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x_los July 27 2014, 10:51

oh sasa

a thing that just happened:

Me: oh wow! look at that butterfly! it's so beautiful - and it looks totally different on the inside and the outside.
K: *nods*
Me: i hope sasa [our cat] doesn't kill it.
K: i'm sure he won't.
Me: because he's so rubbish? (the other day he looked at a sleeping mouse for a long time and did nothing. a week before that, a fly walked over his paw - and he did nothing)
K: and he's in the corrid-
sasa: *runs in*
K: sasa! come back-
sasa: *jumps up in one swoop and pats butterfly with paw*
K: D:

X-posted (with appropriate dialog tag changes) from my gf's journal
attackfish July 26 2014, 22:04

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Trees

Back in New Mexico, my family used to rescue dogs.  We lived out in an area where people would go to dump their dogs, and we would find them, take them in, and find homes for them, or most of them anyway, since Amy and Solo ended up becoming ours.  It was all very informal.  This isn’t something we do anymore, since we’ve actually not run across any stray dogs that we haven’t been able to find their owners since we moved to Alabama, much to my father’s relief.

A couple of weeks ago, my grandmother was driving past a construction site when she spotted a beautiful little wild mimosa tree that was slated to be bulldozed.  She asked the foreman if she could dig it up and take it home, and he gave her the okay.  Our yard man agreed to pick it up for us, and the next day, he went out to get it.  Well, when he dug out around it, he discovered that its roots were wrapped around concrete, and he had to cut most of them of to pry it free.  There was only this little stub of root material, and he never would have done it if the tree weren’t going to die anyway.

So he brings it over to our house, and plants it, and immediately, all of the leaves on it shrivel up, die, and fall off.  The yard man says he gives it maybe a ten percent chance of surviving.  The outer branches started to go brown, and it looked like he was right, and there was no way that tree was going to survive.

Then last week, the buds started to appear.  And they grew, and grew, and grew, and now look at it:

This little sucker is actually going to make it.

Anyway, back when it was still this bare stick my grandmother had insisted on sticking in the ground, she told the whole story about seeing it and rescuing it from being bulldozed, the poor thing.  My dad took one look at it, sighed, and said, “And here we have the start of the North Alabama Tree Rescue...”
overlithe July 26 2014, 21:36

Pros: cake. Cons: thousands of bees

Well, it’s been a while since I updated here. I am happy to report that my absence isn’t due to me being dead. However, while I'd like to say that I've been busy only with work/life/tidying up after my move/writing/etc, the truth is that part of my time has been taken up with my fight against my nemesis, a bee-themed super-villain.

Haha, what an amusing joke, right? Wrong. My workplace has honestly been under attack by bees. “Wait, did she say bees?” Yes, my friend/casual acquaintance/random reader/evil twin (bee-themed or otherwise) who constantly keeps tabs on me. I did say bees.

To understand the bee saga, you should know that I work in a building that’s basically four wings around a rectangular courtyard and that we have trees and nature and things outside. So, because I don’t really know what kind of segue could possibly work here, one afternoon there were suddenly thousands of bees in my corridor. Fortunately, there were mostly concentrated in the print room, and my office is on the opposite side of the corridor. I say fortunately because I am allergic to bees (to bee stings, that is; I don't know if I'd also be allergic to actually ingesting a bee (maybe?)), which is why I am morally certain that this whole thing has been orchestrated by my super-villain nemesis, because who else would be targeting my weakness??

Anyway, panic, buzzing around (my other weakness is incredibly lame puns), hurried closure of windows, evacuation of rooms, all-unit emails with headers reading SWARM OF BEES. The bee-keeper is called in. Yes, we have a bee-keeper at the university. No, not someone who works at the university and also keeps bees. I mean that there’s a staff member whose official title is bee-keeper. My university’s official bee-keeper, who keeps bees.

The bee-keeper brought in a hive and managed to stuff all the bees in (I assume that’s how bee-keeping works). And that was the end of that!

Haha, it’s as though you’ve never watched a horror movie in your life. The following week another swarm showed up, this time by a different corridor (email headers: BEES ARE BACK). The best part, though, is that the second corridor? I moved into an office in it that week, I guess because moving home recently wasn’t enough. So yes, I am being followed around at work by some kind of bee-themed super-villain, possibly called the Stinger.

I am happy to report that I wasn’t stung, though to be honest I almost wish I had been, because I work just next to a hospital and I'm an honorary member of staff there, so if had been wheeled in in the first stages of anaphylactic shock, I probably would have received the good stuff they keep stashed away for staff members. But one of my colleagues let me know that my team would do their best to shield me, as data managers are far too valuable to lose to bees.

In other news, I have finally finished unpacking and putting things away after my move, even if by "putting things away" I of course mean "shoving things at random into the hall cupboard because you are about two seconds from snapping and throwing them out the window". But at least my new place now actually looks reasonably tidy and almost like it’s inhabited by a human and not some kind of cardboard box space hobo. Also, my aunt came to visit—this was probably my sole motivation for not looking like a cardboard box space hobo—and she squeed for a bit about how great and centrally located my new place is and then we went for a walk, visited the library, and had lunch at the Handmade Burger Co, which I mention purely to alert you to the fact that their (single) desserts are approximately the size of the Death Star. Which is good, because their food is good, mind you, but I feel like I have a duty to warn you not to order a sharing dessert at any of their restaurants, as it’s very likely that the sheer mass of the thing would cause the Earth to collapse into a black hole. Though that might actually be a positive, if it's a toffee black hole, so now that I think about it, forget I said anything. Please order two of the sharer desserts.

In other other news, we had the [Region Where I Live] Breast Cancer Group annual meeting the other day, and I bitterly regret not having live-tweeted it. For (hee hee) starters, we kicked off with a proper sit-down dinner as opposed to the crappy sandwich buffet I was expecting. There was even dessert, specifically tiny cakes (don’t worry, I didn’t tear up, I’m not the best Captain America). I think I ate about ten along with a bowl of strawberries. Thus “prepared”, we went to the actual meeting, which involved several bottles of wine being circulated throughout the auditorium right before the Q&A session. The organisers said this was to encourage participation. It must have worked, because this was definitely the best Q&A session I’ve ever been to. I mean, I don’t really remember any of the questions or answers, but I know they were good. What I’m saying here is that before I got into this field I didn’t realise how much of cancer research involved nice meals and alcohol, I mean in addition to the whole saving lives business. I guess that makes us kinda like Tony Stark, only we actually save lives, as opposed to flying around in a wearable weapon of mass destruction, so not actually like Tony Stark at all when you think about it. (Maybe like Carol Danvers instead? I don’t know, I don’t keep a list of fictional alcoholics.)

I think this is my segue to make a separate post so I can share my funny Tony Stark joke.

Oh, actually, one other thing to share: I’m getting a pay bonus next month because of the extra work I’ve been putting into the oncovirus trial. The great thing about this, other than the obvious, is the fact that we have extensive health questionnaires for this trial, and since this virus can be transmitted through sex, I am essentially being paid to have more information about the sex lives of strangers than you could possibly imagine. It turns out people’s favourite kink is not knowing how to fill in questionnaires correctly.
attackfish July 25 2014, 14:20

At Least the Online Release will Prevent Piracy

So in less than twenty four hours, new Legend of Korra episodes will be on the actual TV for what may be the last time in forever.  Unlike a fair bit of this fandom, I don't think even a massive raise in ratings for these last two episodes will change Nickelodeon's mind about moving to an all digital release.  I think that the Nick execs made up their mind that Korra couldn't succeed, and so provided it with none of the tools necessary to make it succeed, and I also think that at this point, they would be able to talk themselves out of recognizing even massive success.  So I am not going to plead with my followers to watch, but I for one would kind of like this franchise's TV run to end with a bang rather than a whimper.

Also, I'm jealous, because I'm stuck at home finishing up the summer semester, instead of at Comic Con with all the cool kids.
neveralarch July 25 2014, 02:59

fic post double-header!

Two fics for you! I am phasing out posting fics direct to LJ, which is sad, but was also a lot of work. It is just links to AO3 now, but you can always comment on these announcement posts if you don't want to comment there.

Fic one is Doctor Who!

A Fleeting Passion for Facial Hair
Doctor Who
Rating: gen
Characters: Multi-era Doctor and Master, Amy
Wordcount: 1,500ish
Summary: A very serious multi-era fic about the Master's beards.
A/N: Originally written for aralias' Katyzine, now slightly edited and reposted.

Read it on the AO3!

Fic two is for a webcomic called Widdershins which I adore and you should definitely check out:

No Handholds in Water
Rating: gen
Characters: Jack O'Malley and Heinrich Wolfe
Wordcount: 1,000ish
Summary: Despite Mal's best arguments, walking around in the rain is not an adequate substitute for a good bath.
(Write the platonic bathing fic you want to see in the world, that's what I always say.)
A/N: Takes place in the gap between page 46 and 47 of Green-Eyed Monster.

This is also on the AO3! This entry was originally posted at http://neveralarch.dreamwidth.org/80312.html. Comment wherever you want.
x_los July 22 2014, 02:32



- 52 emails
- wrote 10ish worldcon emails
- had a good convo w an artist/activist in the caf
- went to doctor's
- felt ill
- went to pharmacy
- shopped for reductions at a couple stores
- vac'd room, couch
- dusted
- changed sheets
- tidied a little
- condensed lard
- started three kinds of ham
- read
- spoke to sister
- found a Chesterton article for later
- found a quote I needed
- made some plans w Katy
x_los July 21 2014, 00:35

Day Book

38 emails
traveled back to London
180odd pages of book on train
spent a lot of time trying to deal w painful paronychia
sat on beach
wrote 2 phd emails
wrote 5ish worldcon emails
x_los July 20 2014, 00:48

DAYBOOK cont'd

29 more emails
put all worldcon events in diary
wrote back to 4 WC people
wrote back to play I want to review
ok'd schedule
asked about WC bio
wrote 5 panel emails
asked Emma about panel
x_los July 19 2014, 21:18


(30) (18) 11, 41, 10, 242-217, 340-235, 282-244, 251-246, 266 [430]

47 more emails
asked editor a q about a piece
wrote other editor a heads-up email
chased some money I'm owed

42 more emails

Spam: 369 to 6 emails
got through 424 regular emails
finished editing Fanfiction paper
finished email about edits
sent off bio and abstract
took long walk to the Needles
had a cream tea
applied for a job
said yes to a writing gig
inkpawprints July 17 2014, 12:59


Anyone on Twitter? With all thew new instant-gratification blogging platforms that have developed the past few years, Twitter is the one I've been able to feel most comfortable with (Tumblr is ... overwhelming) so if anyone is there here's me:


There's a few tweets on creative and fandom things and random bits of daily life. Also lots of travelling :)

This entry was originally posted at http://inkpawprints.dreamwidth.org/37183.html. Please comment there using OpenID.
inkpawprints July 15 2014, 22:14

Nukume Dori on AO3

*six hours of reading, editing and formatting later ...*

Nukume Dori on AO3.

Subscribe to get update notifications! Download as eBook to read on your devices! And pressing the heart button and leaving comments is nice too :)

I've avoided putting this fic on AO3 for the longest time because I know that when I do it I will inevitably go through every single chapter and edit them. Which I did, but it wasn't as much as I feared, and mostly just tidying up the earlier chapters. (The earliest chapters were written from the year 2000 and I know for sure my writing has gotten better since then...). I've also broken the fic up into parts, as the plot has taken on some definite 'arcs' that I wanted to illustrate and title.

AO3 also gives a word count. So far this epic stands at over 201,000 words O.o;

...In other news, I'm flying to New York tomorrow for two weeks, so in the chance anyone reading is in town, drop a line :)

This entry was originally posted at http://inkpawprints.dreamwidth.org/36931.html. Please comment there using OpenID.
beckyh2112 July 15 2014, 16:00

No subject

It's weird. I know I'm in a bad place mentally, but I don't feel it. I think that means my medication is working. Or my current project is too enthralling. But I'm doing the thing where I take one of my favorite OCs and put her through hell. Not to bring her out the other side, but to wallow in her pain and misery.

So! My current project! Feed the Beast (one of the big modded Minecraft communities) is holding a modpack competition. You have to create a modpack, a map to go with it, and a quest line to tie the map and the modpack together.

I am having so much fun putting this together. I'm doing a pretty free-range map with the main work on my part being finding a seed I like and building the starting area. The rest will be generated as the player wanders the world. Although, since I've overflown a lot of the land near spawn, I can take that account writing my quests.

It's 1.6.4 Minecraft, so I still had to sort out block and item IDs. But that's all done. The modpack is complete, except for me modifying recipes to make things inter-dependent on each other. I just need to finish the quests, some other info books I want to provide the player, and build what I'm visualizing at spawn. Then I can ship it off to a few beta-testers.
overlithe July 14 2014, 19:21

Probably option B

Conversation between muffinbitch and me, June 4, regarding one of the comics in which Bucky mothers the Young Avengers (1):

Me: Presumably, afterwards Bucky drove Eli home and told him to wrap up warm. I'm guessing he also packed a nice lunch for Eli to take to school the following day. I mean, that's just me speculating, we don't know for sure. But the answer is obviously yes.
muffinbitch: Now all I can think of is Bucky going off to clean people's houses and telling them to wrap up warm. Which is especially funny if you think of it being Nat.

Black Widow vol 5, issue 8, published July 2:

I have finally figured it out. The entirety of Marvel Comics is nothing more than an incredibly elaborate and sophisticated ploy aimed purely at screwing with us. By “us” I don’t mean “the readers”. I mean muffinbitch and me, specifically. Don’t even try to argue, you saw the evidence.

We may have to invest in fetching tinfoil hats. Either that or go mad with the implied power, we’ll need to discuss it.

(1) Not the comic in which Bucky mothers the Young Avengers. One of the.
calapine July 14 2014, 18:56


Anyone else glomping down every detail of the Dashcon wank and feeling like it's about ten years ago when, lo, there was much and merry wank, and fandom was often and greatly amused by it?


It's awful folks got fucked over, but this train wreck...it's maybe even more compellingly awful then MsScribe.
attackfish July 13 2014, 19:03

Korra, the Airbenders, and What Makes a People

One of the things I loved best about Avatar: the Last Airbender is that it faced head on issues that few other shows, for adults or children, were willing to touch.  Stories are how we learn to shape our own views of the world, and Avatar: the last Airbender did this with such a frankness, emotional honesty, and critical imagination that I ate it up with a spoon as eagerly as any child in the intended audience.  This is why I was so disappointed with  the first two books of The Legend of Korra, and also why I am so hopeful after seeing the premier of Book Three: Change.

Cut for All The Spoilers, and I'm also starting to think I need a Jewish tagCollapse )
x_los July 13 2014, 17:13

Dashcon Disaster

Oh. Oh my.

Intro summary of Dashcon debacle
Dashcon: what happened
A list of Dashcon's problems
a committee head who quit on Dashcon as a case study for awful nerd organization
Dashcon Is Embarrassing, And Here’s Why
Dashcon attendee viewpoints
Dashcon Legality Issues
Dashcon Schedule: note the strange ESL descriptions, their shittiness
DashCon Disaster – Welcome to Night Vale Walks Out & More
comment on people's reactions to Dashcon Debacle
WTNV on pulling out of Dashcon
What Dashcon admins say about WTNV pulling out
The poor poor people who seem to have put together a thoughtful panel
Dashcon Admins explain $17,000, claim was not hoax
Admin team responds to criticism
$17,000 ball pit
a response re: making sure projects you crowdfund are legit
Dashcon - Play-by-play of the almost-cancel
The Baker Street Babes on leaving Dashcon early

A video of an admin speaking on near-cancelation

So if you didn't hear about the Dashcon $17,000 debacle...

Dashcon 2015 Early Registration
Tumblr's Dashcon Staff on negative feedback
awkward ballpit footage
Dashcon We are the Champions
Another explanation of Dashcon's issues
What can you buy with $17,000?
fandom wank coverage
Is the dashcon a legit thing that's going to happen? My friends and I are iffy on it. (:
TLDR: Yeah there have been some serious issues but people are really being asshats about it.
What's so bad about Dashcon?
What's up with Dashcon? a summary
a Dashcon Masterpost
DashCon is about to get a class action lawsuit
warning signs for a failcon
attendee perspective
Cleolinda's Dashcon Roundup
Scathing, probably really angry, DashCon review under the cut!
Dashcon Mix
Part II of the Insider View
Tumblr organizes a convention, it goes as well as you'd expect
Hi. My name is Sarah, I’m twenty-four years old and I attended Dashcon ‘14
cosplaying as Dashcon
Are failures like JumpCon and FedConUSA a testament to science fiction fandom's limitations?

Feel free to drop any additional info in the comments!

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