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broken soul of the samurai - good morning ♥-ache, you're like an old friend, come see me again♪

they say the sword is the soul of the samurai. in japanese: 剣は心(ken wa kokoro).

then for a kendo(剣道) kenshi(剣士)[fencer], the shinai(竹刀)[bamboo sword] would be his soul/heart(心).


in the midst of a fierce battle, against cold metal parallel bars, the bamboo fiber of my heart broke in two. too much power. too little lubrication.

now that sounds dirty and heartbreaking i know. but more heartbreaking is knowing all the hot sexxxy girls are pairing up to themselves turning homo raging lesbos and leaving us die-hard heteros on the edge of dispair...

taijian 4inman

emmii dest

good thing i still have the SUBURIATOR 4000®, patented by me. truly a weapon of massive kenshi destruction.

if i could build my soul/heart like i built my suburiator, it would be so strong no thousand deadly love battles would even dare scratch one of it's slats.

damn, im such a poet. but i need a new shinai. send all the bamboo love you can my way cause i break a lot of shinais. not that i'm rich to be buying swords all the time, but i can't control my strenght in battle it seems... bold in love, bold in battle = BROKE! hahahaha.
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