Ming Doyle (_ming) wrote,

Makeup and Make Believers

Two things! First, I went off the wall bonkers for the special edition Wonder Woman themed makeup line by MAC Cosmetics, featuring product art by the amazing Mike Allred of Madman fame. So bonkers, in fact, that I felt compelled to show off my purchases and demonstrate my favorite look from the collection. Silly, I am aware! But all in great fun. I am a fan.

Second, I've started a podcast with my good friend and occasional cosplay cohort, Alexa Rose! If you're a fan of art, esoteric minutiae, ghost stories, hijinks, and all other manner of bizarre topics, please give Make Believers a listen!

*** Make Believers is also on iTunes, if that's how you prefer to catch your podcasts. :)
Tags: ms. alexa rose, wonder woman
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