Ming Doyle (_ming) wrote,
Ming Doyle

the girl wonder's justice duds.

character: robin iv (stephanie brown)
rating/warnings: sidekick sentimentality.
media: pen, ink, & ps7
artist's note: my own little project rooftop.

if stephanie brown had made 19.Collapse )

for the purposes of this exercise i choose to believe that timbo is still robin too, lurking and tumbling around in his swanky red suit. he and steph are super sweet at the "flying south" formation on either side of bruce when need be, but make no mistake; steph's feet are firmly planted in her shin-stompers.

in non-geeky art news, i scored another commission with the las vegas weekly, which is all to the good and much appreciated. but this time the concept's basically entirely up to me, and it is due tuesday. gah! so to those of you who are expecting commissions/obligations fulfilled, um. i solly. can i haff a few days IOU? i am good for it, and if i welch out, you may TP my LJ. fair's fair!
Tags: [art] dc, costume design, robin iv
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