i just thought i could change you, maybe you did too
tell me where we both went wrong, i'm just waiting on you.
Jaron And The Long Road To Love 
18th-Sep-2010 03:22 pm
On Thursday I went to see Jaron And The Long Road To Love and he was AMAZING. I have been a fan of him since Evan And Jaron, and I'm glad he decided to go the country route :) Beyond the cut are some pictures and my experience with him.

First of all, Jaron is hilarious. He told very funny anecdotes between each of his songs that had everybody cracking up. He did a lot of songs from his album, and also threw it back old school and performed "Crazy For This Girl". He also said the place looked like a bingo parlor and would randomly call out bingo numbers during the night. And yeah it DID look/feel like a bingo parlor, it would originally supposed to be outside but rain is a life ruiner like that so it was moved inside to the ever so shitty lighting of the Fair Vue Cafe.


So afterward he signed autographs/took pictures. I had baked him cookies, because hey, what can I say? I like spoiling my guys. When I got up to him and handed the cookies over his face lit up and he was like "Oh my god, that is the sweetest thing ever. You are so nice." Then he told me he told me his pants weren't going to fit anymore because he planned on going on the bus and eating all of them himself immediately after. He also told me he was going to "pray for me" for making him gain the 20 pounds hahaa I fucking adore him. He seriously thanked me like a million times though and sigh..I just love him.

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