afetr a 30min walk. collapsed on bed. got sleep

woke up, ate, shat, watched pulp fiction in all its amazing glory. slept.

today: not ended and hopefully it will soon!!!!!!
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