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favorite television
buffy the vampire slayer. veronica mars. one tree hill. community. teen wolf. beverly hills 90210. leverage. flashpoint. friday night lights. the west wing. angel. psych. being human. extreme makeover: home edition. sailormoon. full house.

favorite couples
buffy/angel. naley. brandon/kelly. chlollie. marrish. spuffy. jeff/annie. stydia. tim/lyla. josh/donna. mckono. brucas. spenker. jules/sam. dylan/kelly.

favorite films
the sound of music. the mighty ducks (series). the avengers. captain america: the winter soldier. tangled. prince caspian. disney classics♥. harry potter (series). pirates of the caribbean 3. lord of the rings (series). princess diaries. love actually. mean girls. armageddon. miracle. clueless. avatar. jurassic park. real steel.