Hey, Sailor! Santa Monica
I worked the industry event for Hey, Sailor! in Santa Monica this past weekend and here are some of the pictures with my inspired look for the event. :)

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I am finished with High School.
On Wednesday I finished my last day of high school.

Also on Wednesday, I finished Cosmetology school.

All that's left for me is to take my state board.

I'm thrilled.

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Hello all. =]

It's been what seems like forever posting here...
Just thought I would post some of my recent work.

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I'm also searching for MAC Creations MV5 Greenify. The light green topped frangrance. I REALLY want it and would rather buy it from one of you guys than someone off of ebay. Preferably the normal size, not the smaller one.

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Chicago is fun.

I want a few of my close friends with me.

What Do You Have To Say? - Some New Creative Skills
What new artistic or creative skills would you like to learn this year?

...how to use my new camera to its fullest extent.


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